How To Deal With Fear: Phone Fear

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If you are involved in network marketing, I know you have felt this fear. It’s possibly the fear of the unknown? Or perhaps the fear of someone rejecting you or getting ugly towards you? But to wrap it all up, it’s the fear of the phone! Phone fear! Today I talk on “How To Deal With Fear“, especially the network marketer’s nightmare “Phone Fear“.

The truth is, if you aren’t using the phone to reach out to new prospects everyday, you will not have much success in this industry. A network marketer needs to be on the phone always, reaching out to new prospects. Once I realized I had no other choice, I knew I had to learn how to deal with fear and make these calls. Here is what may help you:


1.  Prospects may get ugly from time to time, they may tell you to stop calling. However, it’s not personal nor does it reflect on you as a person. It’s business, and you have to do it, so don’t take it personally.

2. Each time you call a prospect, start with a new slate. Never assume that the next prospect will be a bad call. You will find a good prospect everyday if you make enough calls.


3. The phone fear keeps you from success. Focus more on where you are going and less on what the person on the phone thinks.

4. You will need to force yourself to make the first call. The 2nd one is much easier. The 3rd even easier than the 2nd. You can defeat your entire phone fear in one day and get moving if you just simply make a few calls. It will become natural quickly.

5. Something I will do is call prospects from time to time who seems to be a fearful call. I do this to keep my fear away. I don’t even have fear calling someone in a cold call, I do it everyday.

6. More people will be glad to hear from you, or will speak to you nicely, than they will be rude. Know that very few are rude, and most days you won’t even hear from one.

Don’t be afraid of the phone when building your business. The person who makes the most calls will get the most business. Keep this in mind when you are finding excuses to not make a call. If you want to learn how to deal with fear then embrace it, accept it, and wish it more. By thinking this way, it will go away.

Keep in mind you need to have the phone for success. Don’t wait til you “Know what to say” because you will never get to that point. Every prospect is different. There will be a lot of prospects that once you get on the phone with them, they will be excited to hear from you, and make it much easier for you. Others will be the kind of person you like to speak with, and what to say will come natural, so keep that in mind.


The more calls you make, the more people you will connect with. If the prospect is not someone you would want to work with, move on and don’t worry!

If this helps you understand how to deal with fear, or helps you understand why you shouldn’t be afraid of the phone, please comment and share. let your team read this and be sure they sign up with the form above to get on mastermind trainings and duplicate more for you.


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