Huge Mindset Factor For Creating Network Marketing Success

Network marketing is one of the most simple business models to start your entrepreneur journey with. It usually has the lowest investment, several benefits, and the profit can be made much sooner than traditional business ever could. These are great reasons to start in network marketing, however, it also means several people get involved. Which that means, it gets a bad reputation among people who “test the water” because network marketing success is in the long term.

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What Are The Top Earners Doing?

People seek that answer constantly. Many believe it is something as simple as finding a website that is magical to run an ad on. Perhaps they need to locate a certain place and there is the people to join, etc.

Truth is, everywhere you go, every town in the world, and every company in network marketing, faces the same issues.

It is a mindset issue that separates the successful from the not so successful. And today, I’ll share with you the biggest secret, or factor, in creating network marketing success.

The Way We Think

When you understand that your thoughts and actions play a large role, you can begin to change your results. Let’s step back for a bit, and imagine you looking online on your favorite social media website, and you see a friend who is always posting mean, nasty, and negative comments. Then that friend asks you one day to join their business. You wouldn’t feel so strong that they could actually help, or they would even stay in it themselves. So this is why your public behavior is important.

You need to begin thinking like the person you want to be. Speaking like the person who people can believe in. Always speak with positive comments, be an example of hard work, and believe in your work. We will attract the people that we act as, so knowing that fact, become the person you want to work with you in your network marketing business.

The Value

Now, the actions we must do in our business to actually get people wanting to buy from us, is providing value.

You have to put value into the marketplace. I know this may sound impossible at first thought, but it is actually the most simple step. Value is something that people want or need. This can be physical products which you may have already, that solve a problem. Or, it can be like this blog post, that shares information people need to learn.


You can begin giving value by teaching others what you are learning. It’s really simple to learn new things in your industry. It can be from attending your company events and webinars, or mastermind webinars on marketing strategies. This way you can serve both your niche, and the network marketing industry as a whole. Attracting new customers for your company, and new team members that are attracted to you because they see the value in you.

How Do I Give The Value

Here is the step in getting people to notice you. You understand you CAN NOT blast out hype, bologna, and pressure people to join. So you know you must put out content that helps people, solves a problem, and offers a solution.

Blogging, videos, webinars, social media posts, giveaways, offers on your website, etc is how you get your value to the public eye.

This post is to cover the “overall” concept so you can begin doing it right. Follow through with these few tips, and you will see how your business starts to turn around for you. If you would like to begin learning strategies to find new readers, visitors, and tips for promoting, be sure to register for the Mastermind Webinars on homepage.

A Need To Know For Network Marketing Success

You can learn all the strategies you want, but they will not bring you network marketing success if you miss the point I am making now.

When I first learned this, everything changed quickly. People began to join my business, buy products from me, and even hire me as a coach.

It may seem like an easy “ah-ha” moment, but nearly every network marketer fails to understand and implement this part of the business.

No matter what company, or even what type of business you have, this concept is understood the most by the most successful. You must be a problem solver. People’s feet hurt…provide shoes. People thirst…provide water. People are confused…provide answers.

Final thought… what is your product? Who can it help? Where are they at? Give them what they need, and do not focus only on the sale. Focus only on solving their problems, and the sale will come.

Did This Help?

If you got value or benefit from this post, leave me a comment or any thoughts you have. Also be sure to share with your team or others who may need to know this.

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  • Devasish Gupta

    Reply Reply April 28, 2016

    Thanks for the informative article on Network Marketing. Focused mindset is a key to success!

  • Monna Ellithorpe

    Reply Reply April 30, 2016

    Hi Jaye,

    Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve visited your site too. It looks awesome.

    I agree, you have and always do provide such great information and so easy to understand. Some sites I’ve visited, I have to dissect information just to begin to understand what they are trying to say.

    Thanks and keep sharing like you do, my friend. Have a great evening.

    • Jaye Carden

      Reply Reply April 30, 2016

      Good to see you again Monna! Yes it’s been updated since last time you were here. Thanks for coming by!

  • sonkohassan

    Reply Reply May 11, 2016

    “We get paid for bringing value to the market place,” Jim Rhone said
    If you focus on selling products to people instead of solving their problems, they will never buy.
    Thank you Jaye for this content.

    • Jaye Carden

      Reply Reply May 11, 2016

      Thanks a lot, and you’re right. We always need to focus on “them” not “us” and things work out for all of us.

  • ese

    Reply Reply June 24, 2016

    Good job. I like what I’ve read. I really would like to be mentored by you. I want to know how to get more leads, and increase my prospects, especially non-familiar(cold) prospects. Your help would be greatly appreciated

  • Evon Folkes

    Reply Reply September 4, 2016

    Jaye, I thank you for this very important information. It will go a far way in helping me with my online business, thank you so much for sharing, I will share on facebook and twitter, so you can help other people out there.
    Evon Folkes

  • Terri Pattio

    Reply Reply October 28, 2016

    Outstanding blog post Jaye with priceless and valuable information. Relationships is the key to success. You must lose your money agenda. It’s not about the money, it’s about giving value and being a go giver. It’s the slight edge we have over our competitors and the reward for doing it right is fantastic.

    I recommend you check out my good friend Jaye, he is the man and will help you to succeed online.

    ~Terri Pattio - MLM Coach/Mentor with a servant’s heart

    • Jaye Carden

      Reply Reply October 29, 2016

      Thanks a lot Terri, I always appreciate your comments!

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