Twitter Marketing Strategy: Over A Dozen Tips For Twitter Success

If you are searching for a Twitter marketing strategy, then this will help you build the perfect marketing strategy using Twitter. Even though many believe Twitter is not a good place to market, after you learn a few markeing strategies to use with Twitter, you will notice that isn’t the case.

First thing you need when considering a Twitter marketing strategy is “who is your customer base.” Knowing who you want to be reading your tweets will make the odds of engagement much better.

Second you need to make sure your profile is set up professionally. Twitter profiles without pictures do not get any engagement or many followers. Be sure there is a professional picture, and a great bio on your profile.

Third, you are ready to begin creating a following. You need to maximize your followers for your Twitter marketing strategy to be successful. If you have targeted profiles following you, you will get much better results. Be sure you have targeted customer profiles following.

Fourth is to begin finding through the search bar on Twitter, the profiles you need to be following you. Follow about 20 to 30 a day, and many of these Twitter users will follow you back. Be sure to find targeted members to follow. Once you have reached 2,000 people you follow, you will not be allowed to follow anymore. So it’s crucial to find who isn’t following you back and unfollow them. (You can learn how to do this in the video, or paragraph at bottom)


Fifth thing to do in your Twitter marketing strategy is to favorite the tweets of those who have targeted profiles. This you can do unlimited, and when they get an email you favorited their tweet, many will begin following you.

Sixth, now that you are getting more followers, it is wise to follow them all back. If the person is a potential customer, you will want them to not choose you to unfollow when they need to drop some profiles right? That’s just one reason to follow back!

Seventh, is to commonly retweet those you follow and those who follow back’s tweets. This will help in you getting more re-tweets. Find people with large followings to re-tweet and favorite as well. This will help when re-tweeted to a larger audience.

Eighth point in your Twitter marketing strategy is to tweet value. Tweet what it is your following will like to read about. Also be sure to add pictures for these often get a higher response.

Ninth, is to connect your Twitter account to all other social media platforms you use. Through your Twitter marketing strategy you can direct your followers to follow you in more places.

Tenth, is to find the best times to tweet. Not every follower will see every tweet you send out. It’s okay to send the same tweet out often. Find the best times for you to send tweets that will get you the most responses and engagement.

Eleventh factor while using your Twitter marketing strategy is to use hastags. Hashtags are going to help twitter users find your tweets in the searches. A hastag is where you use the # symbol in front of a word. Do not clutter your tweet with these, but it’s okay to use a couple at times. Sometimes in your Twitter marketing strategy you can hastag a word at the end that is just a description of the tweet. Such as “Learn how to generate leads using Twitter. #MLM”

Twelfth tip when trying to get more followers in your Twitter marketing strategy is to use the @ symbol before a username of any Twitter profile you would like to be delivered to. For example, if someone wanted to tweet to me, and make sure I see it, they would use @jayecarden, and I would get an email I was mentioned. So this can be a good way to get a re-tweet and get more followers.

Thirteen: Just another tip to make it over a dozen ways to create a Twitter Marketing Strategy, is to ask questions in your tweets. Before I even wrote this article, I sent a tweet with a question and got a reply in seconds. Asking questions can help strike conversations.

Using Twitter for a marketing tool can be super beneficial. It takes time, but with the tips above you can get a large following of targeted Twitter users fairly quick.

Using the tool Tweet Adder can be the fastest way to grow a Twitter campaign and manage it to be successful. It will automate your tweets, follows, messages, and much more. ALl the important factors in Twitter can become very time consuming, so if you want to have a Twitter account that never misses a follow back, can find those who unfollow you, messages everyone who follows, and much more, be sure to grab Tweet Adder while it’s still available HERE or using the banner on the right side of this page.

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  • Hi Jaye. Glad I stopped by to read these excellent Twitter marketing tips. This is invaluable information. Thanks my friend and continued success to you.

  • Bridget Braham

    Reply Reply July 18, 2014

    Hi Jaye, as usual you give valuable tips and training. I am happy to learn these tips as I have a Twitter account but not doing much with it. Thanks a bunch and keep up the good work.

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