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Are you struggling to figure out how to become successful with your network marketing company? Feeling confused, overwhelmed, and frustrated? To be honest, that is typical when a person first begins a journey in network marketing, so don’t think it’s just you. Today I am going to share with you the first steps you need to take to help you create network marketing success, and overcome the challenges you are facing.

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What Will They Say About Me?

Most people are crushed by this first challenge in their network marketing journey. They are worried about what others think, say, and most of all, their friends and family’s opinions.
The first step towards success in network marketing, is to not be affected by others opinions and insults. Letting someone else’s words hold you back from success is a problem in any industry. Truth is, no matter what you were to decide to pursue, if you are looking to better your life and find success, those around you will throw insults. So it’s not just in network marketing, but in life in general.
So be strong, and focus on where you know you can go, and what all is possible for you. If you need to stay away from people who insult you or bring you down, do so. Throughout your network marketing journey, you will find new friends and people who are like-minded that will help bring the excitement level back up.

Don’t Wait Until You’re Perfectfirst-steps-to-network-marketing-success

If a child was afraid of falling, it would never learn to walk. This means you will make mistakes, but never let that be a reason to not move forward.
A big mistake I see in many network marketers, is they hold back on prospecting, inviting, and talking about their business because they want to wait til they know how to answer every objection and question. This causes the person to never make a move forward, because they will never feel ready enough. Do not wait til you think you have become perfect with what to do and say, because you only become perfect through trial and error.

Learn To Teach Others

You may be thinking you knew this one. But most people don’t understand, or get it mixed up with something they are taught by most uplines. I do not mean teaching them the same things you learned from your upline and team, but teach them what you are going to learn from advanced marketers and top earners.
Let me explain. In my first experience or network marketing opportunity, I was told to tell everyone I see about the product/opportunity. I was suppose to blast it all over Facebook, and so forth. I bet you were told that too?
Yet, that is not the best way to go about it. You need to learn the concept of “Attraction Marketing” and learn to develop marketing skills such as lead generation. Doing these things are what helps you to get higher signup rates, and less objections. You must begin learning the strategies of attraction marketing, and then teach it to each new person who you bring in. You are best off by using a system to do this. Let the systems do the work so your time is spent learning more and prospecting more.

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Set A Daily Schedule

Although it sounds like common sense, many do not do this. Do not think it will be useless, because it is the most powerful step of all.
You need to create a daily routine, or pattern, in which your time each day is used at its best. You need to set time away to prospect, market (strategies for leads), and learn. In the beginning prospecting is the biggest factor to getting to your goal with your network marketing company. All new market strategies will be new to you, and they take time and work to build. I would recommend you spend most of your day speaking to new prospects, and use the late hours to write content, make videos, and work on your marketing.
Failing to build a routine leads to lots of wasted time wondering what to do next. You are your only discipline and boss in this industry. So don’t be easy on yourself in the beginning. Set up a schedule that is realistic and can get you to where you want to be quickly.

The First Steps To Network Marketing Success Overview

No matter what company you are with, or what your product is, these first steps are crucial to getting you the success you desire. Never let others opinions hold you back or fear of messing up. That will happen, but it will make you better.
Setting your schedule up as soon as possible is very important as well. Those who follow their schedules will be much more successful than those who do not, or do not even have one. Following these steps will help you begin finding your first team members, and it will be important that they as well learn to do the same as you, and also learn to market using proven successful systems.

Enjoy your new journey in network marketing, and much success to you!

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Jaye Carden
Jaye Carden

Self Employed Network Marketing Entrepreneur

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    4 replies to "The First Steps To Network Marketing Success"

    • Josh Paiva

      Hey Jaye, great post. Sometimes I like to come back a bit and read up on “first steps” to give my self a bit of a refresher. After doing this for years you have to remind yourself people are new and basically don’t know anything. Thanks man.

    • Chuck Holmes

      Great post man. Having a daily routine AND the daily discipline to follow that routine is critical. I will also say that the person must have a HUGE desire. Otherwise, when life gets in the way, or things don’t go exactly as planned, the person will put the business on the back burner and quit. DESIRE. Remember that word. It’s something you either have or you don’t. Without it, nothing else really matters. I should say BIG, BURNING DESIRE.

      Just my two cents.


      • Jaye Carden

        Well your 2 cents are appreciated Chuck. Glad you got value and commented. Hope to see you more often sharing your 2 cents!

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