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Have you ever wanted a simple to follow checklist to reach success in your network marketing business?

Have you ever felt stuck? Needing to be shown where to go next?

If this explains how you feel, then you’ll love what you get from this daily action step blueprint and formula I have created for network marketing success.

All you need to do, is simply focus on tackling these challenges each day, and nothing else will matter much.

Let’s look at the daily action steps to build a huge network marketing business in 2019.

The Challenge Of These Daily Action Steps

No business can be possible without extreme challenges.

But in this blueprint and formula I share, the challenge may be one most people can overcome.

I would not expect a new person to complete the daily action steps on their first day, but indeed begin adding more when they get better and quicker at the first ones.

In time, these daily action steps for network marketing success will become easier, and faster to accomplish each day.

So keep this in mind when you begin practicing them.

Daily Action Step 1: You Have To Prospect

This step is unavoidable.

If there was just one daily action step to chose to do, this one is the one that would make the most success happen.

However, this is the one most people wish to avoid.

But we will not be avoiding it in 2019, as we need to hit top earner status and build an empire.

Make a specific amount of people you will prospect each and everyday, no matter what.

It needs not be less then 10 a day.

If you can do more in a day, great. Always do as many as possible everyday, but have a minimum of 10.

Prospecting means simply reaching out to a new person and asking them if they are open to looking at your business.

Simply asking them and getting a “yes” or “no” is considered prospecting. Collect 10 decisions minimum everyday.

You can accomplish this task through any of the following means:

  • In person
  • Self generated leads 
  • Social media
  • Paid advertising 
  • Over the telephone
  • Email

How you collect the decision is not of matter, just getting one is what you need to do everyday.

Daily Action Step 2: Social Media

We all know of it, and we all use it.

But you need a specific amount of posts you will put out on each day.

A good average number or minimum should be about 5 a day.

Also, the more platforms you have your post placed on, the more likely someone will respond to it.

The following platforms are really active and can generate leads for you:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Google Plus
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest
  • Mix
  • Tumblr
  • Instagram
  • For network marketers (MLM Gateway)

Since it would be very time consuming to individually post to each platform, using automation for posting would be wise.

You can schedule several days of posts in one setting, and save lots of time doing so.

Find a good social media automation tool for yourself, and schedule posts when you have time in your day to do so.

Daily Action Step 3: Write A Blog Post

If there is any type of passive marketing step that will help out, writing your own blog posts is it.

If you are to post a new blog post each and everyday, the reward will be huge.

Posting value in your content, is key.

Making sure your blog posts serve an audience, and are not just about joining you.

Post a new blog everyday on your checklist, and your SEO boosting will improve.

Those who write new content, get noticed by the search engines and are more likely to be shared with search engine users.

SEO traffic is the best there is, so why not prepare to get some of it in 2019?

Daily Action Step 4: Create A New Video

Everyday you work your checklist, be sure to shoot a new video for the day.

Just like blogs, you can share anything of value, even if it’s a small one.

Having a new video loaded to Youtube everyday will not just help your channel on Youtube, but can be used to help your blog rankings as well if you include them into your blog posts.

As you see below, it’s what I did for this post.

Keep videos published everyday and an audience will begin to emerge from doing so.

Daily Action Step 5: Write Articles

A lot of content huh?

Yes, write new articles on as many platforms everyday as possible.

To make this quicker, you can use the same topic of the day you used for your blog and video.

Articles expose you to new audiences, and can help promote your blog and Youtube channel.

Writing articles can be on platforms such as:

  • Linkedin
  • MLM Gateway
  • IBOToolbox
  • Internet Billboards.net
  • Any guest writing you can find

It really is up to you how many places you can finds to publish new content.

Make sure you are placing new articles up and you can even point links to direct traffic to your own blog.

Consistency makes all things grow, and that’s why we need to add this step to our daily action steps for building a network marketing business in 2019 quickly.

Daily Action Step 6: Paid Advertising

Here is a step that really helps get you prospects to work with everyday.

If we make sure we have no less then one paid advertising source running at all times, we can then reach our prospecting steps much easier and quicker.

Paid advertising is the fastest way to build a network marketing business, when you have no authority.

Paid advertising for network marketing can be in forms like:

  • Online classifieds
  • Banner and text ads
  • Solo ads
  • PPC (pay per click)
  • Social Media ads

And so on.

As time goes by, and you begin making more income from your business, a wise choice would be to learn and add a new paid advertising method to your daily action steps.

The only thing that works better then 1 paid advertising strategy running each day, is more of them.

Daily Action Step 7: Email

Through all the network marketing daily action steps mentioned above, the overall idea is to generate leads from them, and build an email list with those leads.

Even with in person prospecting, you can get the person’s email address, and manually add them to your list.

As your list grows over time, it becomes more and more powerful.

Be sure to email your list everyday, and stay familiar with them.

The more they see you, the more they begin to know, like and trust you.

This can lead to a lot of network marketing team members, affiliate sales, and visitors to read and share your new content.


Weekly Bonus Step?

For this network marketing action step, we will focus on a weekly basis.

That action step, is live broadcasting.

Webinars are something you can plan once a week, and use to promote through your content and paid advertising.

But with live broadcasts such as Facebook Live, Periscope, or Youtube Live, you can actually schedule one a day if you so chose to.

The more you do these, the better your results will become.

But for me, I prefer to focus on just one webinar a week, and promote it to increase attendance.

The choice is yours if you want to do Webinars every week, or live broadcasts via social media.

But the idea is to make sure whatever you plan and schedule, you keep it going consistent as long as possible.

Network Marketing Daily Action Steps For Success Overview

The idea behind having a daily action plan, is to be consistent with it.

If you stay consistent, you will get results with each and every step you focus on.

It may seem as if there is not enough time in the day to do these steps, but I assure you that you will get faster in completing them, and they will get easier to do everyday.

By starting with prospecting, and practicing getting a minimum of 10 people a day to make a decision, you can then move to the next daily action step you feel will be the easiest for you.

Everyday do those, and continue adding them until you are doing them all every single day.

This truly is a blueprint for achieving great success in network marketing, and becoming a top earner.

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