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In the network marketing industry, the most unpopular, yet most effective strategy is the use of a telephone. The telephone strikes fear into the hearts of the business owner, so most do everything in the power to avoid using it.

But why would so many avoid the telephone to sign up new reps? If it is the most powerful way to do so?

For most, it is the fear of the unknown. Not knowing what they should say when they speak to a total stranger on the telephone. So in this post, I am going to share with you how to get over the fear of the telephone, and begin signing up more reps. But most of all, how to enjoy using the phone and building a team.

The Mindset Of A Fearless Network Marketer 

When I made my first calls on the telephone, I was very nervous. I had a script to use, but knew that the person may ask questions I had no answer for. Now, I think nothing of making calls, even when the prospect is a complete and total stranger. So what changed?

There is a mindset you need, to overcome the fear of using the telephone. And the more you learn this way of thinking, the more people you will signup in your business.

The way to approach a phone conversation to a new prospect, or stranger, is one of unconcern.

You only make calls to find the right type of person, the right attitude, and one you can have a conversation with as a stranger. So eliminate the idea of a call having to be a sale. For me, I never try to make sales on any calls. I only call to see who they are, how they are, and what type of person they are.

If a person is not the right quality for network marketing such as:

  • short answer
  • seems to believe I am trying to sell them something
  • seems to be uneducated
  • rude, or expresses anger for my call
  • low energy

Then I am not going to spend much time speaking to them. I will tell them thanks for taking a look and if you want to learn more, go to this address, number, or whatever it is I am calling them about (anything that gives more info on it).

If a person seems to have the right qualities such as:

  • high energy
  • talks a lot
  • seems to try and make me laugh (sense of humor)
  • not shy
  • understands sales
  • previous network marketer
  • we get along well, like we could be friends

Then these are the people I will actually take some time to talk to about the business. Keep in mind, if they were not the right quality, I wouldn’t even get to the point I am in network marketing, I would just let them go, or make an excuse to discontinue the call.

The overall idea is to just look for a person in which you can get along with, have a fun conversation, and get to know them. When you make a lot of calls, you will meet these people several times each day. By the end of the day, you really can’t remember the ones who were not the right people, because of the excitement from the new signups.

Where Did The Leads Or Prospects Come From?

Here is a huge factor in the quality of your phone calls. This can determine the quality of most prospects before you even make the calls.

If you are purchasing MLM leads online, then expect little to no high quality leads or prospects to come from it. This is because they are usually tricked into becoming a lead through sweepstakes, or filling out forms online. Forcing them to select an option to receive info on, in order to be put into the drawing.
This leads to many people not having the money, no being educated, or looking for free stuff they can take advantage of. If you use these leads, expect a lot of poor quality prospects, with low signup rates and poor retention.

Genealogy leads are a decent source for finding good prospects. And those usually come with much better conversations and prospects then purchasing leads online.
The reason is, because they know MLM and network marketing. This gives you and them something in common, and they understand the power of someone making calls to strangers. In many cases, they will see a phone call from you as you being an expert in network marketing. This gives these type leads a much better conversion rate, and since they like network marketing, higher retention too.

The highest quality lead, is a self-generated lead that already knew what they were looking into. These leads can really convert well, and you will find the conversations much more easy to have.
People who request information from your blog, or video, or funnels you place online, mean they have an interest high enough to give you their contact information. If they give a phone number as well, then you need to be sure to reach out to them as they sometimes are hoping you will call them.

The way in which you generate a lead will determine the outcome of the averages. So knowing this, will make some of your phone calls a walk in the park when you begin doing them. The only lead you should even be concerned with if you are making calls as a newbie, is the leads that are purchased as “BizOpp Leads”.

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How Do I Begin A Conversation?

Knowing what to say is where everyone becomes scared. So uncertain they will know the right thing to say, they never make any calls.

Depending on the way the lead was generated (like explained above) will determine your first line when they answer the phone. Since everyone is different, I can not give an exact script to use. But I will break it down in a way you can create your own script, which will be more real to the prospect anyway.

Lead Is Cold - If they are a genealogy lead, and worked in network marketing prior, I always begin with saying something such as “Hi (name), my name is Jaye and I was calling you in regards to a website of yours I seen online. Do you have a minute or is now a bad time to talk?”

If they say it’s a bad time, then I let them go. No worries, even though some are indeed telling the truth. Sometimes they ask for how to call you back, and you’ll give them the info. Never expect a call back, just build your numbers up and those call backs begin building up. Many won’t, some will.

Purchased BizOpp Lead - I don’t use these leads much at all, try my best not to ever use them. But I do from time to time when people send them to me, and I have signed up reps from these. But there will be very many calls to get a result, but here is what I would say - “Hi (name). my name is Jaye and I was calling because you were referred to me by (whoever/lead company/where the lead came from) as someone who is looking to work from home or are looking for extra income from home. Is this correct?”
Sometimes they say “yes” and others say “no”. Just work the numbers and sooner or later you come across the person who you like, and get a great conversation out of.

Self Generated Leads - These are my favorite, and by far the highest converting ones. But calling these type leads comes with a different way of introducing myself. Depending on the offer, or what it is they opted-into, will determine the way I approach the start of the conversation. If they were looking at my MLM business I would say “Hi (name), my name is Jaye and the reason for my call is because you had recently been on my website, and put this telephone number into an optional form. So I wasn’t sure if you wanted me to call, or if you had questions regarding something.”
As usual, this leads to the conversation which a few different responses.
If they had opted in to an offer on my blog, and knew who I was, then usually when I call and say Hi (name), the person says my name before I can. There will be times when the prospect actual is happy you called, and excited to speak to you.

What you need to keep in mind, is no two calls will be the same. This is why I never use a script other then what I say in the first sentence.

What If They Ask Me Something I Don’t Know?

Ever worry about that?

A prospect asks you something about your company, and you sound like a fool because you don’t know the answer.

For me, it happens a lot. But I do not feel like a fool, and I have never turned anyone off by not knowing something. I usually reply with “I don’t know, but I can find out for you” if asked something about a product, or anything regarding the business and company.

Never worry about getting asked a question you’re not familiar with, because it’s coming. It’s unavoidable, and if anything, makes you seem more human to your prospect and gives them more of a feeling of being able to do the business too. Reason is, because most people think of themselves as less then others with more success (strange, but true).

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Did This Help?

Does this give you more of an idea of how to pick up a phone and get to work? Did it help get rid of fear you may of had prior to seeing this? If so, or if you got any value from this, please leave a comment below and let me know. Feel free to share with your team, or with other people you know in network marketing.
If we change the thinking towards making phone calls, we can really increase the success of more people in the industry.

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