How To Build A Network Marketing Team

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In network marketing, you know that if you can build a team then you can have major success. But just how do you build a network marketing team? In today’s message and training, I am going to share some tips with you on how to build a network marketing team, that can help you reach success.

Of course, you know it starts with you. You are the most important part when it comes to building a network marketing team. You will begin finding others to build with you, and realize many will come in and do nothing. Don’t let this distract you, because it is common. You must focus on continuing and finding those who will duplicate and build their own team.

However, you must have a process, for others to follow. The key on how to build a network marketing team lies in the process. If you have a simple process for others to follow, you will get more duplication. A hard process, or confusing system, will lead to more quitting or doing nothing.



Get your new people trained quickly, and make sure they understand the team’s process. I personally, have done several webinars for my team, helping others learn to follow the process, find leads, and make sales. The more simple and easy it is, the better.

Keep your team on an email list, so they can always be aware of any trainings, webinars, or company products. Keeping them updated will do more than you realize. Many people begin building a team, and will not reach back out to their distributors after they join.

Offering help to the new members is always great. If a team member can get a quick start and earn some commissions, this usually fires them up a lot. Work hard to get your team members started off with a good first month.

Using Skype groups can be benifical on how to build a network marketing team. When a new distributor or rep signs up with the team, make sure they are not only on the email list, but in the skype chat room. This has been huge for my network marketing team to stay in the loop, and holds more retintion.


The basics on how to build a network marketing team are to use a simple and easy to follow system. Remember many will get confused easy, so the more simple the better. Quickly train your people to follow this easy system, and help them get a fast start. Make sure they are on an email list for notifications, and in some type of chatroom like Skype, so they can be part of the team and get faster answers.

If this has gave you more ideas to help strengthen your network marketing team, please leave a comment and share this with your team. Also share on your favorite social media website.

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