How To Prospect Strangers In Network Marketing

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So you have ran out of people you know to tell your network marketing business to, and you need to learn how to prospect strangers in network marketing. In today’s message I am going to share some tips on how to prospect strangers in network marketing, and begin building much faster than waiting on your friends and family.

One of the largest problems people have with prospecting strangers is that they are nervous to speak to other people whom they don’t know. This is natural for when you first begin in network marketing, but the truth is, you will have to get over it.

It can be a simple strategy to prospect a stranger. But what many do is they do it wrong and get rejected. You need to be less pushy, less hype, and not care (sounds strange to not care, but you need to in a way). Many people try to convince others that they can make a lot of money, try to act like it’s the next big thing, and this will create resistance with most people.

Simply be in a hurry, and this will give you a reason to not be able to answer questions. Ask the stranger you are prospecting some questions first. Ask them things such as “How long have you worked here” if they are at work when you meet them. “Where are you from” can be a good way to possibly find something in common with them. It’s a good way to possibly get a real nice conversation going.

When you and the stranger you are prospecting seem to have a good conversation going and you are about to leave, ask them “Just throwing it out there, but would you be open to earning some extra money?” Or you can go off of what was talked about in the conversation. If they mention they are from a town you are familiar with perhaps, you can say “Just letting you know, we are helping some people in your town, and would you be open to making some extra money?”

how to prospect strangers in network marketing


The key is to say “open” and “extra” because everyone is open to look. Don’t say interested. Also when you say “extra” it means it can be anything. Everyone is open to making extra money.

Also be sure to get their information, and do not expect them to reach you by giving them yours. A major mistake when people are practicing how to prospect strangers in network marketing, they expect the prospect to call them. Be sure you are in a hurry and get the information from them and perhaps do not give them yours if it will show what you are doing before they see the presentation. People will ask others opinions on the project, and get negative remarks and you will loose the prospect.

Remember there is no certain question to ask, or no certain questions to get a conversation moving. You will have to learn to work with the situation. Practice how to prospect strangers in network marketing and your business will grow much more quickly.

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