How To Give More Network Marketing Presentations

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The network marketing presentation, is the way to the top of your business

Have you heard yet, “The one who gets the most eyes on the presentation wins”. It truly means that if you were to get more people taking a look into your business and products, you would of course signup more reps and find more customers. So today we are going to discuss some ways on how to give more network marketing presentations, so you can reach the level you need in your business.

How to give more network marketing presentations


First thing to know, is you should go for warm market. I know most people hate this, even myself, but don’t think of warm market as only friends and family.
You need to approach those you know first, it is the best way to give more presentations in the start. However, you should also be prepared to give presentations to everyone you come across as well. So be sure to have plenty of business cards to hand out, without putting your company’s name on the card.

Big mistake many make is they are open about their company before they give the presentation. This will not work because of the mind factor with most people. They go look it up, see it is MLM, and without hearing the benefits they avoid you. So they do not need to know the company until they are in the presentation.

Pick a lead generating strategy

You need to quickly burn through your warm market and get into your cold market. Cold market is those you do not know, so you will spend more time in cold market than in warm. Cold market does not know your history and failures, so they do not have a prejudice against you as much as your warm market had.
Here are a few ideas for generating cold market leads to give more presentations: 

  • Card Grabs
  • Realtor Signs
  • Contest Entry Boxes
  • Guerrilla Marketing

These are a few simple ideas to keep cold market prospects coming in to keep a steady flow of network marketing presentations going out.

Using the internet for more network marketing presentions

Then there is the one place everyone wants to rely on for more network marketing presentations: The Internet!
But this isn’t always the most productive way to start. Turn to the internet once you have contacted all you can in warm market and begin practicing the strategies I share on several of my blog posts on the website.

You will need to be given a certain amount of presentations everyday. So I would suggest starting with reaching out to social media friends, and looking for other network marketers who already understand the industry. You will find that the more people you are presenting to that already work or have worked in network marketing or MLM, the more actual signups you get. This is because they don’t have to train their mind to believe it will work.

Join social media groups where other network marketers are, and begin by commenting on their comments and posts, connecting with them, and sharing value with them. Do not ever just send a message saying to check this out, with a link to your presentation. You will need to build the relationship first, and a good relationship with trust and lots of value. You can signup on my website for more tips and training on how to build relationships and many tips on using social media and other internet lead strategies.

Should I Buy Leads?

I am not totally against buying leads, but I will say it can be tough. I think it is better to buy leads than to not be giving out presentations. Buying leads can be a great way to keep presentations going as you get better with internet lead generating strategies. However, you need to learn just how to work paid leads before buying them, and have a process you will work them through.
It is better to try and disqualify the lead as quickly as possible than to try and convince the person to think the way you need them to. Many of paid leads are low quality, but when you work enough, you will find the right person. So buying leads can be a good thing if you can be sure to work them correctly, and never be addicted to the outcome or results of paid leads. This will cause frustration if you are sensitive to every “no” you hear.

The ultimate way to give more presentations


First off, a home presentation is a good way to knock out a lot of people in one presentation. Then when those who join come on board, have them set up home meetings and invite all they know. Staying consistent with this will add up quickly. I know of a person who done 100 home meetings every night in a row, and after the 100th meeting was making $40,000 that month. So consistency works in anything you choose.

But for those who don’t like home meetings, there is the internet. I would begin my own website and blog, and begin using video. This method will take time to begin building it’s momentum, but will bring a long lasting string of results when it takes it’s force.
Always be working as many presentations through as many methods as you can, while building a solid foundation for lead generation such as a blog and video channel.
Begin using paid advertising as well such as PPC when you can afford it. This brings instant results, however, unlike the blog, once you stop paying it stops working. But staying consistent will really add up with results.

Do you understand how to give more network marketing presentation?

Always begin in the areas where you can quickly give the network marketing presentation. Always be working on a solid source such as a blog, and videos. Find ways to keep presentations coming even if you have to buy the leads. Or you can find people in your local area through the sources above.
Consistency is the true way to make any method work in network marketing presentations. Most methods always take a little time to begin seeing the results, so don’t think something doesn’t work because in the start there is no results. It all takes consistency and if you aren’t consistent, you will waste more time and money.

Signup at my website to learn more information on how to give more network marketing presentations, and all the lead generating strategies you can use online and offline.
Be sure to comment below and share this with your team as well. Also, share this on your favorite social media website so more people can benefit.

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