Network Marketing Tips For Beginners

There are 10 major tips I follow, and by learning these you will see a huge difference in results. These are the 10 best network marketing tips for beginners.

I learned these from several different top earners, and I am happy to share them with the beginner. Pay close attention and plan your moves wisely. These 10 network marketing tips for beginners will certainly lead you to the path of success.

1. Become a product of the product - You have heard this I hope by your upline when you first started. This is very important. You need to be a perfect example of what the product does. The more people see the difference in you, the easier it is to reccommend. Take this tip to the extreme and live for the product.

2. Create your own leads - Let’s face it. Buying leads can quickly drain the funds you have for your network marketing business so it’s important to learn lead generation. This does take time, so be sure to begin early. But by creating your own leads, you can see better prospects, and much higher profits.

3. Take massive action - This network marketing tip for beginners is one of the tips that can be used from day one. Simply taking massive action means doing your advertising to the extreme. A great example would be to place 4 fliers to your competition’s one. This can also mean placing online classifieds at a rate of 100 a day. This is very crucial for lead generation and results. If you want to be known, do your advertising to the extreme.

4. Stay consistent - Once you have built momentum from the massive action you are taking, it is important to NOT stop, just because you start getting results. Keep in mind that what you do today effects your business in 6 weeks. So if you cease to taking massive action, in 6 weeks you will see your business falling backwards instead of having momentum.

5. Become the leader  - Here is a network marketing tips for beginners that many beginners will not do. Instead of being the leader, they want someone else to be the leader, and they follow, and direct their team to follow. By doing this, it may be useful for some, and bad for others. You are now the leader of your team members, so you need to be prepared to work like one. Lead by example. If you aren’t taking massive action, why should they?

6. Use social media - All businesses are turning more towards social media. It is where the people go, so the businesses need to market where people go. So should you. You need to create a profile on as many social media sites as possible. Learn these websites, and how to be a good marketer on them. Some top earners use only social media, because it’s all they need. Don’t be left out, and don’t think that Facebook alone can do the job. Open up to all social media sites.

7. Use the law of attraction - This is a tip you must put in place now. From now on always think with a positive outlook. Speak only the things you want to accomplish, and speak all positive words. You will attract others who are positive, and this will certainly bring good things to you. It may be hard for some to understand, but once it begins to work, it makes perfect sense.

8. Take responsibility - Things will go bad. Most of the time you have no control over these things. But, when it does come for you, you need to be responsible and find a way to get around it and keep moving. Believe that you can get your team moving, even when they don’t believe in themselves. Don’t make excuses on why you can’t, and instead start finding a way so you can. Your team will be depending on you.

9. Use tools - Don’t be the person who doesn’t want to buy tools for their business. These tools can help take your business to the next level. For example, automating Twitter can be a rewarding tool. It keeps you marketing on Twitter without using any of your time. By doing this it expands your reach in less time. I highly suggest using Tweetadder which can be purchased from The banner is on the side of the page. There are several more tools that you need to use to build. All business owners need to build an email list, so grab AWeber for just $1 to test. It as well is a must to build a profitable business.

10. Invest in education - Don’t be the business owner who doesn’t think they need to learn more about their industry and profession. Since more than likely you are in Network Marketing, the best education you can get is with MLSP. This also will allow you to use more tools that all businesses need online. You can test it out for only $2, and if you see the power, it can be used for only $20 a month. Here you can learn SEO, keyword research, PPC, blogging, video marketing, article marketing, solo ads, ezines, resume database research, content, story telling, webinars, email marketing, and much more. This helps you become a pro at any strategy you wish. Click here to start, or the banner on the side of the page.


These network marketing tips for beginners have been what helped me reach a full time income from home. If you follow these network marketing tips for beginners, you will see a great amount of success.

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  • MLM online

    Reply Reply April 17, 2014

    Multilevel marketing can be done by anyone who has enough gut and determination, one who puts premium on teamwork and cooperation.

    A few years ago, in a fit of romantic purism, I asked a
    girl on a date to the coin-op laundry. I read it in
    every single marketing book and self help book I got my hands onto.

  • MLM sponsoring

    Reply Reply April 18, 2014

    YOU determine your future, success or failure, through the actions you
    take. Of course, in the long run, he would have to run out of participants, and
    everything would collapse, though in the case of Ponzi,
    he was caught before it could happen. Network marketing put
    simply is the leveraging of relationships used to get customers to purchase a service or product.

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