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Everyone in MLM or network marketing knows, that the more people you can bring into your organization, the more volume, and money is generated. This is what leads to success, and a life filled with exciting adventures!

On Thursday night, Feburary 12th 2015, I hosted a live webinar called “How To recruit 3 New Reps A Week”. Below is the recording of the event, and in it you will learn some of the best network marketing recruiting tips, and how to master network marketing recruiting, or MLM recruiting.
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Network Marketing Recruiting: 6 Top Secrets

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What’s the secret to network marketing recruiting?

Let’s take a look into what top recruiters know, so you can implement it into your own business

Why is it that some people in network marketing, can seem to recruit anyone they wish? How do these leaders recruit new members every week, like clockwork? We must learn to master recruiting if we want to make it in network marketing, so I am going to share with you some of the top secrets to network marketing recruiting.

One reason some are better at network marketing recruiting is because they try. They actually speak to people often enough to find someone interested in their business. If you are NOT prospecting and getting eyeballs on your company’s presentation, then there is a problem you must work on fixing.

Another reason some become masters of recruiting is due to their posture. Posture better comes the more you practice your



network marketing recruiting. You must have good posture when you are presenting your opportunity to others. They will feel you from how you react to their questions.
Never show concern if they pretend to be not interested. Good posture is making the prospect believe and understand that it will not hurt your business if they chose to not join. You must present yourself as a strong leader when presenting your opportunity.

Asking a prospect the right questions is important as well. The more you know about their reason to need a network marketing business, the better it will be for you. Learn what they wish to have, what they struggle with, why they would want to have a side project, and as much as you possibly can.
You can use this information in case you pick up on fear from the prospect. Sometimes reminding them of that dream they mentioned to your question you had asked earlier is all it takes to get them fired back up and make the step forward.

Answer question with questions. This is a powerful strategy that top recruiters use all the time. If a person ask you a question that has a negative vibe, or not the feel you want your prospect to be feeling. Use a question back at them as an answer. An example would be if a prospect asks “Is this a pyramid?” A good response would be “What’s your idea of a pyramid Mr. Prospect, explain to me what that is?” Of course then they would explain what most would, and which you can reply back to as them describing more of a job type work.

Know when you have won. Never continue past the point of victory. An example would be a prospect telling you they are interested and ready to join, and then you want to tell them one more reason why this is such a great company. That last reason, or part of the company you love so much, may be all it takes for the prospect to find a new question, or even something that makes them decide to hold and do some research. Anytime a prospect goes off to do research or to think on it, usually means you have lost that prospect. When they say now, take it as now.



Be sure to have a good close as well. Sometimes it is best to go for the kill as I call it. This is when a prospect is very excited and is talking about all the great things he or she could do with this company. This is a good time to say something along the line of “Sounds to me like you are ready to join.”
Once you have made your close attempt, do not speak until they give an answer. This can turn some into moving forward with it, and it will show your prospect the leadership inside of you.

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“Recruiting Masters” Live Webinar

Friday December 12th, 2014 8 p.m Eastern
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