Blogging Strategies For Marketing

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Why should I use blogging strategies in my marketing?

If you are a blogger, or are looking to begin blogging as a strategy for your business, then you need to pay close attention to these effective blogging strategies for marketing. Blogging has been proven to be a super effective way to build network marketing, affiliate marketing, and all types of home businesses. In this article, I will share with you the blogging strategies for marketing that are sure to work for you.

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 Blogging Marketing Strategies #1: Choose your niche

When you begin blogging, you must have your niche planned. What will you blog about? Who will be your readers?
This is important so you can decide how to use each blogging strategy effectively. Do not just jump around from topic to topic in many different niches. This can confuse readers, and it will make it much harder to market to a certain type of person.
If you are selling dog houses, then you need to blog only about dogs. This way dog lovers will always turn to your blog for resources and information on their dog. If you began writing about surfing, sports, and politics, your audience would stop reading what they came for. So build an audience of your niche, and this will make your offers targeted to the right people, who are open to buying your products.

Blogging Marketing Strategies #2: Have a giveaway


Believe it or not, having a give away on your blog is the perfect blogging strategy for marketing there is, when it comes to building an email list of interested prospects. Use an ebook, or a gift that will be of no cost to you to share, but will bring lots of value to your readers.
If you sold dog houses, you could give away an ebook on how to build the perfect dog house. Or how to give your dog the perfect home. Your readers would opt in to get the free ebook, and would give you their name, email, and even phone number if you request it.
Using this blogging strategy for marketing, you are now building an email list of people who would want to buy dog houses or other dog related products from you. They will also build trust, and a liking towards you. Most people buy from those who give them the most value, so be sure to give it the most value you can.

Blogging Marketing Strategies #3: Use a pop-up

You may be under the impression that pop-ups drive people away. You may even hate them when they pop-up on you. But the numbers are what you need to be looking at, and they can be much higher when using a pop-up.
You will want to use the same give away, or another, that you have on your opt-in form mentioned in blogging strategy #2. You can set it to go off when a new person visits, and if a returning person visits it doesn’t go off. Or you can set it to go off on people during their first 3 visits. Either way, you do not have to cram the pop-up down their throats.
However, using a pop-up when a person visits, has great results for opt-ins. Those who use pop-ups get more leads by far than those who do not. So regardless of the reputation a pop-up may have, you may consider it one of the best blogging strategies for marketing.

Blogging Marketing Strategy #4: Don’t sell

You may be wondering “How do I make money if I don’t try to sell”. The answer is simple. You will use your blog for researching purposes, or educational purposes. The info you put on your blog is what will attract the people to read it. Selling does not bring people in.
You will use your email list that has been created from your blog to occasionally send out an offer. Or, you can have an offer occasionally on your blog. Always use the 80/20 rule, which is 80% value, and 20% marketing. People are attracted to the value you give them, and will purchase from you when the time is right for them to.

Blogging Marketing Strategy #5: Use a video

You will see this all the time in my own blogs. I use a video because videos are much higher at converting than text is alone. Also, the video will help a lot with the SEO purposes that are mentioned on blogging marketing strategy #6.
Video can help a prospect learn more about you, get to know you, and make a decision if they like you enough to buy from you. Video will take away the mask, and bring you out so your prospects see you as a real person, and not some mystery person behind the blog.
The stats will show that video is the best way to convert leads, sales, and market any type of business in any niche. So place videos among your blog, and this will really help increase your results from your blogging strategies for marketing.

Blogging Marketing Strategies #6: SEO

You should always practice using SEO in as many of your posts as possible. This is what the search engines look for, and this leads to a high number of new visitors to find your blog.
I will not touch on these strategies for SEO in this post, but be sure you learn as much about SEO as you can. The SEO world is always changing, and the search engines are always changing how they find the information they share with their customers. Stay on top of it, and the best way to do this is to subscribe to this blog, or opt-in to the form at the top right. Join my email list and you will learn more on SEO and many other marketing strategies.

Blogging Marketing Strategy #7: Call to action

Also known as the CTA, a good CTA is needed. By simply telling your readers to “opt-in” or to comment and share your material, it can mean huge results for you. Most people will comment, share, or join your list when you mention it on your blog and video, but otherwise would not have done so without the CTA.
Always use a CTA at the start or finish of every blog or video you make. This alone will increase your numbers and help your prospects follow the path you need them to. Always make sure your CTA is critical, and even touch on the person’s character if they do not follow the CTA.
An example would be “Be sure to sign up for the next dog show, or your dog will not get the attention he deserves.” By telling them the bad results of not following, can also increase your numbers on your CTA.

Blogging Marketing Strategy #8: Be king to others


You should always be good to other bloggers, comment on their posts, share their material, and help them get their content out. By doing this, you will see others do the same for you. The more bloggers you can do this for in your niche, the more you get back.
One thing this will help with is your SEO. The more comments, likes, shares, tweets, and visits your blog gets, the higher up the search engines it goes.
You can also use social sharing websites that will greatly increase the amounts of social signals and visitors you get. You can signup for these websites by visiting and use the links on that page. These are the largest and most productive social sharing sites that are free to use.

Blogging Marketing Strategy #9: Be unique

Whatever you do, do not copy someone else. The more unique and original you can make your blog, the more you will stand out. If you follow the exact steps of some of the more popular blogs in your niche, people will see this. They already get their info from the others, so your blog would hold no value to them.
When blogging, simply be yourself. This will attract you your own audience and readers. Although important, do not kill yourself when you make a typo, or mistake. Do not hold off on getting started with your blog because you want to “learn it all” before you begin. This will keep you from learning, since blogging is best learned as you go.

Blogging Marketing Strategy #10: Stay consistent

The most important strategy to blogging is consistency. The more you write new content, the faster your blog will move up the rankings.
If you post everyday, this is a huge advantage to you. If you only post once in a blue moon, your blog may never take off and get the attention you desire.
Staying consistent is the key, more than anything else. All the other blogging strategies for marketing help a lot, and should be used and practiced. However, with no consistency, they will do much of nothing.
Post no less than once a week, and if all possible, post everyday or as many days of the week as possible. I have personally seen a person who posted everyday for over a year, and quickly his blog made him a top earner is his company. Consistency is what created the success. Stay consistent with your blogging and you will see results very soon.

Did these blogging strategies for marketing help?

If so, be sure to share this with your team or on your favorite social media website. Also, leave a comment below on any thoughts you have about blogging strategies.

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