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You most likely are aware now, that the state of Alabama has became the only state in the United States to make it illegal to sell, or even use CBD oil. To many, this is a huge upset, and even a controversial decision made by the state.

CBD oil, or Hemp oil, has been helping people across Alabama with severe pain problems, opioid addiction, epilepsy, and much more. It is a natural medicine with no high effects given, yet has several benefits. Now the state of Alabama is trying to stop people from taking this natural medicine by declaring it a narcotic, only for prescription use.

So, with this bad news, and laws that need to be removed, many people have lost incomes from the distribution of CBD oil. This post will be information for those who want to continue earning income from the sale of CBD oil, and for those who need to find it for medicinal benefits. But, we will start with the income side of it first.

How To Earn Income From CBD Oil, Even If You Are In Alabama

Believe it or not, you can still make money on CBD oil sales across the country, even if you are not allowed to have it or sell it in Alabama. There is a method to doing this, and it breaks no laws in the state of Alabama.

How is this possible?

In my industry, we earn income from the distribution of products no matter where they are sold at. So, by being part of the same company I personally am involved with, you can sell CBD oil in the 49 states across the country. As a matter of fact, I still earn income from the CBD sales across the country, even though none are made in the state of Alabama any longer.

Since the company I work with offers CBD, and was offering it to Alabama before this shameful decision was made, I had built a huge customer base of CBD oil buyers, along with other products as well. I also earn from the sales of everyone on the team, including those who were in the company before I was. So these benefits would also effect and help you, if you wish to continue or begin earning income from the CBD craze that’s sweeping the nation.

CBD oil, or Hemp oil, is only one of the products the company I am an affiliate for offers. So, if you are in Alabama, you will not be able to purchase CBD oil and have it shipped to Alabama, but you can buy anything else the company offers. And we can get into how to get CBD oil if the situation you are in is a life or death type situation, which this law has put some people in.

To earn income from the distribution of CBD oil and CBD based products, simple TAKE THE TOUR HERE and you will be placed in our team for free. If you like what you are seeing as far as the CBD sales, and other product sales, then you can decide if this path is one you wish to pursue.

How Is This Legal In Alabama?

The way this is possible, is because you break no laws having CBD sold in other states from other states. As long as their laws or fine with the consumption of CBD, then no CBD enters Alabama. I have several customers purchasing CBD and CBD based products from me every month, but none of these customers are in Alabama any longer.

I am given a commission every month on the purchases made by anyone I introduced to the products of the company. So I am able to advertise CBD products and opportunities in other states online. Since I do not ever have the products myself, and I never ship them out, I am not involved with the exchange of money, or the product being shipped. So, I am only telling people who want to buy it legal, where to go to get it.

This is a very easy process, even though I am located in Alabama. I teach this to other people in the state, so I can teach it to you as well if you want to continue or begin earning money from this huge selling new medicine.

alabama-cbd-oilI Just Want To Get CBD Again

In the state of Alabama, it is now required by law, to have a doctor prescribe the medicine for you in order to get CBD. This is where the real crookedness comes in from our state. Since this is not a dangerous or addictive substance, they are trying to make it a one company monopoly by turning it into a controlled substance. It has been the only thing I know of that grows natural, and has the state wanting to create a path of income to themselves to get it.

But, since you can’t just go to a doctor and get it prescribed, you need to find it the same way you did before.

In order to do this, I would have to introduce you to a distributor that carries it or can order it for you in their state. You would be required to pick it up out of state, and not be advised to bring it back in to the state. But like lottery tickets, you can drive into a state where it is allowed, and get it from there. Bringing it back is your own risk, and decision. I do not recommend this, but instead taking it over the state lines.

If you are in need of CBD oil, and since you can not order it online and have it shipped to Alabama without breaking the law, then the best thing to do is contact me through this blog post, or message me on Facebook Right Here.

I can help you to get to someone who will be happy to get you the medicine you so need to get. Until this law is reversed, this will be the only way to administer the medicine for yourself or a loved one who’s life depends on it.

What Can Be Earned Through CBD Sales In Other Statescbd-in-alabama

Truth is, there is a lot of income you can generate through the distribution of CBD in other states.

Until Alabama reverses it’s horrible decision to hurt it’s own people, you will not be able to make money from CBD in Alabama. But, there are several other products you can still promote and sell inside of Alabama. Plus, many more new products to come!

For me personally, I sell products all over the world. I have sells in America in all states, Canada, UK, Africa, and Asia. I could sell in Australia, but just have not had the success there yet.

By working directly with me, you would be able to earn money on my personal sales as well as your own, and many others. CBD sales are crazy across the country, just as they were in Alabama before this law was passed and enforced.

To get a basic idea of what can be earned, take this free tour here and watch it be built while you standby. If you like what you are seeing and can see the potential behind it, then you can make the decision to join. If you do not believe it is where you want to go, then simply don’t join us.

Either way, to get the best idea of how well this is working and what can be made from CBD sales, and other product sales, take the free tour above.

How To Make Money Selling CBD Oil In Alabama Overview

If you wish to continue participating in the opportunity the CBD industry has given us, then simply take the tour below in the P.S line. There you will be able to earn money from the sales of CBD in states other than Alabama, and if the law is ever overturned, back in Alabama again.

If you are in need of getting CBD oil, and live in Alabama, the only way to do so now is getting it across state lines. It is illegal to be shipped into Alabama, but I can help offer a close person to travel to and get it from. I can not sell the CBD personally, but can introduce you to someone who can. So either reach out to me on my blog, or visit me on Facebook and message me there.

There is still a lot of money that can be made in the CBD industry, regardless of you living in Alabama. We have templates you can use that will be supplied to you, and training to help you increase CBD customers in the other 49 states and more. So the only way to earn from the CBD rage across the United States right now, is through working with our team, independently, and using our tools and systems.

Good luck building a CBD business, and best of luck getting your hands on it again. I really do hate that so many people are going to suffer from this horrible law the state of Alabama has passed. Hopefully, this blog post will help a few people get healthy again, and begin earning money in the industry as well.

P.S Take the free tour here to get into the CBD industry again. Here you will watch myself and others build a massive business for you, and you can them chose to keep it or leave it. Either way, you don’t want to miss out on at least seeing it for yourself. 


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