Starting an MLM: Gaining Credibility

Starting an MLM business? Do you need credibilty before others will take you serious? Here is how to gain credibilty so others will take you serious and join you in your MLM business.


It’s always the same thought that goes through all new MLM business owners. First when they see the presentation it’s all about the ideas they have to make it work, and they believe it. Then when they get going, it’s “How do I get credibilty if no one will join me til I have it?” So how do you break the wall that holds you back?

First off, you more than likely approached the people you know well and are comfortable talking about your new business. That is just fine, but you more than likely noticed, they want to either wait and see if you will make money first, or they tell you it’s not going to work out for you. I know how frustrating it is, and how quickly many throw in the towel at this point. But you won’t have to after you learn a few things.

When starting an MLM business, you need to gain credibility by working what is called “cold market”. These are people you do not know, and they will not hold the prejudice thoughts against you like the ones you do know.

I began by researching other people who had been involved in MLM businesses in the past, and reached out to these people. I stayed consistent, and dialed them daily. I had over 100 names and numbers, along with emails. Out of over 100, I spoke to about half of them. And out of the 50 or so, I recruited 24 in 3 weeks. What this did was cause my warm market to become interested, and it began the effect of one to two new MLM recruits a day.

You do not have to use the google search technique I shared. But for sure when starting an MLM business, cold market is much easier. It may seem scary at first, but it works. The difference is almost seen immediately. They will not know your background or the fact that you are new. They will mostly assume without even asking, that you make a lot of money already. Most of mine did!

You need to learn lead generation, and there are several ways to do so. I highly reccommend MLSP as a source to use effective tools and education for lead generation. You can see the banner on the right of the website to get started. This is where most top earners, learn to break the wall and gain credibility in starting an MLM business. You can refer to other blogs I have posted for more ideas on lead generation and begin prospecting “cold market”.

Do not spend your time looking for those who are simply not interested. This is a mistake many make when starting an MLM business. You need to learn lead generation and use what is called “attraction marketing”. Learn more on “attraction marketing” on MLSP as well.

Here is one last example of why when starting an MLM business you need to generate leads and approach cold market. Keep in mind when you make a lead for yourself, this person has shown to you an interest for what you have. It also will make you the authority figure, even if it is your first lead. Remember your prospect has no idea on how many leads you have got in the past, so to that person, you will seem big.

Please comment and share if you have got value. I hope this will open your eyes to where you need to go with your MLM business. Refer to MLSP and learn attraction marketing, and use their tools. They are the most powerful in the market, and will make you look like you have all the credibility in the world when your cold market prospect sees your pages.

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  • Marcel Schmidt

    Reply Reply April 5, 2014

    I agree with your ideas on calling cold market prospects
    I do not agree with MLSP as this program costs too much to use
    I can generate cold market leads and get my phone ringing off the hook for FREE

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