Making Noise So The World Can Hear You

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Are you making enough noise so everyone can hear you?

It is important when you have started a network marketing business, to make a lot of noise. This is simply taking action, and taking a lot of it. Today we will look at some ways you can make that noise and begin to grab more people’s attention.

Take massive action

You will need to take action by creating content, and putting as much value into the marketplace as you can. You can do this by several means, and below are the ways I personally make noise, and so can you.

  • Blogging

Blogging is the best way to put content out on a constant basis. The content is what people are always searching for. You can create a blog and make it your official website. Using the content to lure the hungry prospects in, and using a give away in exchange for their contact info.

  • Videos



Videos are the best way to help prospects become attracted to you. They can get to know you, and also see you are a real person. This will help bring to you those who connect with you. Making videos on a constant basis will surely help generate massive leads.

  • Social Media

If you use social media, then you have a way to reach basically everyone online. Creating a business page or fan page on Facebook is a great way to attract people. Don’t let Facebook be the only social site you focus on. Begin building followings in all social sites you possibly can handle. Posting regularly and learning to hashtag these posts will surely increase your lead count.

  • Webinars

This is the #1 way to generate leads and sales. A webinar has a magic to it that no other form of advertising has. Webinars will establish you as the leader, and really has power to engage others. People enjoy learning from webinars, and it is the perfect way to make sales, or recruit people into your network marketing business.

  • Social Groups

Joining as many groups as you can is a great way to promote your content, videos, webinars, or business. Linkedin and Facebook has great groups, and Google+ is another place to join groups. Be sure to stick to your niche however and don’t join groups that have no purpose for what your business is.

  • Syndication Groups

Just like the social groups, these are social groups where you and other members will share each other’s content. This great at getting your content in front of new faces. Find some syndication groups that fit your niche and you will see good results from your blog and videos.

  •  SEO



Also know as Search Engine Optimization, SEO is a very important factor at getting more people to find your blog and videos. You should always practice SEO, and keep up to date with the changes. When people go searching online for a product or business, they are usually ready to take action. It needs to be you they find.

  • Choose A Paid Strategy

You should always be advertising using paid strategies if possible. Usually PPC on a social media site such as Facebook is a great way to maximize your lead generation. You can set it to a low budget if you wish, and generate just a few leads a day. Be sure to either use PPC (pay per click) or try running solo ads. Find what works best, and increase your budget as you increase your skills.

Always increase the noise

Begin practicing as many strategies as possible, and be sure to stay consistent. By not staying consistent with your content, videos, webinars, etc, you are basically kicking yourself. Consistency is the key to your list growing. A stop and go approach will pull very little to no result. Keep making noise and make a plan to increase your content, videos, webinars, and paid strategies at all times.

Best of luck and go make a lot of noise!

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