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In network marketing, social media can play a huge role for success. Those who use it correctly can reach levels in their companies that most will only dream of. In this article I explain how and why you need a social media marketing plan for your network marketing business.

If you look at a website such as Facebook, you see over a billion people have a profile there. Most network marketers are focused on Facebook, and do tend to forget there are other social sites that may be even better for them to start a social media marketing plan. If you can become skilled at multiple social media platforms, then that’s great. However, just being skilled at one of the many social media platform giants will be enough to make you successful.


I personally at this moment in time, am finding Linkedin to be a powerhouse for me. I know how to use it well, and make most of my business from it. What you need to do first in your social media marketing plan, is decide on the platform you will become most aggressive with.

After choosing the social platform (or website) that you know well, it is time to get to work. The one rule that works for all social media websites, is to be social. Do not get on any social media site and start posting ads as your post, and consider that a social media marketing plan. You need to be social, and focus only on speaking to people outside of a pitch, or sale.

By using non-marketing approaches on your post, tweets, or articles, you will be able to attract others to you. For instance, do you click on the posts other marketers are posting about their company’s products? Or do you tend to click on the posts that have vaulable tips, info, or something you could benefit from if you clicked it?

Give them what they want, and they will give you what you want. That is important to remember when building a social media marketing plan.

Use your content and value to attract others. They may ask you questions, follow you, connect, and so on. Be sure to always send friendly messages as your new contacts come in. If you send a message that is only a pitch for your business, many will not reply, and a few will, with “no thank you” as their reply.

I usually ask them questions they may like to answer for me. I also message so many new people each day, I always have a few people responding to me daily, and sometimes it is to ask me for help. When they reach out to you for help, then you can truely try to help them. A few of them will do business with you, buy affiliate products, and some will just take free advice.


Plan to work your social media marketing plan everyday. You need to be consistent on the websites for the social media marketing plan to take off successfully. By not logging in daily and messaging people, and posting, the power will not be much. It is the consistency of putting out daily value that works!

Best of luck in whichever social media marketing plan you choose, or website you choose. If you get value, and understand more on social media marketing, please comment below and share this with your team and on your favorite social media website.

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