Network Marketing Tip: Don’t Be A Salesman

There are many network marketing tips and tricks to learn, but today we will focus on a major network marketing tip: don’t be a salesman.

 No one likes to be sold, but they love to buy:

Ever heard this saying? It is true to say the least, so how do we build our network marketing business, if we aren’t trying to sell to people?
This may be one of the most difficult parts for many people who struggle in network marketing, but it really can be an easy task to complete.

Network Marketing Tip: don’t fit into their schedule


If you are working paid leads, and really want to come off as a serious business person instead of a salesman, use the tip above. When you dial a lead remember, they more than likely are burned out on people always trying to sell something to them. Instead of you asking them when they can come to an interview, appointment, etc, you tell them when you are open instead.
You should always be trying to dis-qualify your leads instead of qualifying everyone. If your prospect can not meet at the time, simply let them know this is serious and you will just call the next person who applied online. Or if they begin asking “Is this MLM” or “Will this cost me anything” simply let them know they do not have the right qualifications for your company.
This approach alone can turn several into serious people, because they do not like being told no. This takes the “trying to sell” picture from their minds and puts them into a more serious train of thought.

Network Marketing Tip: you don’t need them


Just like above, don’t be afraid to walk away from anyone. By not appearing to be needy, makes a big impression on several people. Would you really want a negative complainer in your business anyway?
Even with warm market, you don’t try to pitch them and convince them your company is great. You don’t even have to tell them about the company. Just simply tell them you want them to see a presentation, and you are doing it with or without them. Leave them feeling that they may loose out on something great, sometimes can make them at least want to see what it is all about.

Network Marketing Tip: You attract people who are like you


This is a big network marketing tip when it comes to “not being a salesman”. See, if you are a complainer and excuse maker, you will attract others who are the same. If you are an action taker, you will attract others like yourself.
It is important to always keep your mind and thoughts into what you want to be, and the person you want to become. You will want to attract other action takers into your business.
Always know you are not a salesman, you are more of a consultant. Just like a doctor, people listen to what the consultant tells them they need. You are simply showing others how to build a life of their dreams, not selling them something they don’t need.

Network Marketing Tip: Invest in yourself


What better way to open a person’s eyes, than to make them see they are investing into themselves, not into a company. Telling a person to invest in themselves makes buying your company’s package, or start up costs more reasonable.
After realizing this myself, I was much quicker to invest into opportunities, tools I needed, and education I needed to build my business. If a person is not willing to invest in themselves, they are not worth your time or energy to try and help. Remember this: You give a man a fish, you feed him for the day. You teach a man to fish, you feed him for life.
If a person is not willing to invest in themselves, or not willing to help themselves, there is nothing you can do to help them either. You will be bringing your own business down by recruiting someone like this. So don’t get attached to the outcome of any prospect.

Network Marketing Tip: Don’t be a salesman


To sum it all up, it is your posture and attitude that keep you from coming off as a salesman. When people see you have what they need, and you can attract others who are action takers, you want have to try and sell anyone. The right people will come to you, and will be willing to learn from you. You need to become a mentor, and a consultant to those who are willing to work as hard as you, and will be willing to invest in themselves. No selling needed.

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  • Jerry Wiseman

    Reply Reply January 16, 2015

    Great thoughts Jaye. I have to agree with you on them. Sometimes its had to just communicate on other subjects when you want to sell. You have to work into it slow after you build some ground relations. You always come through with ideas and the videos. Thanks for sharing.

    • Jaye Carden

      Reply Reply January 21, 2015

      You’re welcome Jerry. Relationships are important.

  • Rodney Brazier

    Reply Reply January 17, 2015

    I really appreciate the insight on the proper mindset to have when dealing with prospects Jaye!

  • Janice

    Reply Reply January 18, 2015

    Hey Jaye..
    Thanks for your tips, they were Great! Keep that shield down it’s like having a Stop sign in your face, Ha!

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