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Are you afraid when cold calling prospects and could use some cold calling tips? Well I began my network marketing career with cold calling and I actually was quite successful with it. I am going to share with you some of the best cold calling tips, so you can have no excuses when you run out of leads to call.

When you don’t have leads who are coming to you asking about your business, it’s best to begin cold calling. This is a good way to make some money, success, and begin building a career in network marketing. Cold calling is not as bad as some believe, especially when you know a few tips for it


Begin by finding advertisments where other network marketers are going to advertise. I would not suggest using a phone book and just randomly calling people. At least know the prospect is a type of person who could be interested in what you offer.

You can also Google search, or use any search engine, to find websites where network marketing companies list their distributors. Remember these distributors or reps of this company have placed their information on the website in hopes to have someone call.


Simply call and ask “Hi _____, my name is _____ and I was calling because I seen your ad on _______ website. I was hoping to ask you how well the ad is working for you because I am looking for places to advertise.” This is a simple, non-threating way to break the ice and get a conversation going. Most of the time you will hear “It isn’t working well, and you are the only call I got.” Then you hear the struggle they are having and it opens the door for you to begin sharing what’s working.

Once they have seen you know a lot about lead generation (assuming you have read many of my blogs) then you will be the expert. Don’t be surprised if every single call goes into them asking you about your business.

Now sometimes they may try to recruit you. That is no problem at all. You are simply just reaching out to build a relationship with the person. If it seems there is no opportunity for them to become interested in what you offer, then exchange emails and see if they may want to come to network marketing trainings that can benefit them. If you become a member of MLSP then you will have a lot of value to offer the cold called prospect. I would recommend joining MLSP so you can make more commissions from those who aren’t ready for your network marketing business.

By using these cold calling tips, you will be bringing in people into your business rather fast. I have recruited at times in my early career, around 50% of those I spoke to. By using MLSP you have something every network marketer can use, and you can simply invite them to trainings at no cost. This will create many joining MLSP under you helping you create extra sources of income.

Did you get value from these cold calling tips? If you have team members who are not generating leads yet, they may need to learn cold calling. Share this “cold calling tips” with them, and help them begin signing up new reps for their business.

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