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Yesterday I had a Spreecast covering the topic of “Offline Network Marketing”. Offline Network Marketing is something that is crucial to your business, so why is it so over looked?

I touch up on this, and a few tips to help you get a better understanding on how to maximize your business using offline network marketing. Also a call has been recorded of our live conference call where I interviewed, and had guests on to share their opinion on offline network marketing and share some tips as well. These guests are giants in our industry, and they have been very successful with offline network network marketing.

Here is the audio to our call we had right after my Spreecast Broadcast on “Offline Network Marketing.”


You must remember that when using offline network marketing methods, you need to use them in massive amounts. Taking massive action in your offline network marketing will help you receive successful results. Don’t make the mistake of posting one flier or poster, and expecting a result. Listen to the audio above if you haven’t yet, and hear why offline network marketing helped my guests to become top earners.

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