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Ever wondered what it is that some network marketers do to get results, and why others can’t? Same product, same company, yet 2 totally different out comes. In today’s message, I want to share the top 10 network marketing tips to help you understand why this happens, and even how you can change things in more of your favor.


Let’s dive into these top 10 network marketing tips, and see how many you use, know of, and possibly do wrong. Have fun!

Network Marketing Tips #1: Raise Curiosity, Not Resistancenetwork-marketing-tips

Often you will see people posting online, such as Facebook, and will tell all about their company and how great the products are. Probably even say it’s urgent to join as it’s in pre-launch. Yet, nothing happens for them. No one likes the post, shares, or even seems to see it. Why?

Because that person raised resistance. If you want to raise curiosity, then you say less. You don’t lead with hype. If a person knows what you are doing, why would they need to contact you and ask you themselves? Also, do you really want them to Google search your company and find that one jerk who blames the company for their own failure?

Network Marketing Tips #2: Say Less To More People

Here is a whopper! How many times have you went on and on to just one person about your business, only to have them not join? Sometimes, especially when we are prospecting cold market, we need to disqualify people fast. Keep it simple, and get them to the presentation. We only want to get as many people as possible to see the presentation, not convince people who have no interest. Let the numbers do their work, and you work on the numbers.

Network Marketing Tips #3: Stay Consistent

Network Marketing has several strategies to build with. Whichever ones you choose to take, just remember to stay consistent with them. The more you are consistent with your strategies, the more results they begin to pull. It will continue to build more and more if you are never letting up. If you let up, you see no results.
Think of it like a glass of water being filled. If you leave the water running into the glass it fills up and begins to pour out into other glasses, and they become filled and begin doing the same. But this only happens when the water runs consistently. If you let off, and come back later and put water in it, you find the water has dried up and you are simply replacing it. This is a huge reason why many people see no results, they are not consistent enough.

Network Marketing Tips #4: Lead By Exampletips-network-marketing

Would you like to see your downline build? Would you like them to be making calls consistently and growing a network themselves? Of course you do, and why would they if you aren’t? Leading by example is a great way to get your team wanting to work hard. When they see you getting results, making calls, prospecting, and working online, they will tend to do the same. Also, they will be more inclined to stay with you in future projects if they may arise. So be sure you are leading by example and doing the things you would like to see duplicated.

Network Marketing Tips #5: Be A Product Of The Product

If you really want your warm market and people you meet in person to take your product seriously, then you have to show an example of what it can do. If you can show to others without telling them directly, that your product is making life better for you, then your odds will increase that people will want it too. In weight loss companies, those who gets fast results always seem to get more product sales and signups. But what of the other products and companies? Just create a way to get people asking you questions about whatever your product is, and make it known you are satisfied with it. However, never push, beg, and bother people about purchasing, it will never work. If your product does truly benefit you in some way, people will ask about it.

Network Marketing Tips #6: Invite Others To Your Company Calls

Every company has either a call, webinar, or some type of hangout for training purposes. On these calls, we hear the success of others, and learn new things. These are actually great for non-team members to attend. It seemed once I began inviting people to these calls (before they knew what I was doing), the response and interest went way up. Much better result than trying to explain it in person. If you have people who have seen the presentation and may not of joined yet, these may also be great for them to attend. Sometimes hearing the excitement of others having success, fires them up to get started.

Network Marketing Tips #7: Use A Telephone

I have seen more people afraid of making phone calls than anything else that may be feared. The unknown, or the fear the person on the other end will reject them, holds them back from actually making calls to prospects. Truth is, you will more than likely fail if you do not pick up the phone, it is a crucial piece to success.
However, those who will make calls consistently, day in and day out, will see their numbers go way up. You should always expect to get more “no’s” by a large number than those who say “yes”. So you must not care about being told “no thanks”. Keep success in mind, and picture what it will be like once you have made enough calls to reach the top of your company. This will help you get use to the telephone, because making cold calls will even become second nature if you do it enough.

Network Marketing Tips #8: Surround Yourself With The Right People

This doesn’t mean to surround yourself only with people in your team, but to surround yourself with other professionals. Being around negative people, who always speak of negative things or try to bring you down, is not good for you. You need to cut ties with those who may be bringing you down, and begin looking to build more relationships with people who are positive and think positive. This helps in more than just one way. Some of the new people you meet could become team members of course, but just being around their hard work attitude will help.

Network Marketing Tips #9: Create A Daily Schedulenetwork-marketing-tips

Although this network marketing tip may seem small, it is the biggest of all. Those who use a schedule, and stick to it, will produce way more than those who don’t. Knowing what must be done in the hour vs looking for something to do is what a schedule helps with.
Schedules keep you from spending time un-focused, and more time focused and less distracted. It has been one of the most important parts to a successful person’s day, simply knowing what is to be done and when. If you ever find yourself wondering what you could do to build your business, then this is why you need a schedule. Include things such as contacting prospects, meetings, scheduled presentations, online marketing, offline marketing, and all the bells and whistles you need to be focused on each day.

Network Marketing Tips #10: Take Massive Action

This is simply where you do a lot of whatever marketing strategy or tactic you have chosen to pursue. Massive action will get you results, plain and simple. But what is massive action?
An example would be that of one man who found success in the music industry. His idea was to place at least 4 fliers to everyone else’s 1. To have no less than 4 times the ads out. You get the point? The more you can do, and the further you can get it. If you can use money to get the word out in a huge way, that’s fine, just watch your R.O.I. If you can’t afford to do it, then you do it with your own time and hands.
Taking massive action with your business is something that you can not miss out on. Staying consistent (tip 3) is part of creating massive action. Remember that it takes a person 3 to 10 times to see an ad before they respond, so massive action is important, and you need to do it.


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Learn how this stay-at-home mom discovered ways to get people to buy her products over and over again. These network marketing tips for retention and product sales will surely come in handy.

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