Prospecting In Network Marketing: When To Say Goodbye

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In Network Marketing we spend the most of our time prospecting. However, some network marketers aren’t aware of when they should “let go” of a prospect. So in this article I will share with you when prospecting in network marketing, when to say goodbye.

What sparked this idea for this article was a phone call I had today when a prospect seemed to pay more attention to what was going on around her than what she needed to. It wasn’t smart on her end, because she isn’t aware of what she may have lost out on.

Watch This Video To Hear How The Call Went:

The message today is to know when you have a prospect who isn’t up to the job, don’t be afraid to let them go. Don’t ever try to convince someone they need to do it.

A big mistake many network marketers will make is they will spend more time working on the wrong prospects than on the right ones. If a prospect seems to object, care less, or anything that isn’t taking your time seriously, say goodbye. Be sure to leave the door open for them to contact you, but don’t waste anymore time trying to interest them.

When a network marketer has few people everyday to speak to about their network marketing business, it can cause desperation, and they try to latch on to every lead or prospect they find. Don’t worry with loosing a prospect, simply increase the number you have.

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