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Most people in the network marketing industry are needing a network marketing recruiting system to help their efforts at achieving success. The only problem is, once they get such a system, they do not know how to maximize it.

So today, I will share with you the best network marketing recruiting system, and even share with you how you can make it work for yourself. If you are struggling in the network marketing industry, then this recruiting system and steps to make it work, will prove to be your most profitable business yet.

The Best Network Marketing Recruiting System

First we will explore the best network marketing recruiting system, and how it works.

The system we are referring to has no name, but is used in a company named “My Daily Choice”.

The recruiting system is an automated, email follow up system, and combines every person who is on our team, into it. The reason it is so successful at getting signups, sales, customers and new affiliates, is because it uses what is called a binary pay structure. Meaning, if anyone on the team makes a sale, every person who has opted-in to the recruiting system, will be notified that they have business waiting on them if they can make a decision to join before the deadline.

Let’s break down the main factors in this network marketing recruiting system, and why it is so effective at getting sales for anyone who uses it:

  • Sense Of Urgency - using a sense of urgency, or fear of loss, will increase a small percentage of people to take action in order not to lose out on a deal, or benefit of a purchase. If someone is interested, but not taking action over “not being sure” about something, a sense of urgency is needed to incentive the person to make the purchase.
  • Deadlines - this network marketing recruiting system also uses deadlines to increase sales for it’s affiliates. Having a deadline is very helpful at getting people to take action sooner than later. Since many people will wonder off and never take action after looking into something that interested them, the deadline keeps many of these type prospects keeping an eye on the business.
  • The Binary Pay Structure - using a binary pay structure, every one who becomes a new affiliate, benefits every person who became an affiliate before them. Since we all build the same team as mostly our “power leg”, having just one person who is able to build, helps everyone else to create new members as well. Binary pay plans are the best for getting the most income out of the same amount of work.
  • Email Follow Ups - using an automated email followup system, every person who has looked into the business or products, will be notified of all the activity that goes one. If a person has took the free tour or opted in, then every person who comes in after them is placed in a line to be sent to the “pre-enrollee”. What makes this powerful, is when a new person takes action and joins, all prospects are notified that they have until Thursday at midnight to take advantage of these people joining. This usually causes an effect of more and more people getting in, as the benefit grows more and more for the next person to join.
  • Superior Landing Pages - one of the most powerful pieces of this network marketing recruiting system is the superior landing pages it gives to it’s affiliates. Having pages that attract people to opt-in, will only make it easier for an affiliate to get more people taking a free tour and giving the recruiting system more people to work with.
  • Phone Numbers - for the experienced or aspiring network marketer, that really wants to increase their number of affiliates and customers, then they are able to call prospects and build rapport in person. The phone number option on the landing page has (optional) placed on it. Depending on the source of leads you generate, will depend on what amount of phone numbers you get. I usually get about 50% of my opt-ins with phone numbers, and have got many new affiliates from calling the leads who leave a number.
  • Combined Team Results - here is where the average person gets the best advantage. Having someone like myself feeding new people into the system, will increase their amount of people as well. Having all the new people joining as affiliates and customers, will add volume to everyone’s business. Plus, the more people who use the system to build with, continues helping the new people who come onto the team. No generic network marketing system will do this, and this advantage and benefit only exists in this company, and on this team.

For more information on the best network marketing recruiting system, refer to the video below:

take the free tour and witness this network marketing recruiting system at work for you

How Can I Make It Work For Myself?

The real question when regarding any network marketing recruiting system, is what will you be able to do with it? If you are confident you can make it work, you most likely would be using it.

For many people, they have tried network marketing recruiting systems and did not get the results they had hoped for. The systems are too complicated for them to understand, or take several dollars in investing for advertising to make them work. Although most network marketing systems do work, and the success of some prove it, the majority do not ever get them to produce the results they need.

So, for the rest of this post, I will share with you why you can make this network marketing recruiting system work for you, and actually achieve the results you are looking for. So, let’s get into how we duplicate our team using the best network marketing recruiting system.

The Training

Training someone to get opt-ins is a crucial part of the success with this recruiting system. Since only opt-ins are needed to get results, you will be taught the most effective way to get people to look into the system. No network marketing company trains or teaches their affiliates and reps to market and advertise effectively. But, learning how to get people taking the free tour, without getting rejection, will help you to build a team just by speaking to people online and offline.

Using Proven Templates

We use a special paid advertising site in which we give our affiliates a template to use. We have a proven template that gets several opt-ins including phone numbers. This avenue is used by those who can afford to advertise, anywhere from around $10 an ad up to $45 per ad. The larger the cost, the larger the numbers. This avenue has been the most successful one so far at getting just average network marketers, building large teams through their advertising budget. Having a duplicating process like this will increase the amount of people on your team who have success using the recruiting system. Mostly because, there is no limit to how many ads you want to place.

Genealogy Leads

We also provide just our team with a source of genealogy leads, to increase the odds of finding others who can build teams as well. This feature is ONLY AVAILABLE through our team. This gives our affiliates a lifetime of prospects, never having to worry about needing people to speak to again. The investment is only $15, and the results can be for life. This feature is not included in the company’s network marketing recruiting system, so be sure to use the links in this post if you desire to have this benefit for yourself.

Social Media

The most attractive feature to most people, is using social media. Many people have had no success building a network marketing business on social media before, so why is this different? The reason is, we have templates for posts, we teach you just what to say and do to get opt-ins instead of rejection, and provide training for secrets and tips on getting the most from your social media practices. This process costs no money to get results with, and will be what most people will want to use for adding their own “pre-enrollees” to the network marketing recruiting system.

Solo Ads

Want a really fast amount of leads? This is the way to get them. Many will come with phone numbers as well if you wish to increase the amount of sales you get from each campaign. Using a good vendor through solo ads will get you new people joining on a regular basis. I have seen several signups from solo ads, and I never reached out to them due to no phone number when they took the tour. Solo ads are a good way to get that extra push for a rank advancement or bonus.


For those who know the power behind creating content, will see a lot of results with little money invested. We will teach everyone who wants to learn, how to create content, and build a strong business with it. Many people want to avoid this area, but for those who want to be the biggest players in the industry, this avenue will be for you. Just another reason the best network marketing recruiting system will help you build a more productive team.

The Overall Idea Of Using This Network Marketing Recruiting System

As you see now, there are several ways to build a team in this industry using our proven network marketing recruiting system. So I want to touch on the overall idea behind making this work.

The sources for leads above are sources we can teach you quickly. But, there are people who use other avenues such as mass text messaging, live broadcasting, and much more. The reason we allow people to go with the way they are most comfortable with, is because the network marketing recruiting system is the main focus.

All you do is focus on getting more people to take a short, free tour, and you will build. You do not need to learn how to close people, become a master sponsor on the phone, or learn any of the traditional ways. Just focus on getting more people to see the tour, and take it.

This is why some people come in, and use tools they already had in place with other companies. The only difference is, this network marketing recruiting system actually gets them signups and sales unlike in their previous company.

If you have mastered lead generation for any type of business, you will see success in this company. If you have not, then you can learn it through the most simple ways and progress as you go. Remember, we all are working together on this system, and the more we have helping add more people to it, the more people we all see joining our team.

A Huge Benefit To Our System’s Success

In this last piece, I will explain a large reason why our network marketing recruiting system is having such great success for so many people. The largest factor in anything that is designed to sell something, is what that something being sold is.

Lately, “My Daily Choice” has released a product line called “HempWorx”. This is CBD oil, and CBD based products that at this moment in time, are a huge demand. With several people everyday learning of the great health benefits that CBD has, the demand for this product is through the roof.

Adding a huge demand, to a very successful network marketing recruiting system, is like icing on the cake. My Daily Choice has other product lines such as nutrional sprays, travel memberships and cash back programs, and more lines to come. I personally promote the CBD products since they are the largest selling product line, and with such a powerful system, see several sales of the other product lines as well.

So having a product that people are attracted to, and are currently searching for, only adds to the success of this powerful, and best network marketing recruiting system in our industry today.

Test The Best Network Marketing Recruiting System For Free

So if you are still not clear on why this is the best network marketing recruiting system in the industry to date, the best thing to do now is just take a free tour of the recruiting system, and see it live in action.

The tour will be short, swift, and easy to understand. Then, you will get a followup email each day letting you know how many more people have taken the tour. This will go on for about 30 days before it stops.

However, you will also be placed in line to benefit from all the others who become affiliates and customers. Meaning if you see a lot of people getting started, you will have the chance to become part of the team, and all those who got started will be contributing to your very own network marketing business.

So it is risk free, and you get to see first, if this network marketing recruiting system truly is the best fit for you and your goals in your network marketing career.

take the free tour here, and test the best network marketing recruiting system for free

Best Network Marketing Recruiting System Overview

If it comes down to you wanting to find the best network marketing recruiting system, it is most likely that this system we use will be your best chance at getting it.

We will teach all new affiliates how to maximize the amount of people they get into the system, which will increase the amount of results they get. We will also provide the templates you need for advertising if you want to just put a little money into your business and build it that way.

There are several avenues you can chose from to have success with our network marketing recruiting system. Pick the one that is best for you, and go with it.

Knowing the steps to take in order to create success with a recruiting system is key. So this is why we have put together the templates for you to simple copy, and put in your own links. If you do decide to contact those who leave phone numbers for an extra increase in sales, we will teach you how to do this the easy way, and not ever having to try and close anyone.

The best part of our network marketing system is that our affiliates do not need closing skills to have success. Instead, you only need to learn how to generate leads, run ads, and increase the opt-ins you get. This makes it easier to duplicate, and much easier to get signups into a network marketing business for everyone.

P.S Take the free tour today and let the best network marketing recruiting system prove itself to you. You will get to see first hand how well this recruiting system works, and how well it is at building teams and customer bases.




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