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How many times have you been introducing someone to your network marketing product, and get the objection “It costs too much” or “I can get it somewhere else for less”?

It’s a common network marketing objection we all get from time to time. And there are surely ways to overcome this.

But, like I’ve said in many past blog posts, network marketing objection handling is something you do less and less of when you learn more about the industry.

However, objections will always arise, and today we will focus on a very common network marketing objection, which is “Your product price is too high”.

Why You May Get This Objection

One thing to understand, is why you may get this objection from time to time.

A lot of it has to do with the type of person you are targeting.

There are many people who only see price as a matter, while others see quality.

All of us have price in mind in specific areas, and quality in mind for others.

An example would be my personal look and take on things I buy. I would always look for the cheapest garbage bags, and disposable items for my home and could care less how good the quality of the item was. This is because it’s getting thrown away. But, when it comes to purchasing software for my network marketing business, I look for the product that will get me the result I desire, and do not care if I pay more for something better.

Everyone has these points in their own personal lives.

So if you are selling health and wellness products, you should be focused on people who will pay a higher price and consider quality over cheap non-effective products.

How To Overcome This Network Marketing Objection

If I run into this objection personally, I handle it in the following manner:

I tell the prospect that our product does cost more because it’s the real thing. If it were not, it could be priced lower.

Also, I will point out a story of where the New York State Attorney General found that the supplements on the shelves of WalMart and CVS, did not contain the vitamins they claimed were in them.

These are some of the points that need to be brought up if a prospect is truly concerned with the price, but wants the product.

PROSPECT: I have seen this same product at the local retailer for half the price

YOU: So have I, but there are many factors in why it’s cheap. If it is price you care only about, then you will want the cheap product. But if you want an actual result, you will have to pay more, because it’s actually the real thing. The cheap product will only make you believe you’re saving money, but will not deliver the result you need.

Try to get the point across, that lower priced products are low because they are not as effective as your product. (In most network marketing products and companies, this usually holds true)

Always Point To The Benefits Of The Product

If you are promoting any type of network marketing product, you should always be pointing to the benefits of using it, and the benefits of those benefits.

People need to see more then just what the product will do for them, to reveal the true nature of the cost of product.

If a person is wanting to use the product and work the business, the overall price is part of all the benefits. The product benefits and the financial benefits. The community benefits, and entrepreneurial skills and benefits.

Anytime you point out the benefit of your product, it makes it seem worth more and more. Instead of just saying “You’ll lose weight”, you need to be focused on the benefits of the lost weight. Fitting into a dress you love, more energy, etc.

Attack Their Objection And Character

Here is a way to turn many network marketing objections about price, into sales.

If a prospect says he/she thinks it costs too much, you can always address the fact that you thought they weren’t concerned with price, but quality instead.

PROSPECT: I really need the benefit of this, but it is higher cost then what I can get it at “Fun Time Local Shop” (made up name).

YOU: I understand that. But I was under the impression you were a person who is more concerned with value and quality, and always wants the best, not the cheapest.

Always use the word “cheap” when you talk of other local products that may be competition. Instead of saying lower priced, say “cheap” to make it appear as less.

Watch The Video Below To Get More Details On Overcoming This Network Marketing Objection

Did This Help?

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Also, be sure to share with your team, and any members who may have asked this question to you and having issues with this particular network marketing objection.

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