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It may seem for many, this challenge is all to real. They have enough money to buy their overhead costs of doing the network marketing business, but not enough to advertise with.

So how does someone get their business off the ground when they can’t afford Facebook ads, Twitter promos, Sponsored videos on Youtube and such?

Actually, there is a way to accomplish this task, and it may be exactly what you are looking for. If you can’t afford to advertise and hang with the big guys and gals, then it’s time to get physical, and work your way up to the top so you can!


Most Big Names Were In The Same Spot

Believe it or not, you will hear success story after success story in this industry where a big name was completely broke and even sometimes borrowing the money to even get started. Usually in these types of positions, it forces a person to work harder than they expected and to go beyond what their limits of fear would normally allow.

So if you are in a position where you can’t even afford to run Facebook ads, you may be at the sweetest spot in your career. Pain can motivate us to do things we normally would not do. It helps us to come out of our comfort zone and attempt these things. So this is why so many people who get to the highest incomes in our industry, most likely had no budget, or even any time to waste. Many of them had to make profit in their first month or they would have not made it to the next month.

The reason I tell you this is so you understand where you are. Comfortable people tend to procrastinate and waste time because they don’t need to make something happen quickly. If you are in a struggle, then consider which is worst - “The fear of what you must do? Or the pain of your position?”


network-marketing-no-budget-advertisingHow To Build A Network Marketing Team With No Budget To Advertise With

The way I did it, and the way all the big names did it, was going straight to the people. This style of approach will result in a lot of rejection, so be prepared for it. But is the rejection going to be enough to stop you from accomplishing your dream and goals?

You first must begin with active prospecting. Active prospecting in network marketing is where you ask someone if they are open to looking at your business, and getting them to watch a presentation. This will become a numbers game, and you will see way more “no’s” than you will see people saying “yes”.

You need to set a specific amount of people you will have watch the presentation each day, and must not stop until the number is met each day. A Good number to go with, and believe me it is not easy, is about 10. Shoot for 20 and you will fall short most days, but still worth it on the days you don’t.

This is step one in building a network marketing team with no budget to work with. We need to now look into “how are we going to find these people?”


My Favorite Strategy To Building A Team On No Budget

I would suggest, and highly recommend, using genealogy leads right off the bat. I still believe this is the most cost effective way to getting sometimes even more team members than those using a high budget for advertising.

Genealogy leads can work well because they are people who have said “yes” before to a network marketing business or MLM type opportunity. So they are already more qualified than any other type of lead. You don’t need an extra budget to reach these people, just a way to find their contact information which can be super easy.

My way of getting genealogy leads is through using the MLM Recruit On Demand system. This system is super cheap, and even those with no budget can most likely afford it. But, since it will supply you with a lifetime of genealogy leads, bring you a lot of commissions, and possibly be the strongest link to building your network marketing team without a budget, it’s worth looking into.

If even a tiny one time investment into a system like this is out of the picture, you are left with one choice. Google search for them and manually look up distributors in other companies, and give them a call to see if they are active or open to a new opportunity.


Look For Professionals Over Broke Peoplenetwork-marketing-no-budget

It may seem that people without money would need the opportunity to make money, but this is hardly ever the case. People without money get that way in many cases from how they think and their spending habits. Usually opportunities are looked at as evil to them, and you may figure this out when you begin asking the ones you know who you thought were needing more money.

This is why you focus on calling professional people. People who are more open to these type opportunities, and even have large customer bases who will purchase from them. It’s not just that they would sign up more likely than broke people, but the business they can generate underneath you.

How you find people can be in several ways. Here’s a few examples:

  • Card grabbing - When you see a business card, you have a possible prospect. Grab the card and call them, that’s why they put the card out to begin with (to make more money)
  • Realtor signs - You see them everywhere, and realtors have been known to be open to network marketing a lot.
  • Small business owners - Know people who own restaurants, tanning salons, and such? Get some of these people on your team and duplication happens like crazy.
  • Public workers - police, firemen, and other city workers can be a possibility. It never hurts to talk to them.
  • Google Search - try a google search in any profession, and a specific city. You can find all kinds of people who have put their contact info online, who would be open to looking at your business.
  • Public Employees - when you see someone who is a hard worker, they may be open to something new or a better way of making a living.


Create Content Online

One of the best ways to get people coming to you, is by creating content. Content will help place you as the authority in the industry, and if the content is valuable to the reader, can result in people wanting to work with you.

Content can be created in the forms of blogs, articles, videos, and even social media postings and live streams. Use these cost effective ways to begin generating leads to work with, and to attract people with the right mind set.

If you begin using this route, it is wise to create content on a regular basis, and over time it will begin to create results for you. The biggest problem for most people is they begin creating it, and quit before the real momentum takes off with it. It is a very hard task to keep new content going, but here are some ideas to help you keep it coming on a regular and steady basis:

  • Talk about the things you learn that day
  • Create content on how your prospecting is going
  • Top 10 ideas
  • How-To blogs and videos also work well
  • Reviews of your company or tools you use
  • Strategies you use, and any valuable info on them
  • Success stories of people in your company, or other companies
  • Interviews

These are some ideas that can turn into several different blog posts, articles or videos. You can even break down specific strategies or topics and create an entire post around a small detail. Use your imagination and always be prepared to write down an idea when it pops into your mind, never think you’ll remember it down the road because you most likely won’t.


How To Build A Network Marketing Team When You Have Little To No Budget Overview

If you are in a position where you have little to no budget to build a network marketing team, your time will become a major player. You are going to have to invest a lot more time, and a lot more work into it than you may be expecting.

But, in time, you will begin seeing profits and as income comes in from these basically free, and very low cost strategies. As you see it, you can begin practicing paid advertising for lead generation. But, if you are like myself, even when you can afford paid advertising, you seem to still use a lot of the low cost budget strategies because they are effective.

Directly prospecting people can be a tough battle, but it is one that will give you the results you want if you do not ever back down from it. Only the hungry, and aggressive will make network marketing work when they have little to no budget to advertise with.


P.S Need help with building a team? If you want to have a large downline built, take this free tour and lock in a spot today. If you like what we do for you, then you can begin right out the gate with a downline in your network marketing business.




Jaye Carden
Jaye Carden

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    • Create Good Content online and place ads wherever possible. Try to recruit professional so that it will be easy for you to multiply your team. Thank You Jaye for providing valuable tips.

      • Jaye Carden

        You’re welcome Sridhar! I always appreciate you visiting!

    • Terri

      Outstanding blog content once again Jaye. You shared some great tips on how to find people for your network marketing business. It’s true that some people won’t have the marketing budget for their business. However as you stated in your article, when this is the case with some individuals then time and work ethics will be most beneficial until the business is profitable. Keep it mind that “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” This means patience should become one of the traits you’ll need. I happily endorse Jaye as the go to man on lead generation and network marketing. He’s professional, honest and smart. ~Terri Pattio - MLM Coach/Mentor with a servant’s heart/Twitter Strategist

      • Jaye Carden

        Thanks so much Terri. I appreciate the recommendation and comments!

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