How To Have Powerful Productive Days

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Have you ever had one of those days when you just don’t feel like doing anything? Or perhaps you know you need to be speaking with people about your business, but you will just do it tomorrow? Of course you relate to this because you are human. But the secret to having powerful productive days is an easy one to figure out. Stop doing nothing. Here is some steps on how to have powerful productive days.

You must have a daily set schedule laid out, and you must have it set to a high standard. Remember that if you want to go small with the actions you take each day, you will get small results. So take as much action and massive production to get to the level you really wish to be at.

How many people will you speak to today? If it is just one, you know the odds are nothing will come from just the one, right? Would you join someone who spoke to just one person a day? Probably not, you would rather signup under someone who is going to keep new members flowing in under you. You need to be the person who can do this, and many people you speak with will see that and join you….make sense?


I have days where I call no less than 50 people. I speak to as many as I can everyday. Not all of the 50 will I reach, but it doesn’t matter, I’ll reach some of them.

If I don’t have many answer the phone, I will begin messaging others on social media. I speak to more people through messaging, and through this website, than I do on the phone. Keep in mind a Facebook message is communication. Communication is what you are shooting for.

You need to also be focused on lead generation. If you do not know lead generation, signup with the form to the top right of this page, and you will begin learning it. Lead generation is where you find people to communicate with. In your daily method of operation (D.M.O) you must be working with lead generation strategies to keep the people coming in.

If you want to learn how to have powerful productive days, start talking to others. You must understand that when you do make that step out and begin speaking to people on a daily basis, people will join you. Others will see the leader you have become and feel confident in signing with you.

Remember, you can’t put it off until tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes, and you will create a habit of doing this. Move fast, and begin communicating. Social media, calling friends, calling other networkers, and speaking to people in public. This is what holds most people back, and it’s the sad truth. Get your schedule set and stick to it. Aim to speak to more people each day and raise the number as high as you possibly can.

Does this help you see what it takes to become the leader you wish to be or that you had in your downline? If so, please comment and share on your favorite social media site and with your team.

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