Network Marketing VS Job

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Here it is! The question that may go through people’s mind that has them puzzled as to what they should chose to do in life. Should I begin a network marketing opportunity? Or should I just work a job? So if your mind is questioning this, read on. I have created this “Network Marketing vs Job” so we can take the benefits of each, and see who comes out with the win!

Watch first: “Network Marketing VS Job”

I am going to break it down in an easy to read and understand article on “Network Marketing VS Job”


  • Almost positive to have money at the end of the pay period
  • Possible to earn more, after time spent with the profession or company
  • Possible in some jobs to get benefits such as insurance
  • Possible to have weekends off, and set to work no more than 40 hours a week


  • If you make a mistake, you can be fired
  • You only make money if the company survives
  • You have to do as told by your boss
  • You are paid a low wage for hourly pay
  • On salary pay you could be overworked on purpose
  • You must wait for someone to either be fired, quit, or die to have a chance of moving up
  • You are part of a pyramid scheme, where those on top of company are making money, while you are at the bottom getting the scraps
  • You get paid the same as a person who you work harder than
  • Most people earn just enough to get by until the next paycheck
  • You may be relocated to live where the company sees fit

So, now let’s take a look at network marketing and see how it can hold up to a job in “Network Marketing VS Job”



Network Marketing:

  • Can move to the top of a company if you attain better results or work harder
  • You can earn as much as you wish to if you work and earn it
  • You can work when you please, and take off when you want
  • You have no boss, and work when, where, and how you wish
  • You get better tax breaks in most countries
  • You can live a better life, not from paycheck to paycheck
  • In most opportunities you will be rewarded with a car or home
  • Free Vacations
  • You can retire at an early age
  • You are paid residual income (getting paid over and over for what you done years ago)
  • You earn from other people’s work as well as your own
  • You get benefits from using your company’s products and/or services
  • You enjoy your time spent working
  • You are part of the company, not just an employee
  • You can work and live from anywhere you wish


  • Takes time to build up enough cash to live on (depends on the person’s efforts)
  • Takes a small investment to begin in most cases
  • You have to hear negative people say stupid things they don’t understand about your choice of living
  • You realize that you should of began sooner
  • You may miss your last job?

Even though some of these statements may sound like a joke, they are real. When you break down the ups and downs of either working a job, or starting a network marketing opportunity, it almost seems unreal that many people still have a hard time understanding that they too can build a great life.

If you have got some great tips to share with others about your network marketing opportunity, please comment below and share on your favorite social platform.

If you are looking for another way to live, or perhaps a better life for you and your family, I highly recommend you look into network marketing. When you compare the ups and downs of them both like in “Network Marketing vs Job”, you will see there is really no excuse to not give it a try.
Contact me at here on my website by commenting, and I will be happy to share ways to begin building for your future. You don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck any longer.

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Warm Market Tips: 7 Tips For Better Results

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Do you have a fear of talking to the people you know about your business? Or perhaps you feel like your warm market is not a good quality of people for what you do? There are many reasons we should talk to our warm market about our business, but there is a smarter way of doing this. Here I will explain some warm market tips that can help you get more from those you know best.

Watch “Warm Market Tips: 7 Tips For Better Results”


Warm Market Tips 1: Care Less

Of course this doesn’t mean to “not care” about your business. But you don’t want your prospect to know you do. Come off to your prospect as if their participation is not a win or lose for you. The idea that you don’t have to have them is what may intrigue more people’s interest into what you have.

Warm Market Tips #2: Be In A Hurry



Don’t over explain to your best friend. Warm market is the easiest in most cases to use this tip. By being in a hurry you will not be able to tell them much about the project. Instead, you can meet up or visit them to present them the presentation you feel is best for them.

Warm Market Tips #3: Never Talk About It

Of course, once again this doesn’t mean to never mention your opportunity to your warm market, but don’t be the person your warm market runs from when they see you coming. Being short and sweet in the first mention is key, and then drop it. Let them come around to ask how it’s going. It is wise to keep your answer sweet like you assume they are not interested, and simply reply “I love it” or “I’m really excited about it”. Good way to get them asking more about your business, and opening a door for you.

Warm Market Tips #4: Get A Result From Your Product

This is where your network marketing company was right. Be a product of the product. Of course in some opportunities this isn’t quite so easy, but you should always be using the products in front of people, and making it possible for those who know you, to see you have had a great result from the product. This can lead to customers only, and possible some warm market who decide they would now like to try building a business with you.

Warm Market Tips #5: “No” Means “Not Now”



You will hear the word “No” more than “Yes” in network marketing. This goes for cold market as well. But with warm market, don’t feel like you should quit your business because no one you know wanted to join you. There will come a time when it will be a good idea to ask again. But when you do, remember the warm market tips above.

Warm Market Tips #6: Contact Your List Quickly

When you approach your warm market list, be sure you contact them all as fast as possible. You will want to get some results and business quickly, and warm market can be tough for many. You need to move to cold market quickly, because they do not know your past. Remember, warm market does know you, and your past mistakes and failures. Cold market will assume you are successful if approached correctly. Once you have a few people in your business through cold market, and there is income coming in, more of your warm market is likely to now consider it.

Warm Market Tips #7: Create A New Warm Market



Warm market is simply people you already know. If you have a bad and negative thinking warm market, remember you created that (except for family). Begin meeting new people, those you know will be positive minded. Build relationships with others inside of the public, or successful type people. The more people you build a good relationship with, the larger the warm market. Stop hanging around anyone who is negative, or insults you for your business. That is not healthy for you, so lose the bad for business people, and begin choosing more positive thinking people to build a relationship with.


Did you get value from this? If so, please comment below your thoughts, or any other warm market tips you may have. Also be sure to pass this to your team so they can use this, and share on your favorite social media website.

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How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website

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Are you realizing that your website can’t bring you any sales because no on is looking at it? If this is the case, and you can’t manage to pay for traffic, then read on and watch the full length webinar training on how to get free traffic to your website.

Getting traffic to your website is very important to learn. If you can’t get a flow of new eyes seeing your website or offer, then you won’t make anything in internet marketing. Watch the webinar training below on how I drive free traffic to my own website, and use these strategies for your own

As you see backlinking is important for SEO purposes. When you have your website ranking in searches, your traffic is free. Plus this is targeted traffic, since they came looking for what you have. here are the best tools for backlinking if you want to increase your SEO presence.

Learn SEO from the Best. This course will teach you how to rank with SEO and help you begin ranking your websites:


Backlinking tools:

Annual payment, get lots of backlinks: SOCIAL MONKEE

Here is the best product to rank your websites. You can pick 5 to 25 URLs you own, to compete online on the search engines using this automatic service.  Highly recommended:


You can find websites on my page that will let you trade visits like mentioned in the webinar.

Generating traffic for free is a task that will take time, but is well worth the effort. Blogging is very important when generating free traffic, so if you have not created a blog as of yet, it may be wise to consider.

You should use your blog as your hub, or a source to direct traffic to your hub. Always use value on your posts, such as the webinar above, and give people a reason to want to visit. You can also visit and comment on other bloggers posts, and they will return the favor often, thus helping you to get higher engagement for the search engines to see.

Be sure you have watched “How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website” webinar above to have a better understanding on how to get free traffic to your website. Feel free to contact me if you need assistance or help.

If you got value from this training, please leave a comment below. Feel free to pass this webinar on to any of your team, so they can learn as well.

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How To Increase Network Marketing Leads

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Are you running low on your network marketing leads? Or do you now realize you don’t have enough network marketing leads to achieve the goals you have? Stop stressing about this, because I am going to explain the same way I have, and you too can increase network marketing leads for your business.

First rule on how to increase network marketing leads is to lead with value. If you have followed me for long enough, you are aware that leading with value is key. If you haven’t followed me yet, be sure to sign up with the form above so you can keep up with the daily tips and receive gifts.

Value is the key to increasing leads for a network marketing business, but how do you create value?



Same as I am doing now. As you learn how to do things in your network marketing business such as lead generation, blogging, videos, or anything of value, you share it with others. Those who are new or need this information, will become followers and help you increase your network marketing leads. Simple enough?

So the key to creating more value is to be someone who is always open to learning. Following my website is just one way of learning network marketing and lead generation, but using systems such as My Lead System Pro is a huge way to increase network marketing leads, and learn lots of value to share with others.

How this system works is by teaching you how to increase your exposure, so more people will find you. It teaches you what NOT to do as well so you don’t drive your leads away. The wise choice for any network marketing business owner, is to use MLSP in any or all of their network marketing businesses.



Be sure you pick a network marketing lead generation strategy, and master it. Chose what you think you would be best at, such as blogging, video, SEO, or paid advertising. Do not just try a little of each lead generation strategy, just stick to one until it will generate you 5 to 10 new leads a day.

You can find lots of network marketer leads by giving away valuable trainings that they would need for their own success. In exchange for the information, they give you their contact information. Using a capture page and funnel is the best way to not only increase network marketing leads, but to get auto-sales and signups into affiliate programs.


So find your strategy, and begin working at it daily. Consistency is absolutely important in any strategy, so do not sway from your course. Doing a strategy for a short time will not lead to any results, so stay focused and continue the strategy so it can gain momentum and begin building you network marketing leads.

Did this help open your eyes on how to increase network marketing leads? If so, please leave a comment and share on your favorite social media website.

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So you have a home business, perhaps a network marketing opportunity or affiliate website, and you need traffic. Well one option that works well is using a Google blog known as Blogspot or Blogger, which is one that I personally have discovered great benefits from. In this article I am going to show you how to use a Google blog to drive massive traffic to any home business or website you wish.

Many bloggers choose not to use a Google blog for many different reasons. Some of these reasons are it’s free (so you don’t own it) and it carries in the URL after your domain name. However you can purchase a domain name to have it more of a professional style domain, but if Google doesn’t like how you are blogging, they can still shut you down (it’s free remember?)

But, for me I use it to drive traffic to other sources I have for my home business. So I do not carry a paid domain name for my Google blog, like I do for this website.


Since Blogger, or Blogspot, is a Google blog, it will be favored by Google in ways. I would write content (and still do) on my Google blog quite often, and began ranking the content in Google search engines. So with a little education in keyword research, you can begin ranking a Google blog in Google search engines very fast compared to what your official website could do. Having the Google blog direct to your website, will increase traffic coming from the Google blog.

One of the greatest benefits I have discovered from using a Google blog, is you can create different styles of blogs inside of your Blogger account. You do not want to create a blog and write on many different topics, so make a separate blog altogether if you have something else to blog on other than your main niche. Keep each blog to it’s own niche for better ranking purposes.

Once you have a Google blog that ranks well and is respected by Google, you can create another blog using the same Blogger account, and it will be ranking even quicker than your first did (assuming you stick to keyword research). Once you see your Google blog is getting traffic from Google search engines, you will find your new niche and blog will too. This will not work if you create a new Blogger account, so just make a new blog in the same account.

Another great benefit to using a Google blog, is you can add a capture form to your page. Once traffic is coming in from the searches, you can add a form from your autoresponder (I use AWeber, it’s the best) and begin building a list for your home business. Blogger has many features to build a great blog, and the ease of ranking with the right keyword research gives you a massive benefit.

Last benefit of using a Google blog is you can add other blogs, and switch links with them. This in return will point several backlinks back to you helping you increase traffic and backlinks for better search rankings.

Always be sure to use Google+ social website to help increase traffic back to your Google blog. Most cases, using a Google blog along with Google+ creates your posts from Google+ to rank extremely well. Anyone who has you in their circles on Google+, will surely see your content on first page of their search results (assuming you used good keyword research).

Bottom line, when many home business owners tell me they would not use a Google blog, they would use a paid platform, I would have to agree, but disagree. I use a paid platform you are reading on now, but my main source of traffic is from the Google blog, and it gives this website better rankings because I will link back from my Google blog to this link. You can’t go wrong with using more sources to build your home business.

Be sure to comment below and share this information with your team members or on your favorite social website.

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