MLMGateway Review: How To Make Profits Using MLMGateway

Everyone in MLM are looking for new places to advertise, new websites to join, and of course ways to find new prospects to talk too. This is a huge reason why sites such as MLMGateway are gaining steam, and people are spending more time on them.
However, today I want to share with you my MLMGateway review, and how I have used this website to signup more MLM prospects. Of course I will also share with you in this MLMGateway review how to make a lot in commissions with secondary programs.

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Some Things Never Change

First thing to understand when you begin using MLMGateway, is the rules of MLM apply to it as well. Those rules are often missed by new MLM business owners. So just in case you need a fresh up of what the rules of MLM are, look below and I will list them.

  • Always give value, those who share the most value get the most contacts
  • Never just pitch your company, and splatter it all over the website
  • Always reach out to people with helping in mind, not to excite them over your “better than their” opportunity
  • Stay consistent and active, consistency is the key

Those are a few basic rules of successful MLM, and they do indeed apply to MLMGateway. Even though the website is set up to seem like you can blast your company link (and you can), you don’t. You don’t that is if you want to stand out and become more attractive.

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Connections On MLMGateway

The connections with MLMGateway are a powerful feature the site offers. Like all social media, it is good to build a large connection base.
Each time you attempt to connect with a member, you will be deducted 1 credit. It may be wise to use your credits in the beginning to build you a connection base of some kind.
Once you have connected to people, you can send them messages all you want. But, when you reach out to them to connect, you can include a message then as well. The system comes with a default message, and I highly recommend changing it to your own words. People know the default message, and by adding your own words to it can serve as your first impression. Make it a good one, offering to share value with one another and be sure you don’t come off as a person only wanting them to signup in your business. I would not even bring up joining any business until they ask.

Business Announcements

Here is one of the most powerful parts of MLMGateway. Writing business announcements not only gets you 5 credits (10 for featured members), but allows many MLMGateway members to find you. This in turn gets you more connection requests from other members, saving you credits while you build your connection base.
Business announcements also serve as a way for you to share value. Writing good quality, and content that benefits readers, is the best. People mostly see others promoting a business they are not looking to join so they never even read. By stating in your title that the content you write is valuable to them, they are most likely going to read. Sharing strategies, tips, and value are key.
Another huge benefit of these business announcements are the fact all your connections get an email about it. So the larger your connection base is, the more direct inbox emails go out to other members you have more content up. This can increase your leads if you use the business announcements correctly.

MLMGateway Advertising

In my honest opinion, MLMGateway has the best, highest converting advertising online for our niche. I am sure for many people, like at all other advertising platforms, they have seen no results.
If you simply use your ads to promote your MLM company’s website, you may see no results. Use MLMGateway’s ads to run tools, systems, and benefits to get your secondary programs more commissions. Everyone at MLMGateway need tools, and ways to build their own MLM. This is where you generate a lot of leads, and more commissions.
Why MLMGateway ads are best, is because they do not use impressions like other websites similar to them. With impressions, you use credits up regardless if someone visits your site or not. With MLMGateway, you only use the selected amount of credits when you get a real visitor. The more credits you offer per visitor allows you to be seen more, and seen before everyone else.

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Why Become A Featured Professional?

There are 2 types of memberships you can chose from at MLMGateway. That is the free membership (everyone starts there) and then the option to become a Featured Professional.
For under $25/month you can become a Featured Professional. These are several advantages and benefits of doing this, and will indeed help you to get a lot from the website. Here are some advantages you get as a Featured Professional:

  • Double credits for business announcements and referrals
  • You are promoted on the home page
  • You are on the Featured Professionals page
  • You get a large amount of credits each month the subscription renews
  • You get more connection requests sent to you
  • You look more serious to other members
  • You get 50% of all referral spending on the website

So the advantage of a Featured Professional is obvious, and well worth the small investment each month. For me personally, I earn enough in commissions from MLMGateway alone to pay for my membership, and more. Including the signups the Featured Professional brings me into my MLM alone is enough to pay for the membership each month. Also, the commissions in my secondary programs brings profits high enough each month to pay for my membership and the programs as well. This is what makes MLMGateway the most profitable website of it’s kind.

MLMGateway Review Overall

Using MLMGateway to share value with others, and make real connections will make MLMGateway a very profitable and reliable website for you. After joining become a Featured Professional so you can quickly build a connection base, or purchase a lot of credits for discounted amounts. Building your connections is important, so act fast.
Stay active on the site giving updates everyday and writing business announcements. This will keep more people connecting with you and build more credits for connections and advertising. Or when you run campaigns, always include advertising with MLMGateway as it is the most targeted advertising for our MLM niche. Always purchase the most credits possible when building your list and running new campaigns.

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