MLM Success Tips: The Right Way To Build

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Are you new to MLM or Network Marketing and want to know how to build your business? Or are you just needing some tips to help you understand how to create success in the MLM industry? With these MLM success tips, you will discover some of the most key points to building a MLM or Network Marketing business successfully.

MLM Success Tips: The Right Way To Build was written for you to have a better understanding as a whole, in what you must either learn, or practice from the start. These aren’t tips on how to make these strategies better, but the basics in which to build.

MLM Success Tips #1: Brand Yourself.                                                         MLM-success-tips

The key is for you to become the brand. Not the company that you are promoting. Do not tie your name into a company for many reasons. What if the company develops a bad reputation down the road? Would you want to be remembered for being that company? Or remembered as someone who worked in it, had massive success, and has moved on to become the fastest top earner in another company? It is important, to always brand yourself.

MLM Success Tips #2: Be Professional

Like I mention in the video, I see this mistake too much. Young entrepreneurs tweeting filthy tweets, or other entrepreneurs using Facebook to hunt prospects while leaving pictures of their “not so professional” lives for prospects to see. Always keep a professional image. Use better pictures, logos, and keep a professional image when branding yourself, or marketing.

MLM Success Tips #3: Develop Great Mindset

You need to work daily on becoming better and more positive with your thinking. Mistakes can work one of two ways. For a negative thinker it is what causes him to become frustrated and quit. To a positive thinker he uses it to learn to become better. Practice staying positive, and this can truly benefit your business.

MLM Success Tips #4: Lead Generation

Learn to generate your own leads. You will see a much higher quality this way. When you buy leads from a lead company you will be just another person looking for money to your prospect. But when a prospect comes to you asking directly, you become the problem solver. Higher ratios, better quality. Learn several ways to master lead generation at My Lead System Pro

MLM Success Tips #5: Learn To Recruit

Here is the answer to building a huge MLM or Network Marketing business. Having more people working with you to help build. But this is also the part that most people either fear, or do not believe they can do well. But going back to the first tips in this post, brand yourself, become professional, and use mindset, this will become natural before too long. You can also learn to become a master at recruiting by enrolling with My Lead System Pro                                 mlm-success-tips

These 5 MLM Success Tips will help you to build a MLM business the right way. So many make mistakes when they get started, so if you are new, you know now how to avoid those same mistakes. Do not ruin your name by spamming Facebook with your links to your opportunity. It hasn’t worked well yet, and it’s not going to.

Be sure to enroll in the My Lead System Pro to learn more on how to become a better recruiter, lead generation strategies, mindset, and much more. This program will surround you with better marketers, and put you in with the best. That is one last tip to add, surround yourself with successful people, and it will rub off onto you!

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Social Network Marketing: How To Create Engagement

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Are you struggling to get others to share your post on social media sites? Do you need to grow a large following to promote your business too? Learn how to create posts that will get you more exposure with shares, comments, likes, re-tweets, and more by simply following a few tips.

First thing to know, is not to be a spammer. Many new marketers don’t realize how much they turn others away by spamming.

This is why I will describe a social media post in either of two terms:

1. Active Posts

2. Passive Posts

Active posts are the types in which you create curiosity among the readers. This is simply where you have them curious as to what you are posting about. It will get a much higher amount of views and clicks, than a passive post.

Passive posts are where you basically spam your readers. You create ressistance and the reader just keeps scrolling down to something they want to see. Big mistake by so many marketers is trying to “Hype” their products and opportunities.

Always be sure to use social posts, or tweets, that will create a curiosity among your readers. This is the first steps in gaining more engagement to your posts.

Here are just a few other tips to help with engagement:



  • Ask a question. Asking questions is a great way to capture a target audience. Ask a question that would be directed towards your customer in mind. This works well most of the time


  • Engage with others. By sharing others content and commenting on others material, this will help increase your engagement as well. If you aren’t sharing, re-tweeting, liking, and commenting on someone else’s material, they more than likely will not do it with yours. It’s called “Social Media” for a reason, so get social.


  • Another tip to always keep in mind, is to be sure when you are posting, you are not posting what it is you want you readers to do. Instead, post something that you know they will want, and it is special to them. This can help you a lot in more than just social media, and should be considered in all your content as well.



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Starting an MLM: Gaining Credibility

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Starting an MLM business? Do you need credibilty before others will take you serious? Here is how to gain credibilty so others will take you serious and join you in your MLM business.


It’s always the same thought that goes through all new MLM business owners. First when they see the presentation it’s all about the ideas they have to make it work, and they believe it. Then when they get going, it’s “How do I get credibilty if no one will join me til I have it?” So how do you break the wall that holds you back?

First off, you more than likely approached the people you know well and are comfortable talking about your new business. That is just fine, but you more than likely noticed, they want to either wait and see if you will make money first, or they tell you it’s not going to work out for you. I know how frustrating it is, and how quickly many throw in the towel at this point. But you won’t have to after you learn a few things.

When starting an MLM business, you need to gain credibility by working what is called “cold market”. These are people you do not know, and they will not hold the prejudice thoughts against you like the ones you do know.

I began by researching other people who had been involved in MLM businesses in the past, and reached out to these people. I stayed consistent, and dialed them daily. I had over 100 names and numbers, along with emails. Out of over 100, I spoke to about half of them. And out of the 50 or so, I recruited 24 in 3 weeks. What this did was cause my warm market to become interested, and it began the effect of one to two new MLM recruits a day.

You do not have to use the google search technique I shared. But for sure when starting an MLM business, cold market is much easier. It may seem scary at first, but it works. The difference is almost seen immediately. They will not know your background or the fact that you are new. They will mostly assume without even asking, that you make a lot of money already. Most of mine did!

You need to learn lead generation, and there are several ways to do so. I highly reccommend MLSP as a source to use effective tools and education for lead generation. You can see the banner on the right of the website to get started. This is where most top earners, learn to break the wall and gain credibility in starting an MLM business. You can refer to other blogs I have posted for more ideas on lead generation and begin prospecting “cold market”.

Do not spend your time looking for those who are simply not interested. This is a mistake many make when starting an MLM business. You need to learn lead generation and use what is called “attraction marketing”. Learn more on “attraction marketing” on MLSP as well.

Here is one last example of why when starting an MLM business you need to generate leads and approach cold market. Keep in mind when you make a lead for yourself, this person has shown to you an interest for what you have. It also will make you the authority figure, even if it is your first lead. Remember your prospect has no idea on how many leads you have got in the past, so to that person, you will seem big.

Please comment and share if you have got value. I hope this will open your eyes to where you need to go with your MLM business. Refer to MLSP and learn attraction marketing, and use their tools. They are the most powerful in the market, and will make you look like you have all the credibility in the world when your cold market prospect sees your pages.

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Network Marketing Lead Generation

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Network marketing lead generation is way more simple than people may think when they are new to network marketing. Generating your own leads takes only a few tips, and then massive action.

So I explain in this video some great tips for network marketing lead generation. Mostly free ways, and low cost.

Remember that these tips take massive action to see a result with network marketing lead generation. Be sure you take one method, and become a master at this method of choice. When you have developed the method properly, and are seeing about 10 leads a day from this method, consider using another one.

Each network marketing lead generation method will become more productive in less time as you learn more about it. For instance blogging takes time to build lead generation from, and in the beginning can take time learning the layout, and how to build the site. Once you have mastered it, it is just a matter of time before you can just throw the content up, and you know how to quickly set it up and publish it.

Here are the network marketing lead generation tips I use in the Spreecast. Please watch the video to get more details on the methods I teach.

1. Rat Droppings

2. Blogging

3. Video

4. Card Grabs

5. Resume Database Research

6. Social Media Strategies

7. Prospecting Strangers

8. Spreecasts

9. SEO

10. PPC

11. Solo Ads

12. Webinars

There are at least a dozen network marketing lead generation methods I touch on, and all 12 are very powerful when used properly. If you are serious about network marketing lead generation, then I highly suggest MLSP to get the job done. I do mention it in the broadcast, and if used, will help you see great results in lead generation, recruiting, and more.

Please comment below if you got value, and be sure to put your name and email in for my free Ebook “20 ways to find leads”

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