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There are many tips you can find on what to do for social media marketing tips. But what you may realize is there isn’t as many sources that tell us what not to do in social media marketing tips. So today’s message I want to discuss a major mistake I seen a new Linkedin connection make, and how you can prevent this from happening to you.

social media marketing tips


When you are connecting with new contacts throughout soical media, we know we should never message them with a pitch for our opportunities. There needs to be a relationship built first. I know we all get pitched everyday by several people if we are making enough connections on a daily basis.

Personally I like to message every person I connect with on Linkedin to say hello, and introduce myself. I don’t pitch my business in any way. But, today a person I’ll name Mr.X had sent me a request to connect. So as usual I send him a message to introduce myself and ask him how he is doing. What happened is rather odd, and a major mistake for Mr.X

Watch The Video To Hear What Happens

As you see, Mr.X has already shut the window to building relationships with everyone. I know that getting pitched can be annoying, but by telling others to not message him UNLESS they are interested in joining his business, is like pitching itself. So this social media marketing tip is important. Don’t close the window on others to contact you unless they want to join. Mr.X is loosing several people he could connect with and gain their trust.

Also, let’s add another social media marketing tip to this, don’t bash others products, services, and companies. In social media marketing tips we are told to attract others to us. If I told you that you aren’t as good, or I had to pretend this company I am with is better than all others combined, would you call that attracting people?

If you are curious to who it was, or what company he represented, I can’t say this because I do not wish to harm him, or the others in his company. But I did research this company and they have been loosing sales by over half from the year before, and had a major fallout in business. So others will see your company you work for, and will know if you tell the truth about your company. Let that be more social media marketing tips, don’t lie about your comapany’s progress.


Did you get  value, or enjoy today’s message? If so please comment below and share on your favorite social media site. Make sure your team knows this message so they as well don’t make these same social media mistakes.

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6 thoughts on “Social Media Marketing Tips

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  2. What Mr. X did is scream from the top of his lungs ” Don’t join my company” with his message. I consider it to be a total turn off. He has a lot to learn. Thanks Jaye. Very valuable advise.
    I made this mistake once at the very beginning when I first began to familiarize with social media.Thankfully it was done in only one group ,and then the lesson came that it was the most inappropriate approach to introduce a business. It is great advise you are giving and very much appreciated. People who did not know before, now they will!

    • Thanks Lillian, you are right. But we all make mistakes and sometimes stubborness, or trying to one up the other, is the knife in our backs for our business. And we stick it in ourselves!

  3. Your so right Jaye this not the way to connect with any one other than yourself and only your self. Hope he was not train this way.

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