Network Marketing Tips: Face To Face Prospecting

Would you like to know how to prospect strangers face to face in network marketing? How would your business grow if you knew what to say, when to say it, and where to send your prospects you meet in person? Of course this is a powerful skill that top earners have, but most people fear. So I want to show you some network marketing tips on face to face prospecting.

What may be best for you, is to imagine yourself being prospected. What could a person say to you to make you want to get on a presentation or webinar? A strong network marketing tip would be, don’t do anything you wouldn’t want someone approaching you with.

The first rule, is to be busy. Being busy and in a rush prevents conversation, questions, and non-sense discussion that can blow your chances of a presentation. A good way to approach someone, or a good question would be “Hey, just curious. Would you happen to know anyone who is open to making some extra money?”


By using the word “extra” it will limit the rejection. Everyone is open to “extra” money, but not everyone is open to “The newest and hottest way to get rich.” That alone is a great network marketing tip.

If the person agrees, or says “I am open to making extra money” then a wise move would be to ask the prospect “Why are you open?” Let the prospect tell you the reasons why they are wanting to make extra money because this will be good info to have once the presentation comes. Yet more good network marketing tips.

Always be sure to say “Well, I’m in a hurry so maybe we can catch up later, and I can call you and explain more.” Then grab their info such as name, number, email, etc. Do not just hand them a card and expect them to reach you. Also never hand a business card that has your company’s name on it. Remember people will google it! Of course they will find the negative false claims, and believe it. How is that for network marketing tips?

You need to have the prospects full attention when it comes time to give the presentation. Most companies have live webinars, recorded presentation, phone audio, or some type of presentation. Let the presentation do the work. Do not try to explain it to the prospect alone. You need something duplicatable and easy for downline to follow.

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  • Jerry Wiseman

    Reply Reply September 9, 2014

    Jaye Thanks again. A great blog with some great tips. I like your tips I am going to try them and see how they work. I feel these will help with face to face prospecting.

    • Jaye Carden

      Reply Reply September 12, 2014

      Great, thanks Jerry. I am sure you will do well if you put them into action!

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