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We all hear the same network marketing objections, but how do we get past these obstacles?

What do we say?

What do we do?

In today’s post I am going to share with you a common network marketing objection, and exactly what to do in order to handle it properly.


Network Marketing Objection Handling 

To be honest, when people use objections in network marketing, it is mostly because they have not seen the value in what you presented to them.

So in a sense, if you are getting a lot of network marketing objections, you may not be presenting the opportunity or product in a way that expresses value to the viewer.

For example, if a person uses a network marketing objection such as “Is this a scam?” or “I heard this was a scam”, could be them simply not interested in joining.

It is important for us as network marketers to know or sense when a person is legit in their objection, and when they are simply just trying to avoid the opportunity altogether.

If you realize the prospect is just simply not interested and is wanting to “conquer” you on the call, then simply let them go. Usually this network marketing objection is used when a prospect is trying to “outsmart” who they are talking with.

But, if they have expressed interest in what you are doing, and then bring this objection up for whatever reason (friends told them, heard of another that is similar) then you can proceed to overcome the network marketing objection.

How To Respond To “Scam”

Since we have decided that this prospect is actually concerned or knows little about the network marketing industry, we need to assure him/her it is not a scam.

If you’ve simply received a check for the amount in which was agreed upon when signing up, you now have your proof it’s not a scam.

Just let the prospect know that the company has paid you in accordance to what you were promised for the results you had.

A scam is something that is designed to take your money, and not provide you with what you purchased or invested in.

So when you explain to your prospect that you have been paid by the company, and are not an owner or investor of the company, you can assure them they will be paid if they achieve the results.

I’ve Never Earned A Check

If you hear the network marketing objection about “scams” and are unable to be honest and assure them through your own earnings that it’s not a scam, then you can also use product purchase.

Keep in mind, a scam is where someone takes your money, and does not deliver on their end. So if you never received a product you purchased, you were scammed.

You can assure the prospect, you have received the product that you have purchased, so you know it’s a legit and operating company.

My Brother Did This, Said It’s A Scam

This is the exact objection I got when I was prospecting a young lady years ago.

Her brother told her it was a scam.


Because he made no money at all and could not get any sales, so he sent his products back before the 30 days were up to get a refund.

When you come across this network marketing objection, scam is the wrong word the prospect should be using.

If someone says they know someone who said it was a scam because they didn’t make money, you need to ask if they made any sales.

If the answer is no, or they mention they were not in long (at least 1 to 5 years) and made no sales, then failure on their end is not a scam.

Most people do not make it into the NFL, does that make football a scam?

You can point out the lack of effort, and short effort, on the part of the distributor or rep, and then point to the ones in the same company who earned a lot of money from it.

Always be sure they see that someone has succeeded in the business, therefore it is not a scam, simply too tough for the person who gave up so soon.

Why Do People Believe It’s A Scam?

When someone asks, or if you ever see the opportunity to use this piece when handling network marketing objections, you will shine light on many people who wonder this.

To explain it to a prospect who wants to get involved but is afraid of “seeming silly” by being scammed, assure them through these facts.

The reason so many people have called the network marketing industry a scam, or specific companies, is because of a low investment to get involved.

Network Marketing is a business. Period.

It is the lowest investment to start a business, then any other business out there.

This attracts several people, including people who have negative remarks for their own failures.

Most businesses require an investment so large the average person will never be able to open one. Yet even those mostly fail within two years. But are never called “scams”.

Because of the low investment, network marketing attracts all types of people, and will also be attracting the wrong people.

Point this out to your prospect, and let them know that network marketing is the lowest investment for a business, that has created the most millionaires, part-timers, and all types of incomes for the most people.

Yet the downside of that good fact is, it also has attracted the “get rich quick” minded people as well.

Network Marketing Objection Handling “Scam” Excuse Overview

So the best way to handle this network marketing objection, is to first decide on why the prospect is using it.

If they are simply the type prospect who is not going to ever join the business, then why even bother explaining anything to them? Just let them go.

But if you have a legit person, who expressed interest and curiosity in your business, and they bring up the “scam” objection, you have a lot of knowledge now how to handle it.

If you’ve received a check, then it’s not a scam for sure.

If you’ve received the products you purchased, they are not out to “scam” you.

But since most mean that “they won’t make money” at it, you have knowledge to share with them as well.

Network marketing is a low investment business, that takes time. It has helped more people then any other business model, and has also attracted a lot of bad distributors as well.

They will earn a check if they are able to get results. This is a business, not a job.

Be sure to use this knowledge you now have, when assuring a prospect that they will not be scammed.

Did This Help?

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