Should I Use Scripts With Network Marketing?

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How many times have you wondered what to say when you were prospecting someone? Always needing that perfect line that will just lure people into wanting to join your business or buy your product?
Or, is there a perfect line? This always raises the question, which I have heard several times - “Should I use a script” and if so, what is that perfect script to use?
In today’s post, we will look into which is best, to script or not to script, and help you decide if using a script in your network marketing business is something you need to be doing.

My Personal Experience

When it came to talking to others about my products and opportunity, I personally did not use a script. However, when I first began in my first MLM company, I was instructed by upline to use a script and never change a single word in it.
Using the script, I personally felt like I was fake. There may of been some parts of it I did like, but hated using it. I did not see a large amount of signups from using it, but understood that it is there so most people can at least get some signups; since most did not want to speak to anyone without a script.
My fist prospect to speak to over the phone without using a script was my first signup on my own as well. Plus, she went the highest level. This made me more confident I could do better with being myself than using a script. I later went on to signup 24 people in under 3 weeks by throwing away the script, and doing it how I felt - one on one and real.
I do not believe everyone can do it without a script. The personality plays a part in this. If a person bends at the first mention of skepticism, then perhaps they should use a script. But, in the long run, I believe using an entire conversation on script should not be the approach you plan as you build your career. Keep scripts only to one liners, and let you and the presentation do the work from there. I’ll explain more below.

Inviting People To Your Presentation

Let’s first look at which action we are trying to take with someone. In this part, let’s look at inviting people to take a look at our business presentation, which is mostly for business partners. However, it can also help with the product sales as well, but most presentations are targeted for what all can be made from using and promoting products.
This is the perfect place to use the “one liners” scripted. I believe if you have a good question you ask and it seems to get the most responses, then use it. This is a script.
For example “Are you open to a side project if it doesn’t interfere with what you are doing now?” or “do you happen to know anyone who is open to making some extra money on the side?” are good one line scripts that can open the door to inviting someone to a presentation.
Make sure you understand in person invitations so you get the highest amount of people to show up for the presentation as possible. You can refer to “Master Sponsoring Secrets” to learn more on inviting people the right way.

Calling A Cold Lead

This is where you are simply calling people you have not met before, and throwing a line out to them to see if they are open to taking a look at what you are doing. This is also the most fearful approach for many, but usually is the best way to build a large team. Once a person has began doing this approach, they find there was nothing to fear to begin with. It’s how I sponsored most of my reps.
I believe it is always best to use a script in this approach as well. Using another one liner to break the ice is best. But just like inviting people in person, knowing the best way to do this (avoid questions, objections, etc) is important to get the highest numbers possible.
I believe the script used in the “MLM Recruit On Demand” system is one of the best scripts for this approach. You can use it, or play with it til it feels like it’s more of your style.

When Is It Best Not To Use Scripts?

To be a no script kind of guy, other than inviting or asking someone to a presentation, when else would I need a script?
Many teams use scripts through the entire process, even in the closing. I prefer not to use a script for anything other than inviting, since everyone is different, and different personalities ask and speak differently.
I believe finding a good connection or something you have in common with the prospect is beneficial. After they have viewed a presentation, or even before you invite them, find that common link between you two. This helps to build trust, and likability from your prospect. Scripts can prevent this from happening and can come off as a sales person feel.
In many of my successful signups I and the prospect spoke of things not related to the presentation or opportunity. It made a friendship and kept the conversation from being all about me selling them something.
Also, when closing, you may have different pains to point out to each and every prospect. Some may be best to ask questions about their situation, while others it could be something else that motivates them to take action. This is why I keep my conversations with prospects real, and unscripted. I personally see a large number more join from throwing the scripts away at this point.

What If I Don’t Know What To Say?

Ever think like this? Not sure what to say? This is what holds back most people from even taking the first step. They want to know what to say to every question they can think of that someone may ask. This is not what you need to do, as you will never be ready to take action because there is always something else you find to prevent you from it.
Understand you will not know for sure how any strange call or prospect situation will go. Some are quick and over. Some are people who ask questions all the time. But none, are as expected in full.
You will find that you learn best by experience. Making the calls and invites while understanding a few common objections or what to reply if asked is enough. You will hear questions only one prospect can come up with, and will either know or not know the answer. No prospect has ever shot me down because I did not know the answer to his/her question. Just simply tell them, you don’t know for sure, but can find out for them. This in a way makes you seem more real and not a person who avoids questions like scripts will call for you to do. Never let the unknown stop you from moving forward.

Should I Use Script With Network Marketing Overview

For the invites, and cold call openings, you should. Know what to say to get a person to a presentation and be sure you know the common objection answers and correct way to invite. Other than that, keep it real and be yourself. Scripts will not let you find the common connections between you and a prospect, and usually don’t answer all the different questions you will hear. Keeping it real once a person has seen a presentation or before you invite is the best way to find what you and the prospect have in common, and can find to work together.

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  • Carla

    Reply Reply February 10, 2017

    I’m kind of afraid of scripts. I always want to try and be as authentic as possible, however, I always have a huge sheet of point form notes to refer to.

    • Jaye Carden

      Reply Reply February 11, 2017

      I believe scripts do serve well as a guideline, but not a conversation. I’ve used them from start to finish with one network, and hated them. My numbers increased when I stopped using them. Thanks for coming by Carla, I am glad you did!

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