Network Marketing Training: How Peanut Butter Will Save Your Business

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If you are searching for network marketing training for any reason, you need to read this. No matter how successful you are, or if you are just beginning, this may be one of the greatest tips in network marketing training you will ever know of. I will explain to you how peanut butter may be the turning point for your business, and just what it really has to do with marketing.


If you are puzzled at how peanut butter will actually be the direct reason your business takes off, then stop thinking. Peanut butter itself won’t do this, but I want to focus on peanut butter to get the message across so you can understand more clear.

The network marketing training is actually on something we call “Triggers”, and in this article, peanut butter is the trigger.




In marketing, or network marketing, a “trigger” is something that will make a person think of you, and your brand. So when I say peanut butter, you may think of Jelly? Some may think of chocolate? It is an object, figure of speech, or even a day of the week that will have people think of you. So be sure you don’t tie yourself into a negative trigger unless you want that type of publicity.


There are several different people with many different products reading this, so I can’t tell anyone what their trigger should be. But many companies and brands will use days of the week for special promotions, so they get tied into that particular day.

Using the peanut butter example, think of what you can tie a product to, or create a special day of the week that will have people think of you when they hear what day it is.

What could you find or create, that is heard on a common basis, that can have people think of you? This is a challenge and a brain twister, but when you keep this in mind, you will stumble across your trigger.


If you liked what you just learned about on “Triggers”, please leave a comment below and share this on your favorite social site. If you have thought of your brand a great trigger, please feel free to share it below as well. Sometimes network marketing training ca be imaginative, but always fun!

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Am I Ready For Network Marketing?

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Are you waiting to learn more before you begin actually promoting your network marketing business? Or perhaps you are waiting until you feel like your ready? When we are new to network marketing, we have many questions we will ask, and we always feel like there is something missing. I want to share with you today, on how to feel like it is time to begin promoting your network marketing business.

The longer you wait to begin talking to others and taking action, the longer you have to wait for success. The truth is, you will always feel like there is more to learn, but do not let that be an excuse to sit by and wait for the answers to come along.

By getting out and speaking to others, the answers will come. You can learn many things on your own. Consider it like hands on experience. By moving forward, you will begin gathering the experience you need.

There will always be more to learn, always. This is not a reason to begin working on your business. Do not be afraid of questions people will ask, and do not be afraid of not knowing an answer that may be asked. I have been asked many questions I did not know the answer to, yet never has that been an issue for others in joining me or purchasing a product.


If you wait til you feel like the time is right, you more than likely will just wait forever. So begin getting yourself some hands on experience and begin speaking to others today.

It is mostly an issue in feeling more comfortable. But the truth is, in network marketing, the more you feel comfortable, the less likely you are to be doing what you need to be doing. Prepare to step out of your comfort zone and put yourself in uncomfortable situations.

Did you get value from this article, or has it helped you to realize it’s time to move forward? If so, please comment and share on your favorite social media platform. Be sure to share this with your team as well!

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