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What a title. right?

Not sure if a long title like this will get a lot of people’s attention, but it addresses clearly what today’s content is focused on.

That focus of course, is when you begin calling your network marketing prospects, and it begins to seem that no one is answering their phone.

How do we get in touch with the most possible prospects?

Well today I will share with you how I am able to reach most of my prospects, and those who opt-in to my primary business.

So let’s take a look into how to increase the amount of prospects you contact, when most won’t answer the phone when you call.

It’s Common In Network Marketing

First thing to understand, if you are experiencing this issue, it’s normal.

It’s common to have a hard time getting live answers when you call.

This is true for network marketing, and all types of business.

Since caller I.D was created, this became an issue. Before caller I.D, you only knew who was calling by picking it up.

So don’t let this beat you down or think it’s just you, because it’s just how things go today.

How The Prospect Was Generated 

Here is another point I want to make before getting into the actual goods.

You will find that prospects behave differently, according to how they were generated.

I have leads that come in that get a high rate of call backs, while others get less.

An example would be a person who opted-in to your primary business, because they had an interest in an ad they seen. The other is a cold lead you simply reached out to. The one who had a particular interest is most likely to call back to find out more, versus the one who may not even be alive any longer.

The First Step

When I begin my dial sessions, and I reach out to the prospects I have for the day, I always work them all through a series of steps.

A series of steps that keep me busy talking to people for hours.

So I am breaking it down into the steps I would take, and why you should practice them.

The first step usually leaves us moving to step 2, but in some cases we get an answer.

These are the best network marketing prospects, because we have the ability to get an idea if the prospect is worth moving forward with, or letting go.

Make sure your script is good and is in line with how the prospect was generated. For example, I have a different opening script for craigslist leads and solo ad leads.

The Second Step

No answer?

No problem.

The next thing we need to do is of course, leave a voice mail.

But we need to leave a good, scripted voice mail that sounds real, and increases the prospect’s interest.

If we leave a voice mail that sounds like we are new to leaving voice mails, we may not get many call backs. This is the entire reason for leaving the voice mail, to get a call back.

Make sure you have your voice mail targeted to how the lead was generated, and raise curiosity in it. The more curious the prospect is, the more likely they are to call back.

NOTE: In some voice mail, you get a name. If it matches the lead’s name, you know you have correct info. Some cases the prospect’s name is a nickname of the real name. If this happens, leave the name in the voice mail and other steps according to the name in the voice mail. An example would be a prospect I called yesterday with the name Andrew on the contact manager, but called himself “Andy” in the voice mail. I will call him Andy in all my contact attempts.

The Third Step

In this step, we get on average the most responses.

However, many people still do not use or practice this step.

That is of course, sending a text message.

Naturally, you can’t text a landline phone. So we need to know the difference between a cell phone, and a landline when we get their voice mail.

Most will be cell phones in this age, but a few will be landlines.

If you get a cell phone, then after you leave the voice mail, you can use a scripted, and template text message and send it out.

Doing this, will get you the most replies back on average.

The Fourth Step

If you generated the leads you are reaching out to, you most likely have an email address.

Now, we send an email to them if we have not heard back yet from them.

Sending the email to the address they left can get a few replies back.

But most of all, it can also tell us if the prospect faked the email when they opted-in.

If we get a bounced email notification, we can almost be sure that the number they left (if one was left) could also be fake.

In that case, make a note of it, and move on.

The Fifth Step

Well since we have an email, we can take a shot in the dark in the fifth step.

That is, a Facebook search.

By placing their name in the Facebook search, sometimes we get their Facebook profile to pull up.

Most cases, this will not happen. But in some it does.

If you are in need of getting in touch with a prospect, you always have this option.

I have, and will most likely, use it again.

But I do not always use it. Most of the time, on self generated leads, I have either got fake info or in touch with them before the day’s end.

But, sometimes, with a specific contact manager I have, use the Facebook option.

If you find them on Facebook, you can send a friend request, or try messaging them. From time to time, you get in touch with the prospect.

This option works best when the contact information you have is old, and the lead is cold lead.

No Luck, What Now?

If you went through all 5 steps, or at least the first 4, and was unable to get in touch with the prospect, you simply try again the following day.

Keep in mind, this begins to build up more and more people to contact.

If you are like myself, and generate leads everyday, at times over 100, there is a lot of people to contact.

I would suggest running through the steps again up to 3 times. If you are loaded with prospects, once a day for 3 days is all the time you will have.

But if you have few prospects, it wouldn’t hurt to try a couple more times, before sending the final message.

The Final Message

If you were unable to reach a prospect in a couple attempts, over a couple of days, then you can always try the final attempt.

This can pull in another small amount of prospects, increasing your amount contacted.

On the final attempt, you will need to change your scripts up, and designing them so the prospect knows you will not be contacting them again by phone.

If they believe they are going to miss out on something if they don’t get in touch with you, then they are more likely to call back on the third attempt, or final attempt.

If you have few prospects, or are new, you can stretch this out until whichever attempt you chose. Could be up to 10 times if you want.

But, like I mentioned above, when you have a lot of people to contact, you have to cut them off much faster in order to save time to get to everyone.

Let’s Cut Some Corners

There is a lot of time that gets added up when calling prospects.

So in this little segment, I want to explain how you can cut corners, and save a massive amount of time.

Using software, I am able to pre-record my voice mails, and create templates for my text messages.

If the prospect does not answer, I push a button and move on. The software leaves the voice mail.

I then pull up the text I have recorded, and put their name in it, and send.

I have saved a minute on the voice mail, and a minute on the text message. This cuts 2 minutes on average out of time.

I use KIXIE as my dial session software. It plugs into Google Chrome, and is easy and fast to use.

I Don’t Have Prospects � 

If you are in a position where you have no one, or have ran out of people to contact, then this segment is written to help you.

The best way at getting prospects, is through genealogy leads. Genealogy leads are people who have joined something before, so they are most likely to get involved, even if it’s a cold call.

I use a system called the MLM Recruit On Demand system, and it will generate for me, genealogy leads inside of a contact manager.

I also, can generate my own with it.

Here are some details on why I recommend it:

  • Generates leads for you, so you don’t need to be an expert at lead generation
  • Gives only genealogy leads, which I have had the most success with
  • Offers contact manager, with notes
  • Offers training vault to help with calls
  • Has landing pages that generate leads well
  • Offers leads for life, never paying again for them
  • Has affiliate program (make extra money on side)
  • Has automatic Facebook option to save time on step 5
  • Contact Manager works with Kixie (if you use speed dialing software)

I could go on for a long time about this system. But you get the point already.

If you need prospects, this is the best way to go if you are not able to generate your own.

Watch Video Presentation On MLM Recruit On Demand

Overview On Increasing Your Contacted Prospects

So to wrap it all up, if you are having trouble getting your network marketing prospects to answer their phone, you may solve this problem in the following way:

#1 . How the lead is generated can determine the success rate on answers and returned calls. Using lower quality approaches will lessen the strength on your dialing efforts. Always work to find the most productive ways to increase call backs and answers.

#2. Some prospects will simply answer on the first attempt. This is the best way to sift through the prospects, and get a feel on their interest in what you are doing.

#3. Leave a scripted, and pre-recorded voice mail if possible, to raise curiosity and get call backs. If it sounds like you are wanting to sell something in your voice mail, you will not get many call backs period.

#4. Right after leaving the voice mail, send the prospect a text that also raises curiosity. This is the most effective way to get a reply back.

#5. Send email, find out if the prospect left correct information.

#6. See if their email is the same email they used to signup on Facebook. This is a last option when you have a wrong number or haven’t heard back from a prospect.

#7. I will not call more then 3 times. I will run a prospect through the steps up to 3 times, and on the third, I leave the final message and text. This will get you a few more in the end to reach back to you. If you have few people and have the time to continue, it couldn’t hurt to try a few more times.

#8. For saving time, use speed dialing software. This will turn an hour of work, into half the time.

Practice makes perfect when you are trying to increase the amount of prospects you speak to, when it seems no one is answering your calls. Just keep at it, follow the steps above, and you will get better and faster at prospecting with the telephone.

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Jaye Carden
Jaye Carden

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    2 replies to "How To Increase The Amount Of Prospects You Contact, When Most Won’t Answer The Phone When You Call"

    • Randy Ireland

      Good breakdown on phone calls. People like me are in trouble with this because I am in a dead zone for most carriers. I have to stand in the right place to get 2 bars if I’m lucky and usually 1 bar. Calls are often dropped.

      I can’t afford long distance from the landline so there goes that.

      Thanks anyway, Jaye. It will be helpful to most people.

      • Jaye Carden

        You could possibly use Google Voice, or find an online phone system that only needs an internet connection. That’s what I use, but I pay for my service online to get unlimited time, texts, and even call other countries. Look into something like that, and you will have a signal as long as you have an internet connection.

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