Sometimes Free Cost More

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Are you always looking for the next free thing to use for your business? Are you the kind to turn down every offer because it cost money, and you want a free version? You know how “free” can attract a lot of people, but is free really better than paying for something? I’ll give you a few examples of why you shouldn’t always choose free over fee.

Look at social media websites. These are great for our business, and they are free to use. But look at the latest bomb that went off on Youtube, where many network marketers channels got shutdown from massive flagging. Regardless the flagging was false, and someone was just simply trying to hurt their competitor, but none the less, Youtube has the right to shut them down.

Since Youtube was free, those effected had no say so on their channels. Youtube owned those channels. The network marketers who paid to use video service were untouched, because they paid a small fee to have a video service. That’s just one example.

Another example is with our autoresponders. There are tons of places that offer autoresponders for free. Yet I pay a small fee each month for mine. Want to know why?

sometimes free cost more

A free autoresponder usually only holds 500 emails, and that’s it. You can’t grow your list anymore unless you pay to upgrade. Then you are stuck with a list on an autoresponder that may not be that great.

Building your list is your #1 income source in network marketing. So be sure to use AWeber, which will get the most emails to your prospects inboxes, easiest to setup, and has the most features. Best part is that it costs less than $20 a month, and you will own it. (Start building your list today!)

“Free” can sometimes come with a much higher cost. When it comes to using tools for your business, it may be best to not go the free way. I do believe you should use social media, but don’t depend on it fully. Many marketer’s used Facebook Fanpages to drive all of their traffic to, and got hit hard when Facebook changed their operations. Facebook can shut you down if they wish, they own your page.

Put a little money into having your own website, that noone can shutdown. Noone can tell you what you can and can not put on your own site. You will own it and be safe when the social sites make changes on you, and you are in the hole because you wern’t prepared for it.

There are several other examples to use on why sometimes free costs more, but surely you understand why by now. Remember if you don’t want to pay for the tools you use, or products you have, why should someone ever pay you for what you have? Keep it in mind!

If this helps you understand more on the dangers of trying to go free, please comment and share below. Pass along to your team so they don’t get moving with a free program, just to get the doors closed shut on them!

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4 thoughts on “Sometimes Free Cost More

  1. It is the whole bait and trap. So many of these “free” platforms are just find until you need to grow… then it is going to cost.

    For years I tell people just because it is free now doesn’t mean it is going to be free later. Hard lesson that I have learned also.

    I made small investments over time and found that as I purchased pieces like aweber, self hosted blog, marketing training… they have paid me back more than the investment.

    Money attracts money, so if you are willing to invest… it will come back ten fold or more.

  2. Just like a carpenter purchases high quality tools for his work for fear that a tool will break on him during a huge, expensive job, an internet marketer needs dependable quality tools! You will wind up paying later anyway. Makes perfect sense, Jaye! Thank you for very sound advice.

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