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show-up-network-marketing-presentationHow many times have you told someone about your business, and they say they are interested? But, of those people who told you they would like to see more, actually be there when you called them for a presentation? One of the big issues people in network marketing face, is they get frustrated when people act interested, only to avoid their call at the scheduled time.
Today, we will go into great detail on how you change this horrible pattern with prospects, and have them actually show up when you call them. It is much easier than you think, and I will show you exactly how you can pull this off.

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The First Contact

Let’s say you have just met someone, you do not know prior. You meet this person anywhere you can think of in public. You have a good conversation, and you want to invite them to look at your business presentation. Sound familiar?
In situations like these, the wrong thing to do is to tell them anything about the business. Thinking your level of excitement will rub off on them, or make them excited to join as well, is not the case.

The B.I.C
What you actually need to do is say nothing about the business during your conversation. You actually need to save the inviting part until you have created a B.I.C (break in communication). You need to be the first one of you two to have a reason to leave the conversation. A good example is “I am sorry, I just realized I have a meeting in just a minute” or any reason to be in a hurry and not have anymore time to talk. You must appear to be busy and in a hurry at this point.

The Invitation
Now since you are about to leave the conversation and attend the meeting, you invite them to look at your presentation. You can say to the prospect “You seem like a really nice person, so I was wondering if you or someone you know may be open to making some extra money?”. The reason you ask this is because everyone is open to making extra money.
Now the prospect will most likely say “Yes” but will almost always follow with “What is it?”. They are not thinking you knew they were going to ask that, so this was the reason for the B.I.C. Once again you are busy with no time to explain. If you try to explain, they begin asking more and more questions and will not show for a presentation. By having no information at all, they are most likely going to be waiting for your call.
When the prospect asks “What is it?” You are able to say to them “Well I have to get to that meeting now, but if you give me your email and a number to reach you at, I ‘promise’ I will get back to you and explain all of it.” This now has put your prospect as the one who benefits from this conversation.

If They Don’t Give Their Informationshow-up-network-marketing
If they still hold out when you have told them you are in a hurry to leave, the response is simple. About half the time they will just give you their name, email and number. Those are the best.
But from time to time, they say something like “I’m not sure if I want to give it out”. If they do this, it’s not an issue. Simply say to them “I understand, it was a pleasure meeting you.” You never tell them what it was if they will not give their info, because if you simply continue leaving for the meeting, some of those will change their minds and give it to you. It puts the prospect in a position that they know they will miss out if you are not able to get back to them.
If they do not change their minds, and are stuck on not giving the info, then let the prospect go. It’s okay to lose some, there are plenty more. But it is best to let them go and chance running into them again than it is to ever give in and start telling them about the business. Telling too much will cause no one to join. You must get them to a presentation to increase their interest levels.

If You Know The Prospect

If there are people you know that you have not shown the presentation to yet, then perhaps try an approach similar to the one above for strangers. Leaving people you know curious works as well, but you can always reach out to them first, over the phone perhaps.
Be in hurry of course, and have a reason you can not talk but for a few seconds. Let them know you are needing to talk to them about something important, and would like to come by and visit when they have some free time.
Let them tell you when to come by or call back, and be prepared for “What’s this about”. This is why you should tell them up front you only have a few seconds to talk, then ask for a time. You will need to use this when they ask questions.
Or, if a prospect is already home and has free time, pay a visit or give them a call. It’s fine to show them the presentation on the spot, it can lead to a signup from time to time. Just be sure you always show them the presentation before you tell them anything about the business.

Say Less To More People

If you want to get the most possible amount of people to a presentation, you must say less to more people. Always know you can not say the right thing to the wrong person. If a person is not wanting to join or better their life, you are never going to change their mind.
In this business, it is not about getting people to “see the big picture” but finding the people who already see it. This is where leaders are found, and duplicating members are. If a person has a negative look on life, and they do join, they will quit in a month.
Inviting larger amounts of people to your business presentation will increase your numbers by default. Inviting people the right way like mentioned above, will increase your presentation views by default. Leaving people with a sense of curiosity is how you get them answer your call on the scheduled appointment time.

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