MLM Business Plan: The One Step Plan

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Do you need a plan to get your new or exsisting MLM business into a profitable business? Do you need a MLM business plan to get to the next level, or just to gain some creditbility with others? Here I share the MLM business plan I call the “One Step Plan” and show you how I did it, and how you too can create a successful MLM business plan.



The “One Step Plan” is a simple MLM business plan that focuses on just taking a one step approach to your business. You must decide what is the first step for you?

This can be getting your first customer? Getting a builder to work in the business with you? Maybe you have these both and need to find a way to get your downline to begin building and finding their first customers.

This MLM business plan works by breaking down your business into what little step is needed next. In the video below I will explain in great detail how to approach this plan, and how to implement it.

Now decide what is the next little piece to your MLM business plan that needs to be implemented. Focus mostly on this, and find where it is you can make it work. Always start from the bottom, like a ladder, and take it just one little leg at a time.

Find where competition is low. Find places where your product/service is needed and search there. Don’t look at the pros with tons of success and expect to go into where they are and convince people they need you instead. The example of Google is a good way to explain. Why compete on Google when you are new? Create a MLM business plan that competes where you have less competition and can be the star at.

The “One Step Plan” MLM business plan has been a successful plan for me. Learning what step is next will also determine what is needed to advertise. Here are some steps as examples.

1. Find first customer

2. Find a builder

3. Find team member their first customer

4. Rank advancements

5. Rank an article, that can be easy with no competition

6. Run a PPC campaign where bids are low and easy to compete

7. Speak to professionals, or public figures you know of about the business

8. Rank a video for a keyword that is popular, but no one in your industry is using

9. Create a duplicatible process for your downline

10. Run a series of sponshorship events in your team



These are examples of some of the steps I took. I can’t tell you all the fine details, because you more than likely aren’t in the same MLM business as I am. So your details of products/services will be different.

In your MLM business plan, simply find the next step you need to grow your business. Focus the advertising methods that can make the step successful. If an advertising campaign brings you 1 customer a week, it may not be the campaign needed for the job. You would need to create a MLM business plan to add a few more customers, and that would be the next step to focus on. Do not focus on more than one step at a time, or your MLM business plan will not be much of a plan at all, but more of an overwhelming disaster.


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