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It’s every network marketer’s dream. Getting signups on autopilot for their business. But how many are actually able to put a system like this in place?

For me, I do have one. One that will get me sales, affiliates joining, and even brings me repeat customers. So it is possible. And today, I will share with you the formula to create such a system in your own network marketing business.

It Starts With Landing Pages

First thing you must have in order to produce network marketing automation, is a landing page. This is not a website your company gave you to share with your friends or to place orders from. It is a landing page, capture page, or squeeze page that collects a visitor’s information such as their name, email, and phone number.

Without this in place, you are not able to know who was interested in your network marketing business or products. Most replicated websites given to affiliates for their business, tells everything about the company and gives no reason for the visitor to give their information. So, you never get any leads from these type websites.

Here is the formula for a successful landing page that will generate you leads for your network marketing automation formula:

  • Nice looking page, modern looking
  • Has something of interest to the reader on the other page
  • Tells just a small amount of what the visitor will learn, or get when they give their contact info
  • Has name, email, and an optional phone form as well. Phones need to be optional as the ones who put their numbers in, are letting you know you can call them.

Follow Up Process Is Next

Once a person opts in to your landing page, they need to be placed on an email list to get a lot of follow up emails. Most people do not purchase on their first contact with anything, so your network marketing business is no different.

Not following up allows those who do not buy on their first visit, to forget and become interested in something else later. But a good follow up series of emails (And a phone call or two if they leave their number) will be the way in which you turn leads into sales.

The Benefit

Another important factor that will help create more success in your network marketing automation formula, is adding a benefit on top of the products and opportunity. This can be an offer of something valuable to get along with their purchase, or perhaps getting placed in the team in a good position to get more spillover.

The benefit of your product or service was enough to get them to look, but the extra benefit of joining is what can tilt them off the fence. Find a good benefit to include in your network marketing automation process, and you will see a small increase of signups.

The Deadline

The most effective method I know of since I have been in network marketing. A deadline to join has been more beneficial to my business then any other strategy.

Having a deadline to make a decision, and a loss that they will endure if they miss it, is important. Yes, some will miss it who wanted it, but a few others will join because they are interested in the network marketing automation system, the benefit, and they may as well try while their is extra value added.

Best part is, deadlines can be used over and over again if the benefit that will be lost is something that can be reset. In my personal network marketing automation process, this is reset every week. So each week you miss the deadline, you stand to lose more and more. Get in as soon as you can, you gain more and more.

How Do I Make My Network Marketing Automation Formula Work From Here?

If you are able to build the 4 main factors mentioned above in your automation process, then all you need to have a successful business, is generate leads.

Leads come in all types of quality, usually the least converting are the easiest to get. While the opposite is the case with high converting leads.

Let’s look at some ideas (and my personal strategies I use) to push more people through your network marketing automation system, and begin getting signups and sales.

Blogging - Blogging will bring the highest quality leads most of the time. But, it is not something that brings a lot of leads. So using a blog is something to work on when you are not following up or speaking to people. My blog you are visiting now, has brought me more signups and sales then anything else, so it is wise to put the upfront work into it.

Articles - Article marketing is another strategy to get more leads with. Similar to blogging, one article can do a little on lead generation. But, that little it does is better quality then the easy routes. Use other websites to write content on, and appear to more people through their member base. Linkedin and MLM Gateway are 2 good places to start writing articles for.

Videos - Another way to create content and get leads. Videos are a powerful way to generate new leads, and the quality is much higher than most strategies. A video converts well, but it usually takes several views to get a lead. However, it’s sometimes easy to get several views. Begin creating videos and adding to your online blogs and articles to increase their lead generation as well.

Craigslist - Here is where we get into paid advertising, and craigslist is one easy way to not only get leads, but find team members as well. I use craigslist often, and have seen great results with it when I have a network marketing automation system in place. Before using such a system, the results were not good. Play around with some ads on craigslist, and create a template of your best converting ad. Then you can get team members posting as well for duplication and team building.

Solo Ads - Another paid advertising strategy to generate leads for your network marketing automation system. Solos can be tricky, as you need to place a few of them to find your best converting vendor. But, find one that gets a lot of leads, or few leads but sales, and you have a way to get business moving until the list gets saturated. Udimi and Traffic For Me are the best places to find good solos that actually can convert into network marketing sales.

Word Of Mouth - Free strategy that gets actual buyers into the game. For me, word of mouth has got me my most duplicating team members and most sales. However, it’s not something that brings in a lot of people in general. But, anytime I meet someone I know or are meeting for the first time, I find out quickly if they are a possibility for my business or product. So learn to prospect in person, and you can get results for no investment.

Social Media - Another way to generate leads for your network marketing automation system, and even get sales. Using social media and meeting new people is a great way to get the ball rolling. By posting things that get people asking questions, you are able to point them to your landing page. Best part is, you already have an advantage with these type leads as they know who is behind the offer. The more people know who you are, the better the sales convert.

Genealogy Leads - Using leads that are people who are already network marketers, does very well at converting cold lead to team member. Reason is, they understand network marketing, and for the most part, love the concept of it. Genealogy leads have brought the most signups the fastest in my career. Even a few that could duplicate a little. The best way to get genealogy leads, and the most affordable, is by using the MLM Recruit On Demand system that generates these leads for you. This gets you plenty of prospects for the rest of your life, for just a one time payment of $15.

Free Programs - Believe it or not, using free programs online like traffic exchanges, safelists, etc has gotten me signups as well. But most of these are not good at doing it and are a waste of time for the most part. But, there are some that can get you results such as LeadsLeap, a free or low cost optional program that is used to generate traffic through exchanges and reviews. I have seen a few signups in my network marketing business using this platform, and highly recommend it for other reasons as well.

Want To Experience A Great Network Marketing Automated System?

If you are curious as to how well a network marketing automated system can work, then you can get first hand knowledge through the link and system in this piece.

This is the exact system I use for automating my network marketing business, and it surely works well. I have seen several new team members join without me even talking to them or seeing they came into the system. It is also good at increasing the amount of signups closer to deadline because it contains all 4 factors needed for network marketing automation success.

Take a free tour here, and you will get to see how many people come into the system, and even keep all the people who signup after you take the tour, as your own downline. This is a powerful way to build a thriving network marketing business using automation.

take the free tour of the most powerful network marketing automation system here

Did This Help?

If this helps you to understand what you must do in order to have success with network marketing automation, then please leave a comment below. I always appreciate your feedback, and hope you are able to build your own successful network marketing automation system, or use the one I have already in place.

P.S I can build a big downline for you in my network marketing automated system. All you need to do is take this short free tour, and then let me place new people into your team for you. You can also earn volume from these same people I bring in, and all of my sales I make.


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