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Are you currently looking for MLM genealogy leads or MLM genealogy reports? If this is the case, or you are looking into what MLM genealogy leads and reports can do for your business, you will find this post very useful.

Today, I will share with you a not so much of a secret on getting fast, easy, and basically free MLM genealogy leads and reports. I will also dive into why you should use MLM genealogy leads and reports, plus the results that I personally have seen from using them. If you are involved in the MLM industry, and building a team is your focus, then the information found in this blog post will be perhaps the perfect idea for building that success.

What Are MLM Genealogy Leads?

A MLM genealogy lead is basically a person who has joined a MLM business at least once in their life. The information is found usually from either MLM genealogy reports, or MLM genealogy leads. Either way, it’s a genealogy lead.

You can purchase MLM genealogy reports from lead vendors, who sometimes supply thousands of leads from one company in particular. If the company is going out of business, or in some type of trouble, these leads can be very responsive at looking at new projects to work in. Getting MLM genealogy reports can cost thousands of dollars sometimes, depending on the size of the database.

A MLM genealogy lead can be any individual in any company. These can be found online through free strategies such as a Google search. Or you can use MLM genealogy lead systems that will provide you the person’s information saving you a lot of time.

How Can I Get MLM Genealogy Leads?

One way, which is a free way, is to Google search them. Typing in a company, and a city in which you are trying to find a distributor of the company, is the way to find these leads. You can invest a lot of time into finding them, but if you get good at researching, you begin to use less time. Either way, this is one way to get your hands on MLM genealogy leads.

Another way, is to purchase them. Most lead vendors in the MLM genealogy business, uses MLM genealogy reports that contain an entire database of a company’s distributors. You will need a large investment, and a lot of time contacting so many people. These MLM genealogy reports can be very profitable however, so for some people, this is the best way to go.

Last way, is to use a MLM genealogy lead system. This is now my preferred approach to getting MLM genealogy leads. The system will comb the internet, and bring to me random leads from various companies. It saves me hours of research, and the system I am using, does not charge me any monthly fees for these MLM genealogy leads.
Best part is, I do not have to pay for the genealogy leads it brings me either. I have unlimited amounts of MLM genealogy leads I can use for my business and stay busy setting up presentations and appointments. So profit is easy to make when I am not paying for a lifetime of MLM genealogy leads. I recommend this path for the most profit and the most time saved researching.

Learn More On This MLM Genealogy Lead System

Why Use MLM Genealogy Leads?

I find that genealogy leads are the most responsive, and highest ratio to signup. They have worked in the MLM industry before, and they understand for the most part how it works. I find that many people I call, see me as successful, regardless of when I was new. Even my first signup using genealogy leads thought I was already successful because I had called her.
People who have become MLM genealogy leads know the phone is a must in this field. So they are also most interested in talking to me, even when I cold call them. They can get into talking about their past experience with companies, what they like about the industry, what they dislike about it, and give me the ammo I need to have a productive call and build a good relationship with.

I have seen numbers as high as 24 new reps in just 20 days using MLM genealogy reports. Having a database of people all in one company made it easy to contact one right after another. Also, having knowledge of the company helped too, but I knew from then on I would use MLM genealogy leads and reports to keep presentations moving.

If you have not tried using MLM genealogy leads yet, and you are seeking to build a team, then I recommend getting the MLM genealogy lead system mentioned above and below. Using MLM genealogy leads also serves a greater chance of getting someone onto your team, that can bring a lot of people with them quickly. And you know what that leads to!

mlm-genealogy leads-and-reports

Are There Bad MLM Genealogy Leads?

Like any lead, MLM genealogy leads and reports can have some bad leads in them. Sometimes, the numbers are disconnected and no prospect is to be found. From time to time, you get people who claim they have no clue what MLM even is! But for the most part, MLM genealogy leads and reports lead to mostly high quality prospects. Unlike business opportunity leads (or bizopp leads), you do not get mostly people looking for jobs and believing it’s a scam.

One of the bad issues that you will run into working MLM genealogy leads and reports, are people wanting to flip you. This will happen from time to time, but you need to know how to work them.
For me, since I use a MLM genealogy lead system, I have a way to keep the conversation short, and avoid upsetting the prospect. Having a lifetime of MLM genealogy leads to offer the prospect looking to flip me, is key. This still offers them something with great value that can help them build what they are currently focused on.
Never can I flip into another company, and nor should you if you have things going well where you are. But just be prepared for some prospects to want to beg you to join them, even though you called to prospect them. It happens, and will always be associated with MLM genealogy leads. But, having a system to offer the prospect usually helps interest them into something gained for them, and I recommend you have something like this when you begin dialing the leads.

What Are Some Benefits Of This MLM Genealogy Lead System?mlm-genealogy-leads

Since we understand what MLM genealogy leads are, how effective they can be, and why you should be using them if you want to build a MLM team, we need to look at using a system to help us move faster and more effectively.

First benefit of this MLM genealogy lead system is the price. With a price so low to get a lead system of any kind, you can offer it to your team for duplication. Most systems take time to get effective, but this system does the work for you except for contacting the genealogy lead. A one time fee, and a lifetime of leads for that small fee, make the system extremely effective for duplication.

Second benefit is a lifetime of leads. Working the numbers needed for MLM success is extremely possible with genealogy leads coming in daily. All you need to do is work a batch of 100 leads, and keep notes on them. If you work the 100 leads, you can request 100 more as many times as you wish or need to.

Third benefit is  the commissions you can earn from the system outside of your MLM company. Using MLM genealogy leads will result in meeting several people who are currently involved in a business and not wanting to get into anything new. Using the system to offer the prospect is a great way to earn a commission, when otherwise, you would of earned nothing.

Fourth benefit is it can also serve as a relationship building tool for those who are happy where they are. In one recorded case, using this exact system, a member was told “No” about his MLM business. However, he was told “Yes” on using this MLM genealogy lead system. Six months later that same prospect left his original company and finally joined this person. In just one week after, he also brought over 100 other people into the team.

Fifth benefit of this MLM genealogy lead system is the landing pages they have. I have found personally that these pages have powerful offers that most MLM business owners want. This leads to generating your own leads, the most targeted and effective kind. Also, the system gives you 5 more instant genealogy leads for each lead you generate.

Sixth benefit is that this system allows the option of having MLM genealogy leads call you. It has a feature you can chose to use, that does have a monthly fee attached to it. But, if you want to save a tremendous amount of time, and get right on the phone with those who clearly are active on the phone, this is the way. You can get up to 100 incoming calls a month using this system.

Learn More Benefits Of MLM Genealogy Lead System

Why I Will Always Use MLM Genealogy Leads

Outside of generating your own leads, MLM genealogy leads and reports seem to be the best way to build a team in network marketing. If I am not able to stay busy dialing leads I generate myself, I will turn to dialing genealogy leads.
Genealogy leads do not ask “is this a scam” or “Is this a pyramid”. If they do, it must be so rare that I do not recall any one MLM genealogy lead asking me personally, that question. Genealogy leads also have the highest interest level in joining opportunities that I’ve ever seen. They have proven to have at least had an interest once in their life, so the odds are good, if you are learning to prospect and sponsor well, they will have an interest in you.

MLM genalogy leads are also super easy to get. Through either researching them, or having a system do the search for you, you can get a list of these type leads quickly. I use the leads to make up for the days I do not generate my own leads enough, and still have time to call more. I started out my success on a MLM genealogy report, and have always loved them ever since. Even when using Bizopp leads, it was mostly people that would be considered a MLM genealogy lead that joined. Meaning, even though they came in as a bizopp lead, they had been involved in something in the past.

mlm-genealogy-listThe Fastest And Easiest Way To Get MLM Genealogy Leads And Reports Overview

If you learned what a MLM genealogy lead or a MLM genealogy report is now, congratulations. You now know one of the fastest and easiest ways I personally know of to build a network marketing or MLM business.
If you are wanting to get your hands on some of these type leads, then I would recommend using the system I talk about in this blog post. I truly believe in this system, and have found it to be the most successful tool I’ve ever used in this business.
Remember, even with MLM genealogy leads, there is no promising that you will get a result every time you call one. You must work the numbers like any other format of lead. However, I believe you will find that your signup ratio is much higher with genealogy leads, and the prospecting is much more of a pleasant experience as well with them.

Good Luck!

P.S You must have leads to build a business in this industry, so take the time now to watch this video that explains more on the most powerful and most affordable MLM genealogy lead system


Jaye Carden
Jaye Carden

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    • Terri Pattio

      Jaye this is a very good information on how to get MLM Genealogy leads and reports. The benefits you listed are excellent. I haven’t thought about doing this for getting leads and since you have taken the time to share what’s working for you. I will check it out further. Wishing you continued success.

      • Jaye Carden

        Anytime Terri, thanks so much for coming by and sharing your thoughts!

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