How To Get Leads Fast For Network Marketing

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Do you need to find leads for your network marketing business, and need them fast? Or have you just began a network marketing business and want to get a quick start on the business? No matter the reason for needing leads now, I am going to share with you the secrets I know on how to get leads fast for network marketing.

First off, you more than likely have no strategy or lead generation method in place that will bring a steady flow of new leads day by day. So by using the advice of your upline to make a list of everyone you know, could be your first step. No one likes to call their warm market, but I truely believe you should as the very first step. The reason is because you need them to know about your business, and of course there may be some who would like to join you.

After calling the list as quickly as you can you need to begin reaching out to cold market quickly. Here are a few strategies on how to get leads fast for network marketing that I used, and still use:

1. Card Grabs- Simply put, you grab the business cards of other entrepreneurs. You see people leaving business cards out all over the place, along with posters and such. Grab a card, give them a call. See if they are open to a side project, because you already know they are open for calls, emails, and money or they wouldn’t of put their info out.


2. Use Craigslist- Of course you can place ads, and wait on someone to reply. But if you are looking for fast leads for network marketing, your best bet is to contact those who placed the ads. You can find several people who are struggling in their network marketing business who would be open to a new project.

3. Use Google- This is where I found leads fast when I began in network marketing, and it worked more than just a little. I recruited 24 reps in just 21 days by calling one distributor of another company, after another. When you are new you have not had time to build your brand, so you must go straight to the source. Look for companies who are large, or older, and you will find that many of the people who signed up with those companies are open to a newer project if they just heard about it.

4. Paid Leads- These can be tricky. Sometimes you will find a person who will join your business from buying leads, but when you are new, you may see a lot of frustration. It’s all about getting the right person with these. You need to remember, you can’t say the right thing to the wrong person, and when buying leads, you will get a lot of the wrong people. I have bought leads in my early days, and got little from it. If you have enough extra money laying around you can try this, but don’t be addicted to the outcome for sure.

5. Refferals- Always ask for referrals when prospecting. You can find some good leads by doing this. Be sure to always ask every person for a referral if they are not interested in your business. However, if the prospect shows interest, I would always ask anyway. When they mention a person or a few people, I would tell them after I grabbed the referrals info “Let’s wait on them until you are setup, then we can call them and put them with you as your enrollees.” This trick really helped a lot.


No matter how you get leads fast for network marketing, you should always be working on building lead generating strategies that have people coming to you, instead of you going to them. These techniques have you reaching out first, but if you want a fast start, you will have to do this.

You can always look into PPC (Pay Per Click) and paid advertising strategies as well to get leads fast for network marketing. If you choose to use these methods it is best you educate yourself quickly by using MLSP so you don’t make the mistakes that cost you too much.

If you have got value please comment and share below. Also be sure to share with your team members who need to know how toget leads fast for network marketing.

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2 thoughts on “How To Get Leads Fast For Network Marketing

  1. Great post and great suggestions for getting into action quickly with your MLM. I love the business card one. I haven’t tried it yet, but I know of others that have. Love it.

    Keep writing great articles! Learning a lot.

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