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I’ve heard many network marketers speak about their worry of a company shutting down, going out of business, or closing it’s doors after they’ve built a team.

It seems to be a legit fear or concern, as no one wants to get a bunch of people involved in a business, have them invest, then turn around and say “sorry, it closed”.

However, this is always happening somewhere in the network marketing world, and will be the case again and again for many people. There are no promises that any company will make it through the test of time, and more then likely, your company will not either if you are building something “ground floor”.

So today, I want to address the issue on how you can bounce back in network marketing, even if your company is shut down or closes it’s doors.

Network Marketing Is Like All Business

The truth is, network marketing companies and businesses are no different in this regard as any other type of business.

Many companies, small businesses, network marketing companies, and even giant corporations fall. This has always been a fact of life in a free market.

When you start a network marketing business, you take the risk of a company collapsing, and there really is nothing you personally can do except for focus on helping them stay open in your own business.

But one man or woman, usually isn’t enough.

For me, the bottom line is this:

If a company shows it’s obviously not going to stay around long, for any reason whatsoever, perhaps you should decide not to build with them.

But, if a company does not show these signs, and looks as if in your opinion would make it through time, then that should be all you need to join. But know, there is a risk, you’ll be wrong about it.

People don’t refuse jobs because they know there’s a risk their job won’t be available in time. And when you are an entrepreneur, the same should apply unless it’s obvious it would be bad for your business.

Why Not Worry About A Company Collapsing?

I have been with a few companies that closed it’s doors, and I am still glad I worked with them.

Yes, I lost my steady income that I had built working with them, and the team broke up. But, I still walked away with more experience, more money then I had before I joined, and a lot more people I built relationships with who work with me on other companies now.

As an entrepreneur, we learn and grow with each project we work on. I would of loved to not have to re-build, but I knew most likely I was going to have to do this. Network marketing is a business, and it will have it’s challenges and obstacles.

But regardless, I still gain some benefit from my efforts from these companies, and my latest network marketing business has benefited from those other companies as well in a way.

I truly see it as no different then a pro-football player. Just because you get traded, or your team doesn’t perform overall so well, your own personal efforts can carry you to the next team, where your success can be even greater. So we should be focused on doing our best in each company, and worrying less about it closing one day down the road.

My Company Closed. What Now?

Did you just experience that awful feeling of a company closing down? Or worst of all, had built a team in the company only to have let everyone down?

I bet if you spoke to everyone on your team, you’d find that most do not view it as your fault. Many people join companies because they wish to work with the individual more then the company itself.

If you just lost your network marketing income from a company closing down, what other choice do you have other then to build it back up?

You need to now look for the next opportunity, and continue building your overall career in network marketing.

If you were not a network marketer by trade or profession, search for competitors who sold the same type of product you had offered before to your customers.

But, if you are a network marketer, you have no choice but to either quit the profession, or find a new home to build with.

How Do I Bounce Back?

Now you’ve found a new home to build with, you can begin “bouncing back” after the minor setback you faced.

You should first go back and contact all those who were on your team previously with the past company, and see which ones will be willing to come with you to the new home.

You’ll find some aren’t up for the challenge again, but that of course may change down the road.

But you will find also you have a fast start with the new company from all the ones who do come over and work with you.

Whatever strategies you used before to build your past company with, you need to use again to continue where you left off.

As a matter of fact, many people will see you continuing as a good thing, and it will make you more attractive to work with in the eyes of many people.

Remember, most people do not want to work in a business where the sponsor is a quitter or complainer. So when the company has to close it’s doors, be the positive person who contributes good vibes to the people.


Did This Help?

I hope today’s blog post really helps shed light on why you need to worry less about a company closing down, and more on why you should be focused on building your career.

If you got value from today’s post, please leave a comment below. I value everyone’s opinion and look forward to hearing your feedback.

Also, be sure to share this with anyone who has asked this question, or expressed this concern that you’ve prospected. Or if you have a team member asking what to do if the company closes down the road, give them this little advice to help out.

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