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Believe it or not, the fear of calling network marketing leads is a very common issue and challenge for most network marketers. However, those who actually call their network marketing leads will see more success by default, than those who do not. So if you are struggling to make calls to your network marketing leads, this post will help put away that fear and move forward with building your business the way you dreamed of.

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Why Even Call Network Marketing Leads?

Some people in our industry do not understand the importance of calling leads. Usually if a person has been involved in network marketing for a decent amount of time, they quickly begin to understand why calling their leads is so crucial.

Some believe they can rely on just sending emails, and hoping people will signup by just seeing a replicated website. Truth is, unless you have a large brand and name, this will not ever be the case. You must start with dialing your leads and making a contact to those who’ve expressed an interest in your business. People will join with those they know, like and trust. By calling your network marketing leads, it puts you in your prospect’s eyes as the one they can get to know, like and trust. Meanwhile, you are building relationships with the people who other network marketers are not taking the time to reach out to. So, who do you think they will be most open to working with?

destroy-network-marketing-phone-fearWhat If They Get Mad At Me For Calling?

Truth is, this hardly ever happens. By the time you get a hold of someone who is rude or says something ugly to you, you’ve been in the game a while. So there is no trouble there, it actually helped you to know that the prospect wasn’t who you wanted to work with anyway.

Believing people will be mad at you for calling them when they gave you their number, is a bad mindset to have. If you have a funnel, and a person gave their number, they are basically raising their hands and asking to be called. Many of them will thank you for it.

If you are making cold calls to leads, such as genealogy leads, they didn’t ask for a call. But, you will find most people already involved in the industry understand what you are doing, and if not interested, will be polite when telling you “no”. Or, they say “no thanks” and a good conversation still comes from it. It’s always good to keep in touch through email when you meet people in network marketing who aren’t open to doing anything other than the business they currently work with. Down the road you will be the one they more than likely join if you put them on your email list and kept in touch.

What Should I Say When Calling Network Marketing Leads?how-to-overcome-network-marketing-phone-fear

Sometimes this question keeps people from ever getting a call made. They continue to think of more and more questions a prospect could ask, and since they don’t know the answer to the question that may get asked, they chose to not call. There are a million ways a conversation can go, and it will never go the way you think of it to in your head.

No one can know what questions a prospect may ask. So it’s best to not worry with what to say. Just making the call to the prospect is the key to building the business. having a script for opening the call is all you really need, from there each prospect will go his or her own way with the questions.

I have witnessed people who never made a single call, because they were still coming up with questions a prospect may ask, and they didn’t know the answer. Even after 2 years, they still had new questions that “could” come up. So they did nothing. Most likely, if you do not know an answer, most people do not care when you tell them “I don’t know” as long as you tell them you can get the info to them if they need it.

Always Start A Call With A New Slate

One other problem people have that prevents them from calling their network marketing leads, is believing the next call will be like the last. No two calls go the same way, and if you do happen to get a bad prospect who is ugly, rude, and hangs up; doesn’t mean at all the next will do the same.

Always treat each prospect and call with an open mind and assume they are of the highest most interest in what you are doing. This way when you do come across the right person (and you always will do that) you have the right energy levels to signup a new team member.

The Idea Behind Destroying The Fear Of Calling Network Marketing Leads

The overall idea to be able to defeat the fear of dialing network marketing leads, is to not care about what happens. Have no care if a person joins or not, but do care that you made the attempt to see if they are open to it.

Never try to sell anyone, or believe you have to call a network marketing lead with the purpose of making a sell or signup on that first call. Really, you should be calling the leads to work your list and get through it as fast as you can. Disqualifying as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. There is no reason to be afraid if your intentions are to simply call a person to disqualify them at all possible.

What you will find, is you will eventually call the right person. When you do get the right person on the phone, they basically sign themselves up. So if you are only calling leads to find the right person, and not to sell each and everyone of them, there becomes nothing to be afraid of.

  • Remember this one important factor when dialing network marketing leads: You can never say the right thing to the wrong person, and you can’t say the wrong thing to the right person.

People joining or not is based on the person themselves more than you. In time your skills will increase and it will create even more “right” people, but there is no way to increase those skills unless you pick up the phone and begin dialing your network marketing leads without fear.

How To Eliminate Wrong People, And Increase The Right People

One of the ways you can cut down on calls to the “wrong people” is by placing an optional form for phone number. This way, if a person is not interested in talking on the phone with you, they don’t have to give their number.

This also means, that if a number is given to you, they knew they didn’t have to give it. This most likely means they are raising their hands and actually asking for you to call them.

This helps eliminate time spent on “wrong” prospects and more on “right” prospects.

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How To Overcome The Fear Of Calling Network Marketing Leads Overview

So hopefully this has helped a lot. Not being addicted to the outcome will lower the fear of calling network marketing leads. Actually making calls, and learning these skills for yourself, is truly the best way to overcome the fear of calling network marketing leads.

Never judge a lead by the way the last call went. Never try to sell a lead, just sort through them for the right people. And never worry with questions that most likely never get asked anyway. All of this will make you a better networker and increase your income in your business.

Please Comment Below with any thoughts, ideas or anything you wish to tell me. All comments are welcome and I will be happy to reply or get in touch with you if asked.

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