Network Marketing Plans For 2017

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As of today, 2017 has officially launched! Like a new program or tool, the year 2017 is ready for business, and you my friend can profit from it. In this post, I am not writing content to rank high in the search engines, but to only share advice or tips that can help people in network marketing during and throughout the year 2017.
Hope this content will help you out if you are looking for network marketing plans for 2017. The strategies I will list are the ones to really make your year take off, and reach higher levels of success.

Active And Passive Marketing

Knowing the difference is important. And knowing which you need to focus on is also important. If you are new to network marketing, and want to crush it in 2017, you may want to consider doing the part in which most people will not want to do. As a matter of fact, most people will completely skip over prospecting and try to market online instead. Marketing online is great, but takes time. So consider doing a year of prospecting to get your business profitable while creating online strategies.

Active Prospecting

This is where you directly prospect someone. You are talking directly to a named individual who you are presenting your business to. This is the fastest way to get a team built in network marketing. You can actively prospect people without needing money to advertise. If you need help finding prospects to talk to, consider this free training video called “Top 10 Prospecting Tricks”

Passive Marketing

This is where you market online, or offline, in the hopes that an unknown individual will reply to your ad. This is more like “hoping” and in a world of several ads, you may find it tough at first to stand out. Passive marketing can be successful over time. The main focus is to build a list of people with their name and email address so you can keep a relationship building with them.

Active Prospecting For 2017

Combining your own prospects with a combination of “MLM Leads”, you can really pull in some good results. The idea to stay active, working day after day with contacting new people. Imagine as if your life would end if you did not find 20 people to invite to a presentation. Of course you would do all you could to get them there, so if that’s what it takes to prospect, use it.

I use a very powerful system for keeping prospects in front of presentations. Using it for the “rainy days” or days when my lead generation falls short. This is the closest thing to generating your own leads, which is genealogy leads. Use the “MLM Recruit On Demand” system to be certain new people are looking at your business every single day.

Passive Marketing For 2017

Let’s look at some strategies you can put into place to begin building your business. These strategies worked on a daily basis, consistently, are how you reach levels that everyone wants. To have people contacting them instead of having to look for prospects.

Content Is Still The King

It’s true. You need a blog that consistently puts out new information to attract people to you. They go looking for information online, or they see the content and become interested, and learn about you. The more they see, and the better the information is, the more likely they will be to do business with you.
A personal branded blog works best. Find what your niche is and decide to write content around the products, the solutions to problems in your niche, and help people who’s answer comes from something you offer. This is for sure the best way to market passively. All content you write will stay online forever, so as you put more out, the traffic and leads increase.

Get A Little Personal For 2017

Also, using video inside your content, or as your content helps. People are visual for the most part, so using videos helps your target market to “get to know you” and decide if they like you or not.
Using video is very powerful, and is the highest converting lead magnet of all (except for webinars which are video as well in a way).
If you need help getting to know how to set your videos up for leads and opt-ins, consider viewing a free training video “Youtube Lead-Gen” and get your free pdf file “101 Video Creation Ideas”.

Getting Social In 2017

Now social media is a hot topic right now, so don’t let it slide past you. Become active on the top visited sites, and try to master a couple of them. If you become good at any of the popular social sites, your business will feel it too. But, you want to be on as many as your time will allow, because people tend to get more chances of being seen the more sites they post at. If someone misses your Facebook post, they may see a tweet.
Social media is also a powerful place to run paid ads, but be sure you go small if you are starting out. Learning how to identify your target market in the best way possible is how you will make profits from advertising on social media. Simply placing an ad will cause you to lose big on your R.O.I. Be sure to start small until you are getting a break even R.O.I on paid ads.

Speaking Of Paid Ads in 2017

There are several paid advertising strategies you can ad to your arsenal for network marketing in 2017. Solo ads are a very popular method, and can be less expensive since the hard part was taken care of by someone else. A solo ad is simply where you pay someone to run an email to their list of subscribers. Since they already have a large list, you are getting your message to people in your actual market. The best place to find a good solo ad vendor is UDIMI
Then, if you are needing an extra push, or are new, you can consider using a solo ad provider that charges only a one time fee, and you run solo ads for life. It will not be as targeted as a vendor above, but it still can pull some decent results. Considering it’s a one time payment of a low amount, it’s worth using in your arsenal. Go here and run your first solo ad at Leased Ad Space.

What Matter Most For 2017

No matter what your schedule is, or what strategies you chose to pursue your career, one thing that matters most will determine your outcome. This is your work ethic, and dedication to accomplishing the tasks ahead.
There will always be days when you “don’t feel like it” and days when life gets in the way. Those who complete the tasks no matter what the circumstances may be, will be the ones who achieve the most success. Truth is, we all will see challenges, obstacles, and feel like the world is unfair to us. But the truth will always be, it’s because you are human. Do not let any walls hold you back. Work as hard and as consistently as you can and your reward will be there for you. If you fail to work, continue pouring everything you have into it, then you will not see any difference from last year.

Best of luck, and much success to you in network marketing during 2017!

P.S Want to learn the best strategies for network marketing in 2017? Register to attend the weekly series “IBO Advanced Marketing Strategies” and you will get them for free!

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