Warm Market Tips: 7 Tips For Better Results

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Do you have a fear of talking to the people you know about your business? Or perhaps you feel like your warm market is not a good quality of people for what you do? There are many reasons we should talk to our warm market about our business, but there is a smarter way of doing this. Here I will explain some warm market tips that can help you get more from those you know best.

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Warm Market Tips 1: Care Less

Of course this doesn’t mean to “not care” about your business. But you don’t want your prospect to know you do. Come off to your prospect as if their participation is not a win or lose for you. The idea that you don’t have to have them is what may intrigue more people’s interest into what you have.

Warm Market Tips #2: Be In A Hurry



Don’t over explain to your best friend. Warm market is the easiest in most cases to use this tip. By being in a hurry you will not be able to tell them much about the project. Instead, you can meet up or visit them to present them the presentation you feel is best for them.

Warm Market Tips #3: Never Talk About It

Of course, once again this doesn’t mean to never mention your opportunity to your warm market, but don’t be the person your warm market runs from when they see you coming. Being short and sweet in the first mention is key, and then drop it. Let them come around to ask how it’s going. It is wise to keep your answer sweet like you assume they are not interested, and simply reply “I love it” or “I’m really excited about it”. Good way to get them asking more about your business, and opening a door for you.

Warm Market Tips #4: Get A Result From Your Product

This is where your network marketing company was right. Be a product of the product. Of course in some opportunities this isn’t quite so easy, but you should always be using the products in front of people, and making it possible for those who know you, to see you have had a great result from the product. This can lead to customers only, and possible some warm market who decide they would now like to try building a business with you.

Warm Market Tips #5: “No” Means “Not Now”



You will hear the word “No” more than “Yes” in network marketing. This goes for cold market as well. But with warm market, don’t feel like you should quit your business because no one you know wanted to join you. There will come a time when it will be a good idea to ask again. But when you do, remember the warm market tips above.

Warm Market Tips #6: Contact Your List Quickly

When you approach your warm market list, be sure you contact them all as fast as possible. You will want to get some results and business quickly, and warm market can be tough for many. You need to move to cold market quickly, because they do not know your past. Remember, warm market does know you, and your past mistakes and failures. Cold market will assume you are successful if approached correctly. Once you have a few people in your business through cold market, and there is income coming in, more of your warm market is likely to now consider it.

Warm Market Tips #7: Create A New Warm Market



Warm market is simply people you already know. If you have a bad and negative thinking warm market, remember you created that (except for family). Begin meeting new people, those you know will be positive minded. Build relationships with others inside of the public, or successful type people. The more people you build a good relationship with, the larger the warm market. Stop hanging around anyone who is negative, or insults you for your business. That is not healthy for you, so lose the bad for business people, and begin choosing more positive thinking people to build a relationship with.


Did you get value from this? If so, please comment below your thoughts, or any other warm market tips you may have. Also be sure to pass this to your team so they can use this, and share on your favorite social media website.

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  • Jerry Wiseman

    Reply Reply November 20, 2014

    Great video Jaye. The 7 warm market tips have good meaning. Just need to focus on them and make it happen. Always good to refresh up on them.Thanks again Jaye well done.

    • Jaye Carden

      Reply Reply November 20, 2014

      Thanks Jerry, I appreciate you coming by so often!

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