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advantages of having a network marketing business

If you are looking into starting a network marketing business, or are looking for more ways to make your current business more profitable, these 7 advantages listed will help you to either better understand the business model or help you to increase your revenue in it. Today we are going to look at the 7 advantages of having a network marketing business and break down each advantage or benefit in detail.

Advantage #1: The Company

The network marketing company itself is the primary source of income, and is the business you focus mostly on building. It starts out as your first source of income, and becomes your largest in most cases.
Many people join network marketing opportunities because of the low investment and over-head costs of operating. A Network marketing business can generate profits just as large, and in some cases even more, than a business model that takes hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to invest in. Network marketing also offers the ability to be profitable at a much faster rate, and does not need employees to maintain. There are several advantages to owning a network marketing business over other types of businesses.

Advantage #2: The Affiliate Products

Once you have started your network marketing business, you will need ways to build it. This is where online systems, such as lead generation systems, come in handy.
The systems either give you leads to work and stay busy, or they offer the tools for you to find your own leads. Either way, they are both useful and have more advantages than just helping you increase your income in your primary network marketing business.
You can also receive affiliate commissions from referring other marketers to the systems. As you prospect and meet others involved in the industry, you find there are many who need tools and help. Offering these systems to a person who otherwise would be of no benefit to your business, is a benefit of itself. You also have the ability to introduce new team members to the affiliate systems for their own benefits and duplication.

Here are the 2 most used MLM systems for leads and affiliate commissions:

MLM Recruit On Demand - gives leads for life after you purchase the system, great for direct prospecting and commissions

MLSP - Offers tools for branding and lead generation with affiliate products and high commissions

Advantage #3: The Tools & Services

Similar to affiliate commissions and systems, there are several tools and websites that will pay you commissions for referrals. When you are using websites and tools useful for building a network marketing business, you can refer others to the tools for their benefit.
The most used resources in this industry are tools and websites that are low cost and often free. Even free tools bring much benefit and can help a person get their network marketing business moving.

Social Media For Network Marketers, Free Adverting Sources: MLMGateway - IBOtoolbox

Advantage #4: The Ad Revenue

When you begin building a network marketing business, it is wise to create content online. This will offer advertising for free and will stay online forever. Since you use the content to attract others into the business you have, you can also use the content to generate revenue through advertising other businesses.
Youtube will allow you to monetize your videos, in which little ads are displayed before or during your videos. Each time an ad is shown, you will receive a small incentive. If you are going to put lots of content up, you will be amazed at how fast the revenue will build up as your views begin to increase.
If you are blogging like you see here, you can ad the “LeadsLeap Widget” to your blog. This will keep ads similar to the network marketing industry showing on your blog, and will pay weekly revenue shares for the amount of clicks it gets, and the amount of time the visitor views the ads. A very nice way to generate yet another source of income on top of what you already will begin to earn.

Tools, Traffic, Revenue Sharing & More: LeadsLeap

the advantages of having a network marketing businessAdvantage #5: The List

Here is an advantage to having a network marketing business that can pay you more and more as time increases. Every network marketer should be focused on building their list, for the purposes of building their team and selling affiliate products.
On average, one lead on your list is equal to about $1 per month. So as you build your list and watch your network marketing business grow, you also see an increase in extra revenues from the list.
Your list is most beneficial to you as you never know what will happen to your primary business regarding the company. For some people, they build huge teams in companies, and the company closes down. If they did not have a list, they have to start back from scratch versus someone who built their list has a quick team ready to go in a new company.
If you are not building a list, now is the time to start. Your list is the first tool to get in a network marketing business and the only tool you never can do business without.

Build Your List With The #1 AR: AWeber

Advantage #6: The Skills

The skills you learn from building a network marketing business are truly priceless. From learning business in general, to the connections you create, to the doors of opportunities you will open. Many people in network marketing go past just network marketing and begin coaching clients, speaking on stages, and investing in all types of opportunity.
No other industry or business has the ability for a low income or struggling person to get involved in, and go to the top of the world. With an easy to invest price tag of network marketing, the skills you take with you are usually what set you up for life.

Advantage #7: The Incomethe benefits of having a network marketing business

Of course, the income from all these types of revenue streams is an advantage itself. If you were to only work a few years in network marketing, you could be living on a lifestyle of income greater than what most people will ever see. Many network marketers will make from their primary business more in one month than most see in one year. Some have even made in a few days what they use to work over 10 years to earn.
If generating large amounts of income is what you would like to do, then the network marketing business model is the place where you may want to start. The risk really depends on the effort you are willing to put into it, and the time you spend learning to build like the top earners. With a large amount of people joining the industry on a daily basis, you will see many who join you drop out after just a couple months. It is just like all other things, most people lose interest once the first challenge appears. But, it only takes a few people on your team to stick it out and build, to achieve a nice income.

Are You Involved In Network Marketing?

If you ARE NOT involved in a company, and are searching for a business model that offers many paths to build from, then I recommend you take a look at a new kind of network marketing business. The internet has changed many things, and using the internet to build a network marketing business has been very effective for many people.
Simply watch the video using the link below, and you will have a free position in our company. Anyone who becomes an affiliate after you watch the video (regardless if you do or not) can be your business partner or customer allowing you to earn from them. This may be the most powerful system for network marketing the industry has seen yet:

Watch The Free Video Here

If you are already involved in a company and are happy where you are, congratulations!
If you would like leads for life, and a way to stay busy working prospects and signing up new people, I recommend you take a look at what this MLM lead system can and will do for your business

Yes, I Want Leads Forever!

P.S Be sure to leave a comment below if this has really opened your eyes up, and feel free to share it also! Don’t forget to grab your free pdf “20 Ways To Get Leads” and free invites to private mastermind weekly training webinars with top earners and experts!


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    • Todd Treharne

      Great pros for having a network marketing business Jaye! Another HUGE reward is who we become in the process of building our business! As you mentioned in #6- skills are an invaluable asset and a nice bonus to the process! We can use them in what ever venture we dare to dream!
      Thanks for the awesome bonus of 20 ways to get leads!

      • Jaye Carden

        Thanks Todd! I appreciate you coming by again! Much success to you!

    • Rodney Brazier

      There’s never an ounce of doubt that you’re going to deliver great content Jaye. I tweeted this for more people to enjoy the content.

      • Jaye Carden

        Awesome, thanks Rodney. I hope you get a lot from it!

    • JoAnne Mbonigaba

      Hi Jaye, Great job on your blogs, I love how you incorporate the video. It’s so true that there are several benefits to investing in a passive income stream and also so many ways to do it. They key is to focus on working towards a state that you work on the business and not in it. Congratulations on your continued success.

      • Jaye Carden

        Thanks JoAnne, it’s always great to see and hear from you again!

    • gilbert minoza

      thank you..sir jaye carden i have learned more..

    • Tessy S M

      Brilliant article Jaye, these are very useful directions for succeeding in an affiliate marketing business. Thank you for sharing.

      In network (multilevel) marketing biz, I feel the sponsor (upline) also must be an active leader for better success…!

      • Jaye Carden

        Thanks for coming by Tessy! A strong upline or sponsor certainly helps, and they should always be leading by example!

    • Kapil Garg

      Thanks for sharing this beautiful article Jaye.

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