Social Media Tip: The Hastag

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Are you using the hashtag in your social media marketing? If not, you may want to read this content and consider using it. This social media tip will focus on the hashtag, the importance of it, and the type of results that are possible when you know how to use hashtags inside of your social media marketing.

What Is The Hashtag?


The hastag was created by Twitter, but now is in almost every social media website. So I want to dive into what the hastag is, and explain the benefits of using it when you build a network marketing, or any type of business using social media.

The hastag is basically the pound symbol, number symbol, and looks like #. If you place this in front of any word such as #example, then it automatically makes your hastag word more easy to find by people searching the social media website for #example.

If you use hashtags properly, they can increase your lead generation by up to 300%, or so I have seen in my own marketing results. This is very much worth hashtagging the right words in your social media posting.

What Should I Hashtag?

I will give examples from a network marketer base, since most of my readers are in network marketing. These are just examples, to give you an idea of what you should use as a hashtag in your own content.

If I were wanting people to see my Tweet, Facebook Status Update, or even Google+ post about my company’s new product in skin care, I would would hashtag both the company name, and the name of the new product. This way if someone on any of the sites were to go looking for information on this new product or the company, they will be much more likely to see your post about it.

On Twitter, if you were to make a tweet that promotes a new training for network marketers, perhaps your tweet could be “Learn the power of using the #hashtag in your #mlm business http://example #networkmarketing #homebusiness”

I use a few extra hashtags in this Tweet, but what I realize on Twitter is, the more you can use that are related to the content of the tweet, the better.

However, that is not always the case on Facebook and Google+. Using too many hastags there could come off as spam, or unattractive. Use about 2 to 3 hashtags on these two websites, and you will be okay.

 The Power Of Using Hashtags


Using hashtags are extremely useful for people who do not have the funds to use social media paid advertising. It is free to use a hashtag, and the more you practice with them, the better you will get with them.

Once I began getting serious with hashtags, I realized my followers increased, my tweets were getting re-tweeted and discovered by a lot more people, and my content was bringing in more new leads everyday. This is why you want to use hastags, when you are tweeting, or posting on other social networks.

This social media tip I am sharing with you, may be one that will really change the outcome for your posts and tweets. If you are promoting a new piece of content you wrote, or a webinar you want to increase attendance on, be sure to use hashtags related to the material. This will bring your post to the attention of those who are searching for what you have.

How Do I Learn More On Social Media Tips And Marketing?

It’s as simple as using the form above on the top right of this page. Be sure to sign up for my free gifts, daily tips, and weekly mastermind training where you will get more information and knowledge of social media tips, network marketing secrets, and all types of advertising ideas that will help you increase your results.

Be sure to comment and share this material with other network marketers. Feel free to send it to your team, and help them learn to get results using this social media tip.

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Social Media Marketing Tips

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There are many tips you can find on what to do for social media marketing tips. But what you may realize is there isn’t as many sources that tell us what not to do in social media marketing tips. So today’s message I want to discuss a major mistake I seen a new Linkedin connection make, and how you can prevent this from happening to you.

social media marketing tips


When you are connecting with new contacts throughout soical media, we know we should never message them with a pitch for our opportunities. There needs to be a relationship built first. I know we all get pitched everyday by several people if we are making enough connections on a daily basis.

Personally I like to message every person I connect with on Linkedin to say hello, and introduce myself. I don’t pitch my business in any way. But, today a person I’ll name Mr.X had sent me a request to connect. So as usual I send him a message to introduce myself and ask him how he is doing. What happened is rather odd, and a major mistake for Mr.X

Watch The Video To Hear What Happens

As you see, Mr.X has already shut the window to building relationships with everyone. I know that getting pitched can be annoying, but by telling others to not message him UNLESS they are interested in joining his business, is like pitching itself. So this social media marketing tip is important. Don’t close the window on others to contact you unless they want to join. Mr.X is loosing several people he could connect with and gain their trust.

Also, let’s add another social media marketing tip to this, don’t bash others products, services, and companies. In social media marketing tips we are told to attract others to us. If I told you that you aren’t as good, or I had to pretend this company I am with is better than all others combined, would you call that attracting people?

If you are curious to who it was, or what company he represented, I can’t say this because I do not wish to harm him, or the others in his company. But I did research this company and they have been loosing sales by over half from the year before, and had a major fallout in business. So others will see your company you work for, and will know if you tell the truth about your company. Let that be more social media marketing tips, don’t lie about your comapany’s progress.


Did you get  value, or enjoy today’s message? If so please comment below and share on your favorite social media site. Make sure your team knows this message so they as well don’t make these same social media mistakes.

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Marketing Through Social Media: IBOToolbox Secrets

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Are you looking to begin marketing through social media, or looking for a social media for marketing? Are you wanting to find a social media for marketing that is truly made for marketing, and network marketing?

I want to introduce to you a website that may be just what you need. If you want to make more of marketing through social media then this will be perfect for you. I will explain a few of the benefits this network marketing social media can do, and what it can mean for your marketing business.

It is called IBOToolbox and you must join through invite.

Read below for how IBOToolbox can increase your results while marketing through social media:

social media and marketing

1. Membership is free, always. It is a social media platform, made for network marketers, MLM, affiliate marketers, and any type business owner.

2. Great for backlinks, and getting more traffic to your offers and business.

3. Advertising with text ads, and banner ads are 100% free.

4. IBOToolbox has an average of 250,000 visitors a day, and 9 out of every 10 of the visitors are non-members, opening up a new market for you.

5. The apps and tools are great for list building.

6. You can gain massive exposure for your brand through using IBOToolbox the right way. Being a steady and regular member will bring good results.

IBOToolbox operates like all social media websites when it comes to marketing. By commenting, sharing, and liking others material, you will see others always sharing yours as well. This can give you massive exposure with other marketers sharing your blogs on Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Marketing through social media is an important step for all businesses. When using IBOToolbox, it isn’t just the increase of exposure through the platform that makes this a social media marketing giant, but the exposure you will get through all of the social websites across the web from it.



Do not treat it like a place to only pitch your business. It may be allowed to pitch your business in your articles, and posts, but it will not get the likes, comments, and shares as good information will.

Do not automate your IBOToolbox account. This will be known by the administration and your account will be suspended.

Do not mass message other members trying to recruit them into your business. Similiar to the first tip, this is not good for marketing through social media on any platform.

In this social media marketing platform, you will be able to earn stars for activity. There are 6 stars you can earn. So when you are a member be sure you focus on getting all 6 as fast as you can. It shows authority and seriousness to others.

There are 4 trophies to earn as well. Be sure to try and achieve these. Only 10 members can have the same trophy, but the same member can have all 4 if the member is in the top 10 accounts of all the areas which are rewarded.

Marketing through social media is important. Social media marketing is made easy using IBOToolbox.

Create your free account now by CLICKING HERE

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