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When you know how to be a master at Network Marketing Sponsoring, your struggles quickly come to an end. Sponsoring people into a network marketing business is the part of the business most people will fail at. However, it doesn’t have to be that way, and if you understand the 4 simple steps to being successful at network marketing sponsoring, you find that it becomes a business you will wish to remain a part of.
In today’s post, I will be sharing 4 steps with you, that if you learn them and practice them everyday, you will be able to sponsor more reps into any network marketing business you wish. Ignore any of the 4 steps, and you will struggle with your network marketing sponsoring efforts.

The Four Steps

Below I will list the 4 steps I have broken network marketing sponsoring down into. Think of it like learning a video game or any type of process. You may find that you are good at one or two of the steps right away, and are successful with those pieces. If this becomes the case, you will need to spend your time working on the parts you feel less confident about.
It is important that while you are sponsoring reps, you keep up with which part you lose your reps at mostly. For instance, if you are unable to get prospects to watch a presentation, you need to work very hard on the first step until you are seeing people are showing up for presentations. If you are an excellent closer, but get very few to that last piece of the puzzle, then you should understand all you need to do is focus on the part that you seem to be less effective with.
Good luck with your network marketing sponsoring! Be sure to check out the resources I share with you to further your education, and to learn from the best in our industry with the part you struggle with most.

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Network Marketing Sponsoring Step #1: The Invite

When someone is new to network marketing, they may believe that if they share all there is about this great opportunity, people are going to charge in like a Black Friday morning. What they learn however, is they do not even want to hear about the opportunity and are rejecting even looking at it.
This is why when you begin sponsoring for your network marketing business, you learn the right way to invite prospects to look at your opportunity. The saying “Say less to more people” is the perfect way to look at this step. You actually need to tell them nothing about what they are about to be watching or listening to.
The reason is because curiosity will have a stronger effect on your prospect than them hearing what they believe to be a fake opportunity will be. When they begin hearing about the downlines and products they tend to believe it is something they will not be good at.
Always be fast and have created your B.I.C (break in communication) to prevent them asking questions and causing you to tell them everything they need to hear on the presentation. You can learn the best ways to create B.I.C’s in “Mastery Sponsoring Secrets” with top earner Ray Higdon and even the best lines to use to get more “yes” than “no” to looking at a presentation.

Network Marketing Sponsoring Step #2: The Conversation (pre-presentation)how-to-sponsor-in-network-marketing

If you have made it to step #2, congrats on succeeding with step #1. You must always feel like you have succeeded with each step of this process, or staying consistent is not easy. If you only feel like you won when you get a signup, then you will feel like you are getting nowhere, especially when you first begin.
The second step is where you actually prepare for the close, and build rapport with your prospect. It is where you will ask certain questions so you have ammo to use when objections, or questions come out in the close.
If you do not learn this process, and how to present yourself in this step, you will see very little in results. This may be the most important part since it can be where most people decide to join or not before even seeing a presentation.
In “Mastery Sponsoring Secrets” Ray shares the best questions top earners use to prevent objections and answer concerns prospects may have about signing up. Also, you are going to learn how to use posture in this step, and the entire process.
Mastering this one step is crucial, and was the first step I mastered on my own. I was not good at inviting, or closing, but still recruited a large number from them deciding they were joining no matter what it is. After viewing “Mastery Sponsoring Secrets” I was able to get more people to this step, and increase those numbers up to anywhere from 1 signup a day to 3 signups a day.

Network Marketing Sponsoring Step #3: Presentation

This is the easiest of the steps. As a matter of fact, anyone can do it without struggle.
You simply need to let your company’s tools do the work and you stay out of it unless the prospect asks you to be involved. If you are using a video presentation and your numbers seem low with interest levels before and after presentation, perhaps try using a different presentation.
The network marketing industry is a numbers game, so you must keep up with how many people see the presentation, and join afterwards. But also keep a check on how many “drop out” during a presentation if it is over the phone.
If you are responsible with giving a presentation on your own, be sure to work with your upline (if possible) to put together the best possible presentation with the most energy possible. People will respond well to high energy and a presenter who seems professional.

sponsoring-network-marketingNetwork Marketing Step #4: The Close

Now you have made it to the last part of the process. Congrats on getting here, since many of the prospects you invite do not make it this far (or do they now since you mastered the steps?)
If you have learned from the “Mastery Sponsoring Secrets” on inviting and building rapport, you will see a much higher number of people making through the presentation into the close. If not, you may struggle to even get to the final step.
Here is where you finish the deal and sign them up. If you have learned from “Mastery Sponsoring Secrets” which I recommend, you will not hear objections often. But, you will get them from time to time. Know how to handle the most common like what are taught in the course, and you can even signup those who object at first.
Knowing when to use your closing line is important. You must talk a bit with the prospect coming off the presentation, and get a little more info from them. In “Mastery Sponsoring Secrets” you will learn to ask “What did you like best” instead of “What did you think about it?”. Never leave room for a negative reply, and focus on what you know has peeked their interest the most.
If you have mastered all four steps, then the close will be the best part and most fun. You will ask the closing line at the right time and see that people are not afraid to give you their card info once they believe in what they are purchasing. This is why you need to learn how to complete all four steps in network marketing sponsoring from the top earners who have proven they have mastered it.

Becoming The Sponsoring Master

Understanding the four steps in network marketing sponsoring is important to having success. But, each step has it’s own challenges, and people can actually be good at certain steps and fail at others. Not being able to master all 4 steps will result in low recruiting.
Mastering all 4 steps will result in much higher numbers of success. Using the scripts, tips and secrets that #1 income earner Ray Higdon shares in “Mastery Sponsoring Secrets” will give you the ability to be professional with all four steps of the process quickly.
Do not try and sponsor anymore people until you have watched and reviewed Ray’s course. You do not get a second chance to prospect the same people you have already pushed away.

P.S Want to learn more on network marketing sponsoring? Watch this free video of Ray teach you how to become that master sponsoring machine you know you need to be


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    • Tessy SM

      The 4 steps to refer more into network marketing looks attractive and doable. I must try them to find out whether they will work better for me.

    • Ernie Brown

      I would love to master this network marketing sponsoring business

      • Jaye Carden

        It all starts with wanting to master it. I am sure you will if you never stop working at it. Thanks for coming by Ernie!

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