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Are you finding it difficult to sponsor new people into your MLM business? Perhaps it was much more difficult than you originally believed it would be?
Most people do struggle with MLM sponsoring, and they begin to believe they are not cut out for the good life that the business brings. But truth is, they are capable of sponsoring many people into their MLM business, if only they knew a few tricks of the trade.
So today, I am going to share with you how to simplify MLM sponsoring and build a team faster, even if you are still new to the business. But what you may have to do first, if forget everything you may have been told about MLM sponsoring and let these new ideas take hold.

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The Big Mistakes Of MLM Sponsoringmlm sponsoring mistakes

The fact of the matter is, when it comes to MLM sponsoring, most people are doing it wrong.
They are not using a valuable formula behind their efforts, and create an unattractive approach to sponsoring in the MLM business.
They mostly try to convince people with hype, or excitement on their own end, and believe it will have the prospect just as eager to join as they were when they first seen it. But this is usually not the case.

Never try to use hype, or praise your company, and expect people to want to join or purchase a product. Remember they are not in the company, so how good the company is doing has no benefit to them.
Also, mentioning the company and business to everyone, over and over again is a bad thing. Certainly you must let everyone know about it, but never bring it up a second time unless the individual asks about it. It is more attractive when you “don’t need them” then it is when you are begging them to join.

So this is why you must unlearn (for many people) the things you may have been told. I remember being told to post on Facebook about how great my shake was and everyone is going to want to buy it from me. I really didn’t even believe it then, but tried posting a few times on it anyway. Luckily, I learned how to do it right and we are about to get into that.

The 2 Important Parts To Successful MLM Sponsoring

There are 2 areas we will focus on in this blog.
Both of these are important, and I will touch on them quite a bit. I will use some examples to get the point across best I can so you can fully grasp it.
So, with that said, let’s take a look at the 2 important factors in successful MLM sponsoring.
These 2 important factors are “focus on getting leads” and “work the numbers”.

Focus On Getting Leads, Not Signups

Too many people approach their conversations, social media postings, blogs, and all efforts in the wrong approach. Instead of posting on Facebook for a signup to come from the post, focus on just getting a lead from it.
You can work a lead into a signup, and know more about what THEIR NEEDS ARE.

The prospect’s needs are what you must put your full attention on. By trying to get people to join from your Facebook posts, the post is all focused on your needs. So flip it to be focused on the needs of those who could be seeing the post instead.

Example Of Good & Bad Facebook Post

Bad: Hey Facebook friends! My company is now launching in a new country, and we are now releasing the most amazing product called “super fart stopper”! Now is the time to get in, and you can do so by clicking the link below and joining my team today!

Good: Just got good news that my friend John had been struggling with bad gas pains and was almost fired from not being able to hold his gas in. Luckily we tried a new solution to his problem, and we can say it has worked successfully for him! John is feeling much better and has been able to keep his job!

Now, which post will get leads? Of course the problem in this case is not a serious one (for most people), but it’s to give an idea of how to word things.
People who suffer from the same issues as John, will more than likely be messaging me or commenting on me on what John used or did to help. If they have the same struggle, they now have become a lead, and we know what to focus on when we prospect the individual.
We are able to start a conversation with someone who has basically raised their hand to you asking for help. The odds of a new customer has increased, and even a possible good person who can get others into the business.

mlm sponsoring successWork The Numbers

Customers are not the only thing we need. So there is another area you can focus on each and everyday like clockwork.
The idea behind this is to be sure you meet a specific amount of prospects each day, and you will become a master at MLM sponsoring.
Let’s look at some details on how we work our numbers to keep new prospects looking at our business on a daily basis.

Select A Set Amount

Select a set amount of people you will reach out to quickly and ask them if they are open.
Many people avoid this part of the business, because it can be the rejecting kind of work. But have no fear, it’s not that bad and it becomes natural quickly.
Shoot to reach out to 10 to 20 people everyday. If you have to start at just 1 a day, it’s better than nothing. But you want to increase the number as much as possible. The more you reach each day, the more successful you are with MLM sponsoring.

You need to mostly focus on other entrepreneurs and professional type people. Other network marketers, realtors, business owners, and people you know would like to earn money independently.
Just simply calling them up and asking them if they are open to a side project if it doesn’t interfere with what they are currently doing, is all it really takes to hit your numbers.
What you begin to realize is, each day you make these calls, you begin coming across people you can actually have a conversation, and find a lot in common with. These are the ones who most likely will be joining you. All the others, were just the numbers.

But, working the numbers and talking to new people everyday is a must to become good at MLM sponsoring. Just like anything else, MLM sponsoring seems harder than it actually is.
Make it simple by letting the tools in your company do the work for you. Sending the people who are open that you meet, to view the presentation.

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Use A Source Of Paid Advertisingmlm sponsoring

For a little bonus tip, and a very important part of being successful with MLM sponsoring, is to use a form of paid advertising.
Don’t worry if you will lose money in the beginning, because most likely you will.
But losing money to learn the trade of that form of paid advertising is one of the greatest investments you’ll make in your business.

Work on getting one paid advertising source to become profitable. Don’t try another until you’ve got the first paid ads at least breaking even or close before moving to another.
If you become good at any form of paid advertising where you make more than you put in almost every time, you will certainly be a MLM sponsoring machine.
But you have to work the bugs out in your paid advertising, to get good at. The biggest mistake many network marketers make is they test out forms of advertising and never fully commit to making them work. This causes them to spend money on this and that, and never get a result from any of them.

Don’t let the fear of losing a little money, or being someone unwilling to invest in their business, stop you. It has risks, but the entire business model has risks as well.
If you are determined to make something work, you will find a way. Take paid advertising one step at a time until you master it. Then you can continue to add new sources to your business and build an empire much faster.

How To Simplify MLM Sponsoring And Build A Team Faster Overview

If you follow the steps and ideas in this blog post, you will become more able to sponsor people in your MLM business. There are actually 3 topics in this post to help you with MLM sponsoring.
Look at a person’s needs and create leads from that. Don’t ever try to build using hype, it will turn more people off.
Work your numbers for business partners. If you aim to contact 10-20 a day, you will see a team very quickly.
Last, put some type of paid advertising into your plan. This can help get more people to contact, and find people who may find your product to be a solution to their needs.

Did This Help?

If you got some value from this, please leave a comment below and let me know! I look forward to hearing your thoughts!
Also, be sure to share this with your team or anyone you know that could use the help with MLM sponsoring.

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Jaye Carden
Jaye Carden

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    4 replies to "How To Simplify MLM Sponsoring And Build A Team Faster"

    • Dennis Thorgesen

      Every person in the world has a problem. Find the problem and give them a solution you have just done business. The problem seems to be that MLM training doesn’t go into what really works. Building relationships works and has been working for me for 42 years. It is like Jaye says, “What you begin to realize is, each day you make these calls, you begin coming across people you can actually have a conversation, and find a lot in common with.” It helps if you show you truly care about the people you meet. The conversations turn it from “making a sale” to “fulfilling a need.” When you fill a need you have found a buyer, not made a sale.

      • Jaye Carden

        Well said Dennis. I’m very glad you came by. Hope you enjoyed it a lot!

    • George Pierce

      Thank you for so much help and information. Your bit of advice about not being afraid to lose money on paid advertising is perfect. It is the best education. Working on one paid source until it is profitable makes good sense. Great advice and tips, much appreciated, Jaye.

      • Jaye Carden

        Glad it helped George! Look forward to seeing you again!

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