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One of the oldest ways of building a network marketing or MLM business, has been through the use of samples.

But how many people actually get results from giving out their MLM samples?

Today, I will share some tips that I use, that helps me increase my volume in my network marketing business through using samples. Follow them as best you can, and your samples will begin to generate more customers and team partners.

What Does Your Sample Pack Contain?

One of the most important parts of using MLM samples to increase customers and attract affiliates, is what samples you share.

Are you using the best selling products or most popular?

Your product needs to be the most popular selling, or targeted product for the one who is consuming the product.

In my own sample pack, my product is one that is in high demand almost worldwide.

So I can get these sample packs out much easier then I could a product that no one is actually searching for to take.

Really think of what you will sample, before you begin just sending various products out to the public.

Can You Sample Enough To Get A Result?

This is a huge factor in the success of your MLM samples.

When you send out samples to your possible customers, will they be able to get a result from the small amount of product?

Many products in the network marketing industry need to be taken on a regular basis over time. This will make sampling much more difficult then something that gives a direct result in one take.

For me, I find people who have issues with pain. I get them a sample pack to try, and they get relief from the pain, mostly from the first use. This makes sampling very effective for me.

Look at your product line and find the products that give quick results, so the customer will achieve a result fast.

Are You Losing Money On Your Samples?

Another major point in sampling MLM products, is your cost.

If it is costing you money to purchase the products you are sampling, then you must use samples with caution.

Too many samples equals a loss in money if you are not able to convert the samples into sales.

I would never give MLM samples away if it comes out of my pocket.

In my personal sample packs, I do not spend any money to send the sample pack out. 

So I can sample as many people as I possibly can this way. Consider doing this as well if you can.

Do You Charge A Small Fee For Your Samples?

A really important tip when you are using MLM samples to build your business, is to charge a small fee for them.

Like mentioned above, you do not need to lose money on each sample pack you give out.

If anything, you need to get a small commission for getting the sample pack to someone.

Consider charging a few dollars for the sample.

People who are willing to drop a small amount of money into the sample pack, are going to be the most serious about wanting to try it.

This will create much more serious prospects, and avoid people taking advantage of you.

In my personal sample pack, I only charge for shipping. I also receive a small commission from the shipping. It’s a perfect way to sample effectively.

Are You Following Up With Those Who Consume The Sample?

Big point, and most important part of MLM sampling.

If you are not following up with those who consume the sample pack, you are losing possible customers and team members.

Create a follow up email series, so you can send follow up by email everyday.

This keeps the prospect “thinking” of the result they got, or to try the sample.

A phone call always works well, so plan to make a couple of them over the following weeks.

But not having a follow up email series, at least, will result in many people who were wanting to buy, losing interest. Or, it can lead to them actually buying from someone else they meet.

The worst thing that can happen is you sample a customer and they buy from someone else.

In my own sample pack, I have a powerful email follow up series that my company built for me and my team members. This allows our samples to convert into customers at the highest rate I’ve ever seen in MLM before.

Someone Expressed Interest In Your Company?

From time to time, we run across people while prospecting that express interest in what we do (if you are prospecting actively it happens).

These are very good times to sell your MLM sample packs, and convert people over to your team.

If a person has contacted you, or you contacted them and they show interest, use the sample pack if they do not signup right away.

When I am personally prospecting, and I meet someone who shows interest, I will tell them of the sample pack my company offers. Many of these actually order the samples, and many will join later from it.

Don’t just let a prospect sit on the fence and forget. Use your MLM samples to increase interest, and use them to follow up with.

Promoting Your Network Marketing Samples

Another step to getting results from the use of MLM samples, is to promote and advertise the sample pack itself.

Once you have a powerful plan and sample pack ready to go, you can actually advertise these packs to attract possible buyers.

If you’re following the formula, your results should come out rather well, and you will even earn a little money from promoting them.

Remember the purpose is to get more people to try the product, get a result, and become interested in using it more often.

So this can be a good way to get to your end goal of a new customer or business partner, through promoting the sample pack itself.

Network Marketing Sampling Overview

To go back through the steps that will give you the best odds of having success with MLM sampling, I’ll point out these factors:

  • Does your MLM samples have a high demand for them?
  • Can the prospect get an instant result, or do you have enough product in the sample for the prospect to see a result?
  • Do not spend your own money on each sample pack to avoid losing money.
  • Be sure to charge a small amount for the sample pack, to get a little extra reward, and to create more serious and willing to buy prospects.
  • Always have a follow up process in place. Use email drip campaigns and give them a call or two if possible.
  • If you find a prospect who is expressing interest in your business, niche, or company, sample packs can be a very powerful way to convert them over.
  • Use the sample packs as their own promotion material. People will be more willing to buy a small amount of product, and only true interested prospects will invest.

Did This Help?

If you got some good ideas, or got some value from this post, please leave a comment below. 

If you have any good steps or ideas to add to using MLM sample packs, leave them in the comments below.

I appreciate all feedback and value your input!

Be sure to share this with your team, and on your favorite social media platform as well!

P.S If you’d like to get the volume I generate from my own sample packs, and my customers, then take this free tour here. I will add people into a downline for you, and you can chose to keep it if you wish.


Jaye Carden
Jaye Carden

Self Employed Network Marketing Entrepreneur

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    8 replies to "Simple Steps To Increasing Your Network Marketing Volume Through Using Samples"

    • Seun

      This is a good tip on how to increase one’s network marketing volume through using samples. Am really surprise that MLM companies still give people samples to try their products. I wish all of them can be doing that. Through this method, a lot of people will show interest in the company after using the products and then confirm they works.

      • Jaye Carden

        Yes, some companies put together sample packs, and some just have you sample parts of your own products. It’s about getting them into the right hands mostly, as that way the samples can convert to product purchases.

    • Randy Ireland

      I have never read an article on dealing with samples but this is really informative and helpful. I have been in MLM’s with samples and really just lost my money! After reading this that would never happen again!

      • Jaye Carden

        Thanks for reading Randy! Hate to hear you lost money, but I know many people do when they go sampling a lot of people.

    • Tommy Olsson

      I haven’t been using samples and giving away them myself, but it could be beneficial sometimes I guess. Good post here.

      • Jaye Carden

        Thanks Tommy, I appreciate the comment very much! Good luck with sampling!

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    • […] I found this article on “Simple Steps To Increasing Your Network Marketing Volume Through Using Samples”, I realized what many people in MLM and Network Marketing are doing wrong when […]

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