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Are you wondering how to get your network marketing business moving? Are you curious as to what the trick is that others figured out about network marketing, that perhaps you don’t know about? Well it is actually easy to figure out, and may be tough for some to do. But I will share with you just how anyone can make a success out of this industry.

There really is no secret to finding success in network marketing. The reason that some have made success and built giant teams is simply because they speak to people.

How many people are you speaking with each day? How many presentations are you getting out to people? Not everyone is a good fit for your opportunity, but they may be good for the product? There are two sides to this industry and that is building a team and a customer base.

If you are online all day and are not meeting your goal of presentations or speaking to enough people, then get offline and go out speaking to people. Where are the people who are a fit for your product at? Speak to them.

While your out you will meet several people, ask them if they know someone who fits your customer base? Or speak to others who may be open to making extra income?


The bottom line is the power of speaking to people is the way to find success. The more people you reach is the way to have success.

If you find yourself afraid to speak to others, or shy, then focus on mindset and learning to overcome this fear. This fear of speaking to others will be the nail in the coffin for your business.

Set a goal of how many people you will speak to each day, and fulfill it. Just one day in the act of speaking to people either offline or online will make the following day much easier. Once you have created a habit of speaking to people, the success will begin to show up. Remember your desire for success must be stronger than your fear  in order to succeed!

Please comment below if you got value. If you feel like speaking to others is a struggle for you, contact me and I will share some tips and stories to help you overcome the fear. Please be sure to also share this with your team, so they too can see the big picture.

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Jaye Carden
Jaye Carden

Self Employed Network Marketing Entrepreneur

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    9 replies to "The Power Of Speaking"

    • Jerry Wiseman

      Great video Jaye. Your right some people need to work out of the shell of talking to people. I know people who are like that and it is being shy.

      • Jaye Carden

        Thanks Jerry, and yea, many are shy. If they can beat it, they will win it.

    • Rodney Brazier

      Hello Jaye,
      First of all, I am really enjoying your videos so far. I have to admit, I have been mainly focusing on online marketing. I am not a person who excels at approaching people in person. I could really use some tips on offline marketing strategies. Thank you very much!

      Rodney Brazier

      • Jaye Carden

        Thanks Rodney. I will be sure to start writing more on those for you. Thanks for the suggestions, I will surely bring it out more.

    • Stephen Ray Porter

      Jaye. I began having phenomenal success with my network marketing business when I began “applying” the “skills” that I had learned about how to approach people both offline and online about my business. What I teach my team and new distributors to do is to learn simple sequences of words that they may be comfortable saying and then get out there and start “practicing” those words with people. Two examples: 1) for obtaining a new customer: “I’m just curious, I’m looking for a new customer. Would it be okay if I mail you some information about the products that I recommend and promote”? 2) for sponsoring a new distributor: “I’m looking for a part-time associate to help me to expand my marketing business. I’m just curious, are you interested in earning some more money”? Network marketing becomes simple, easy, fun, and lucrative when we know exactly word-for-word what to say and what to do and when we put these “skills” into action so consistently that the application of them become new “habits” for us!

      • Jaye Carden

        Great comment Stephen. Once you have done it a few times, it just gets easier, and yes when the fear is no longer there it becomes fun. That is when you are on to new things in your business. Thanks for the comment!

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    • Brenda Spencer

      Jaye, Great video and I loved all the comments that
      you have gotten on this video. You will get to the
      next level I am sure of it. Thanks for all the great
      tips about speaking to more people. Wonderful

      • Jaye Carden

        Thanks Brenda, thanks for coming by and commenting as well!

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